That wacky Pashtun culture

I don’t have a comment here.  I just think this story is interesting:

An unclassified study from a military research unit in southern Afghanistan details how homosexual behavior is unusually common among men in the large ethnic group known as Pashtuns — though they seem to be in complete denial about it.


In one instance, a group of local male interpreters had contracted gonorrhea anally but refused to believe they could have contracted it sexually — “because they were not homosexuals.”

Apparently, according to the report, Pashtun men interpret the Islamic prohibition on homosexuality to mean they cannot “love” another man — but that doesn’t mean they can’t use men for “sexual gratification.”


The U.S. army medic also told members of the research unit that she and her colleagues had to explain to a local man how to get his wife pregnant.

The report said: “When it was explained to him what was necessary, he reacted with disgust and asked, ‘How could one feel desire to be with a woman, who God has made unclean, when one could be with a man, who is clean? Surely this must be wrong.'”

Hat tip:  Neptunus Lex

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  • Danny Lemieux

    When I read stuff like this, Islam really does seem hopeless, doesn’t it?
    If we ignore them, we get 9/11. If we try to rebuild them, it’s like pushing back the sea with cupped hands. Not only that, are we enabling this culture with our support?
    Similarly, with regard to Iraq, I came across this discouraging assessment from a soldier on the ground.
    I supported the Bush policy on Iraq and Afghanistan because I truly believe the argument that we had to take the chance that we could make an effective and positive change in the culture and politics of the Islamic world by creating an alternative model at a relatively minimum cost of lives and Dane geld. The alternative, in my mind, was that we would careen into a world war between Islam and the West (or actually, Islam versus the West and the East and the North and the South). Now, especially with Obama-noodle at the helm, it may be that far worse is yet to come.
    A bad note on which to end the work week.

  • Wilson

    A friend of mine in the Army National Guard, a woman, recently described the practice of Afghan boy-rape in horrifying detail.  She had just finished her second rotation in Afghanistan, and part of her job duties include counseling American soldiers who have been psychologically affected by witnessing regular instances of  “Thursday rape” at Afghan police stations.  The practice is known locally as “bacha bazi”.  It would appear to be a twisted byproduct of a twisted faith.

  • Danny Lemieux

    But then, we get equally twisted idiot logic on why the U.S. should shun any kind of involvement with the Islamic world, such as this article in the CSM:
    And, may I ask, if it is U.S. involvement in the land of Islam that causes Islamic terrorism, what explains all the jihadi violence in Europe, Chechnya, Turkey, the Middle East itself, sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Chad, Mozambique, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China….? Anybody have any ideas?
    I am afraid that it is going to be a long, hard slog and we (modern) Americans have shown time and again that we have no patience for long-term commitments.

  • suek

    I hope the soldier who wrote that letter to the Brussels Journal comes home and runs for office.
    As for getting out of the Middle East…maybe we should.  Not for the reasons stated by the CS Monitor, but just because it seems so pointless and endless.  Sort of pulling up the drawbridge.  Prohibit any muslims from entering the US.  If those that are presently in the US return to islamic countries, prohibit re-entry.
    I don’t know…it’s pretty discouraging.

  • Lulu11

    The Christmas day bomber left  diaries describing his loin burning desires and his sexual frustrations since at 18 he thought he was too young to marry. Unresolved horniness (sorry, no other word will do here), contempt for women, and sexual frustrations channelled into hatred and warped religious fervor and another jihadist is born. No wonder he had to set his loins on fire one way or another.

    Even in marriage I am pretty certain that the sex lives of a plurality of would-be jihadists (and many other of their co-religionists) is awful. For so many women, Moslem sex has to be miserable, especially for those whose sexual pleasure organs were hacked out with razor blades. Sex between adult male and child bride. Between Master and cringing slave. Between human and object dressed like a tent. Perhaps the problem of jihadism could be resolved if we air-dropped massive shipments of inflatable dolls to terrorist recruitment hotbeds (so to speak).

  • Bookworm

    Lulu is right.  And I’ll reiterate here what a wise man told me in the wake of 9/11:  the Muslim culture’s hatred of America boils down to misogyny.  They perceive Western values as a threat to their control over women’s sexuality.  Everything else, to miserably misuse Hillel, is just commentary.

  • Charles Martel

    I find it funny that the left, which adores sexual libertinism, allies itself with Islam, which has such a degraded, distorted view of sex. As others have said, it is the left’s conceit that once it has destroyed Christendom and America, it will be able to turn on its supposedly naive Islamist helpers and destroy them, too.

    The Judeo-Christian view of sex is, indeed, the middle way between the left’s depravity and Islam’s
    crulety and ahedonism. Imagine religions that countenance women’s sexual pleasure, insist on monogamy and male fidelity, love children (except for folks like the Episcopalians) and forbid sexual contact with them, counsel modesty and insist that women are not to be treated as receptacles (even the Episcopalians believe this, unless it’s a male who’s being treated as a receptacle, in which case it’s “God doing a new thing”).

  • pst314

    “The Christmas day bomber left  diaries describing his sexual frustration”
    Remember the Anti-Sex League in Orwell’s 1984?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Charles – “except for folks like the Episcopalians”.   Huh?
    And for your information, we prefer the moniker “whiskeypalians”, I thank you very much! Especially on a Friday night.

  • Al

    This is beyond bizarre. And it does give one pause as to what and who we are fighting for. Maybe some detailed cultural education on Islam needs to be provided to a much broader sweep of American society. I find it rather hard to understand how a society with such self destructive behavior could continue to exist. Maybe that is the true purpose of  Jihad. Full implementation of the Islamic “faith” creates a dying society. Hence, for the “faith” to survive, it must swallow more innocents.
    Yes, Danny, this is a bad thought to start the weekend with.
    Happy to join you for Friday Wiskpers, er Vespers.

  • Ymarsakar

    <B>I find it funny that the left, which adores sexual libertinism, allies itself with Islam, which has such a degraded, distorted view of sex</b>
    That’s because the Left’s view of sex is also distorted. They find common cause with each other naturally.

  • kali

    It’s all the fault of western civilization–after all, didn’t Alexander the Great pass through there several thousand years ago? And via Oliver Stone, we know all about *him*.

  • Ymarsakar

    Alexander brought Greek colonists to the Afghanistan area. Historically, it was called Baktria or Bactria.
    So it would be interesting if the Greek cultural view of women as being idiots and the source of all evil (temptation) infected the local tribal way of life.

  • kali

    I wouldn’t says the Hellenes  saw women as evil, but definitely inferior, and in need of being carefully controlled because they were so much closer to their animal nature than men. And you couldn’t love one, because love was for equals.
    Only slightly off-track: Ymarsakar, if you enjoy historical fiction, try “An Elephant for Aristotle” by L. Sprague de Camp. It’s about a Macedonian veteran from Alexander’s campaigns transporting an elephant back to Greece.
    And again,  slightly off-track:  my son is home from Afghanistan.  :)

  • Danny Lemieux

    Wonderful news, Kali. Please thank him on our behalves. Does he have any interesting insights to share?

  • Ymarsakar

    Great news, Kali.

  • kali

    No insights other than the military should stop paying contractors,  Danny. His training was made completely redundant when his battalion went overseas, which turned him from doing an active and useful job, into doing guard duty on the safest base in Afghanistan.  So I’ll pass on your thanks, but he’ll probably comment that he didn’t do anything a good closed-circuit camera couldn’t have done . . .

  • Ymarsakar

    Was his unit waiting on the offensive go from McChrystal, which got delayed because Obama wouldn’t send up proper resource flow until the very last minute?

  • Bookworm


    That’s wonderful news!  I’m hope you’re just loving him to death.  Indeed, I can hear it now:  “Aw, Mom….”

  • Ymarsakar
  • Charles Martel

    Kali, enjoy and spoil that kid rotten!

  • suek

    I echo the welcome back, kali.  I know I felt the same way when my two returned from their assignments.  The one assured me he was in no danger – it didn’t especially reassure me.  The second was unquestionably in danger – we were _greatly_ relieved when he got back.  My s-i-l will be going over for a few months this spring, but he’s in the National Guard, and will probably be as safe as can be expected.  Doesn’t change the presence of the worry bug, though.
    More on topic, there’s this:

  • Jose

    Its been several years now, but the Taliban “Rules of Engagement” were revealed to the west.  Rule No. 19 instructs that Taliban fighters must not take young boys without facial hair into their private quarters.

  • Al

    Glad your soldier boy is back home! Give him my thanks also.

  • ibrar

    What all these f**king guys are saying about the country and people thousands mile away from them.And why u are mixing nationalism and religion of Pushtun.Islam don’t permited them to do all these things.
     I my self a Pashtun.I even don’t know about all these things then how u know? according to above statement and comments some one realizes that Pushtun are like animals. Pushtun are warmly free with each other and they love their youngs one.if there is some thing like this then what u think the father of the youth will not shote the guy involve in such activity?As they are shooting in regards of their women.
    And if they don’t sleep with their weaves then how they became the world largest ethnic group? You don’t know the mentality of Pushtun so make jocking of them,but indeed they are made jocking of you guys. I read the orignal report in which the writer states that a man in Kabul said him to kiss his younger brother……….and “sleep with him”.This is the pick of confidence , love and hospitality b/w a family membars and a guest.But the auther take it in other sense. The Term “Bacha baz”is present but its very rare and not the same as the auther used in his statement.