The new deal in the Middle East

I have predicted several times that, in a choice between Iran and Israel, Middle Eastern nations will back Israel, not because they have developed any fondness for her, but because they recognize that, while Israel makes a great rhetorical scapegoat, Iran is the real threat.  I’ve also said that America’s weakness regarding Iran will hasten this process.  So far, my predictions are proving accurate.  I feel smug.

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  • gpc31

    BW, to further support your point, Michael Totten also has an excellent interview/discussion with Lee Smith expounding on those themes at his site ( .
    Two on-the-ground, independent reporters who have done their research, kind of like George Orwell — I’ll take their word over most of the CNN and the msm anytime, with the exception of a few great reporters like John Burns at the Times.  (On the other hand, the NYT’s guy in Iran, Roger Cohen, is dreadful.)

  • 11B40

    The Middle East is the land of  “I against my brother; my brother and I against our cousin; and, my cousin, my brother and I against the stranger.”  The tribal culture, that Mohammed and his crew both globalized and set in stone, is one that inculcates large doses of paranoia and aggression in its people.
    A while back, I read a book entitled “Culture and Conflict in the Middle East” by an anthropologist, Philip Carl Salzman which details the circles within circles of the sifting alliances of the area’s peoples.  Fouad Ajami’s “The Dream Palace of the Arabs” and “The Foreigner’s Gift” are a pair of interesting stories and analyses of the area’s unchanging culture.