The Tim Tebow ad — and how the Left shot itself in the foot

I think that Focus on the Family took a page out of Andrew Breitbart’s book.  They dangled a little information in front of the liberals, and then let them self-immolate.  In response to the notion that Tebow and his mom were going to make a pro-Life commercial, the Left went completely unhinged, with obscene aged hippies, deranged letters, and hate-filled videos about the end of abortion as we know it.  And then what actually happened was this:

A more innocuous commercial it’s impossible to imagine.  It’s so low key, there’s almost no message there.  And it’s that very innocuous-ness that matters.  The takeaway is that the Left is obsessed, not with choice but with abortion, while the Right is obsessed with . . . well, they’re not really obsessed with anything at all, although they do think it’s a good thing when miracle babies go on to do great things.


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    They shot themselves in the foot, leg, arm, head, neck, heart – they’re leaking stupidity!

  • Charles Martel

    I just got back from watching the Super Bowl with my wife and four other leftists. I dreaded waiting for the commercial since one of the people there, a clinical  psychologist, declared beforehand that we were to be on the lookout for a “right-wing anti-abortion” ad. That led to all sorts of clucking about how CBS had sold out to extremists.

    So when the ad aired, I quietly said, “Wow, that ad actually seemed pro-choice to me. She had a choice and she chose to give birth. I didn’t hear the word abortion in it at all.”

    That didn’t stop the kneejerkism for more than a second, but people quickly realized there was no there there and moved on to other outrages. One friend insisted that “tea bagger” is the name that the Tea Party dimwits gave themselves without realizing its real meaning.

    What struck me was that everybody there got his talking points from the usual suspects—NYT, Huffington, MoveOn, Jon Stewart, etc. No attempt to examine the language they were using (“right wing,” “anti-abortion,” “political,” “tea bagger”) or to actually watch the frickin’ ad to see what it’s content really was.

    How clueless is the left? Totally, thank God.

  • Earl

    Well, that is “laugh out loud” funny!!
    I mean both the commercial, AND the tempest in a teapot that led up to it.
    Just hilarious….and makes me wonder if FOF really did get some advice from Breitbart — it kind of has his fingerprints, doesn’t it?

  • Lulu11

    Do  your friends know that you are Conservative?

  • Marguerite

    I never ever watch football unless it’s college and live.  But just to see this hyped ad, I watched the SB game today – and missed it!  I remember the Betty White ad and must have turned my back for 30 seconds because that’s when the Tebow ad ran.  I had DVRd the game just in case, and went back on fast track and almost missed it again.  What silly paranoia – it was the most soft, positive, low-key message and now I’m glad for the pre-game hype that has revealed the left as the shrill hysterics they are.


    Charles, I think there’s a spelling error – it was a ‘cynical psychologist’ – : )
    Ahhh…the urge to spike them with a football would have overwhelmed me. I applaud your ability to remain calm and intact in the midst of madness.

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  • Charles Martel

    Lulu, the host and hostess are old friends and are aware that I have moved over the years far, far away from orthodoxy. We’ve agreed never to talk politics in order to preserve the things about the friendship we like. Even though they respect my intelligence and think I am the best-read person they know, they look upon me as a crank. I let them because it reassures them and keeps the peace.

    The other couple are friends, too, though less close. Both are very affluent psychologists who, within their fields of expertise, are pretty formidable. The mister and I get together every few months and go bar hopping and cigar smoking for a day. He suspects that I am troglodytic, and knows that I did not vote for The One, but realizes that I have always steered conversations away from politics. So he understands that I don’t discuss certain topics because I have made the decision to keep him from destroying the friendship.

    However, he occasionally will say something stupid—thoughtless repetition of yet another NYT or NPR talking point, and I will challenge him on it. He sneered one day at the Tea Partyers and about how ill-willed they are and I gently said, “I have several friends that are Tea Partyers. They are some of the most decent, honorable and intelligent people I know.” He was genuinely brought up short. He respects me enough to stop nonsense if I show him how nonsensical it is.

    Obviously these are fragile friendships. But there are enough good things about them that if I function as the adult—not hard to do in a place where most thinking stops at college—they are enjoyable to me.

    SADIE, thanks to Bookworm and some really wonderful conservatives I’ve met here in Marin, I have enough outlets that I can thrive even in the midst of one of the most barren intellectual deserts in America. No need to rail, yell or insult—I leave those shenanigans to my clearly moral leftist superiors.


    You’re a good man Charlie’ Brown’ Martel.  I ‘had’ one friend in Marin, who pushed the NPR button once too many times, although we had promised never to discuss politics.  She would pop up like a Jack-in-the-box, take a swing and duck back into her liberal fox hole while sighing, ‘let’s put this to rest or let’s close the door on this subject.
    Her specialty – Conflict Negotiation and Mediation.  To this day, I wonder how she ever earned her doctorate. It’s entirely possible that she  graduated from the Shecky Green School of Insult Comics.

  • Al

    Thanks for posting the ad. While watching the game, it was so short and understated, that 30 seconds later, I asked myself, “Was that the Tebow ad?”. One reason it took a while was there is 18 inches of snow in the back yard, and I have dug out the drive twice in the last 36 hours. With more to do.
    I do not know if Tim and his family set this up intentionally, but this is the way we educate the electorate about the Left. They are selfish, destructive, and power hungry.

  • Ymarsakar

    <B> Her specialty – Conflict Negotiation and Mediation.</b>
    This is why wars happen. Because Leftists and tools are in charge of negotiations. If you are ever an adviser to a ruler, advise them to purge the diplomatic corps of all these viruses.

  • Ymarsakar
    That site should have the video of the ad.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Good insight, Charles. It’s good to have friends on the left, not just as a target for evangelism but also because it does give us different perspectives and, sometimes, we actually learn something about them and ourselves.
    For example, my favorite sounding board is my priest (I am his declared “favorite conservative”). We email back and forth on politics to jerk each others chains, rarely if ever agree, but remain good friends. From him, I have confirmed that:
    a) His information sources are almost exclusively the NYT, NPR, the Guardian (UK) and a few Liberal/Left blogs.
    b) He  doesn’t think so much as he feels.
    c) He has a well-entrenched worldview template. Any information that conforms to that template is retained, all other information is invisible to the eye and intellect.
    d) He considers himself a model and erudite  intellectual.
    e) I know that I have won the argument when he fails to respond to the point made.
    Still, I don’t give up and have lately changed my tactics. In our latest email exchange, I have gotten him to agree:
    1) It is the Congress, not the President, that creates and approves budgets, with input from the President.
    2) The vast sums of money spent under FDR’s New Deal did not create jobs (a quote from FDR’s Secr. of Treasurer Henry Morgenthau helped).
    3) It isn’t nominal national debt and deficits that matter but debt and deficits as a percent of GDP.
    4) He loves to pronounce on economics but hates to learn about economics (the dismal science) because of the math involved. So, he relies on Democrat talking points.
    So, I am sure that all of you have figured out what my final email zinger will be,  given that a picture is worth a thousand words. It won’t change his mind, I am sure, but I know that he will stumble awkwardly in a mental disconnect the next time he expounds upon the “Bush deficits”.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Left wouldn’t be so bad had they trained their heart to want the right things.
    As a kind of behavioral control, using Aristotle’s virtue theory, people can apply themselves to a goal to such a degree that they make the right decisions and feel the right emotions without having to think about it. Cognitive scientists have also debated what constitutes free will when the decisions we make in a split second are different from more deliberated decisions.
    Valorous US military service members have trained their hearts to want the right things. So even if you gave them time to think about their actions, they would still do the same thing. Their instinct does not function as a limiter on their free will. The guy that shields the people he loves from an area effect grenade does by instinct and by heart, what his mind would have decided to do had he been given more time to ponder. This is due to intense training of the body and spirit in order to affect our emotions. Alan West that shot a pistol by an insurgent’s head in order to obtain intelligence to preserve the lives of his men, would have felt the same whether it was a split second decision or a decision carried out with full knowledge of future ramifications.
    Peter Pace and Petraeus are, again, more notable examples of the best in the US military. I’ll have to leave the details of their lives to your own research.
    <B> b) He doesn’t think so much as he feels.</b>
    People say the Left has their heart in the right place with the right intentions. I say they don’t even have the right intentions or the right feelings. They feel what they should not feel about the US military. They don’t feel what they should feel about the Taliban and AQ in Afghanistan. Some, of course, are worse off than others. Some people have for so long greatly deceived themselves by ignoring the vital questions that they should have asked that they are more trained to instinctually want the wrong things than they have been trained by this great civilization to want the right things.
    They don’t want the truth. So even if you show them the mass graves, they’ll come up with excuses not because they deliberated upon it, but because that’s what their heart tells them is right. And what do you think that all leads to in the end?

    They said: “The bomb will be connected with a button, or something like the remote control of a TV. We will give you this kind of remote, and you will go to the place.
    “We will also give you a mobile, and we will ring that phone, and press the remote, and you will be blown up with this bomb.”
    They told me they would use such a large amount of explosives that no-one would even know if it was a man or a woman.
    They told me that I had to do it.
    There was a kind of medicine they used to give to the bombers that made them go around smiling, in a trance.
    They said they would give me that medicine, and then I would go running to die – with a smile. I was so scared I decided to prepare my own tea, and my own food.
    I was afraid they would mix that medicine with my food.
    Sister’s story

    They attached a bomb to my sister Nahida. They tied rectangular pieces to both her arms, and a black strip was wrapped around both her legs.
    Then they connected the whole thing. She told my brother the bomb was heavy and she could not walk.
    He said she would be comfortable once she was sitting down in the car.
    They gave her medicine. But she was crying very loud for my mother. She kept going to her and hugging her. When my sister looked down at the bomb, she shivered.
    Then my brother and my father started beating my mother, and they were shouting: “Why you are distracting the girl from her mission?”
    I heard my sister saying: “Where is Meena? I want to see her.” But I didn’t have the strength. My heart couldn’t take it.
    My mother fainted when they put her in the car. My brother said my sister’s attack was in Afghanistan.
    I always think about my sister. She was healthy and a very nice girl. She was younger than me, but she was wiser. My mother used to tell me that I was an idiot, but she was very wise.

  • Ymarsakar

    Maybe God will forgive the Left for their crimes against humanity, but I don’t think I will. And definitely not the rest of the panoply of eager anti-liberty enemies in this world.

  • Mike Devx

    It’s probably just me and my “tender sensibilities”, but I didn’t like seeing Betty White tackled so forcefully into the muddy ground.  (I know it wasn’t really her!)
    It reminded me of that horrific Sarah Palin takedown in the Terry Tate video clips – where he tackled her and then stood over her screaming while she audibly moaned and groaned in pain.  Once they realized how bad that was, they edited out her moans and groans of pain, replacing them with a Palin-faux chipper voice-over: “Nope! Not hurt!”
    And Terminator 3, when Ahnold took on the female terminator and they just went at each other through the whole movie with extreme violence.  I just don’t like to see it.
    The Tim Tebow ad then immediately followed the Betty White takedown; a case of unfortunate timing for me!   Both were humorous takeoffs, I know… but I just don’t like to see it.


    How clueless is the left? Totally, thank God.
    One can be thankful, I suppose, but . . . clueless or not, they still vote — and vote en masse.