Communism is not cute, it’s evil, and Glazov and Beck are helping to educate Americans

The American intelligentsia has a love affair with Communism that will not die.  The dead Soviets, the dead Hungarians, Czechs, Albanians, Poles, Bulgarians, etc., the dead Chinese, the dead Koreans, the dead Africans, the dead Cambodians, the dead Vietnamese, the dead Cubans, and the dead Latin Americans are all irrelevant.  Those are just mistakes from Communism done the “wrong” way.  The Left has absolute faith that, done the right way — the “American way” — Communism will bring about a paradise of plenty and perpetual peace.  All of which shows, as I’ve learned rather painfully over me life, that brains and sense are not the same thing.

One of the worst things that has happened since 1989 is that a new generation is growing up educated by the Left about the joys of Marxism in the abstract, but without any offsetting evidence of the horrors of Marxism in practice.  Yes, China and Cuba are still out there, but China has become such an important trading partner, and Cuba is so whitewashed by Hollywood, the average kid doesn’t see either as an example of Communism.  Those of us who grew up during the Cold War could hear people at Berkeley or Columbia waffle on about the glories of the Soviet (and the evil that was Reagan), but the evidence of our own eyes was pretty compelling.  When people keep trying to escape their own country, you suspect that more is going on than meets the ideologically blinded academic eye.

Glenn Beck is trying to meet and challenge this scary cultural ignorance.  Although I don’t watch his show, I’ve heard from many that he’s been on an educational crusade, trying to make his viewers appreciate just how disastrous Communism in action is.  (Actually, I would broaden this to say “socialism.”  Communism was just one variation of this political plague.  The word “socialism” better encompasses alternative forms of this type of government, including the Nazis.)  Jamie Glazov is especially appreciative what Beck is doing, because his family suffered so terribly under the Soviets:

The tortures included laying a man naked on a freezing cement floor, forcing his legs apart, and then an interrogator stepping on his testicles, applying increasing pressure until the confession surfaced. Imagine the consequences of no surfacing confession. Indeed, many people refused to confess to a crime they did not commit.

Daughters and sons were raped in front of their fathers and mothers — for the sake of extracting “confessions.”


Both of my grandfathers were exterminated by Stalinist terror. Both of my parents, Yuri and Marina Glazov, were dissidents in the former Soviet Union. They risked their lives for freedom; they stood up against Soviet totalitarianism. They barely escaped the gulag, a fortune many of our friends and relatives did not share. I come from a system where a myriad of the closest people to my family simply disappeared, where relatives and family friends died under interrogation and torture for their beliefs — or for simply nothing at all.

Please read the whole thing.  It’s not just an indictment of socialism, it’s also an attack against the “intellectuals” who shunned dissidents who actually experienced the evils of Communism.  How much better to live in a world of intellectual theory, with PepsiCo as the big enemy, than acknowledge the fact that the ideology you so cheerfully embrace is responsible for more than 100 million deaths, and uncountable incidences of torture and suffering.

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  • jj

    Beck is really talking about the  “progressives” more than anything else.  By which he means the pure, classical progressives – people like George Bernard Shaw and the Fabians, who saw gas chambers as perfectly fine methodology for insuring that the old and infirm – those who “took” from society more than they “gave” – shuffled off on schedule and got out of the way.  Beck has a clip of Shaw speechifying on this subject, I don’t know if it’s on Youtube (by now, post-Beck it probably is) which, for those of you who didn’t know it, will introduce you to how profoundly evil George Bernard Shaw and the Fabian Society truly were.
    And he also gets into some of the other progressive, one-worlders – Lester Pearson, Woodrow Wilson – the usual cabal of intellectuals who know far better than the rest of us do how we should be compelled to live our lives.  A group which includes all the goddam ignorant dingbats like the Clintons, who proudly announce that they’re progressives, without knowing in the least what the underpinnings to that term is.
    The psychopathic killer Che Guevara termed himself a progressive; so did Fidel; so did Goebbels and Hitler; Mussolini;  all the eugenicists were of course good little progressives; Saul Alinsky, Ayers, and Jug-ears himself, all good little progressives.

  • jj

    Okay, I went and looked.  Here’s the genius himself, inviting the non-contributors of society to take a hike, and inviting the chemists to come up with a gas to make it easy.

  • 11B40

    If I may be so bold as to broaden your “socialism” into today’s “social justice”.
    As I like to say, “The ‘social justice’ that:
    Marks/Lenin/Stalin brought to the Russian people;
    Hitler brought to the German people;
    Mussolini brought to the Italian people;
    Mao brought to the Chinese people;
    Ho Chi Minh brought to the Vietnamese people;
    Pol Pot brought to the Cambodian people.

  • Caped Crusader

    No mystery here! They are the party of death and the worshipers thereof. The thing that boggles my mind is Jewish fascination and support of this ideology. If someone had been actively trying to eradicate my posterior for 5000 years, I might be many things but I sure as hell would be pro-life, rather than leaders in it’s destruction.