That Audi Superbowl commercial

I think it’s pretty clear that Audi meant to show that its car is so environmentally pure, it can withstand any scrutiny.  (Michelle Malkin shows just how committed to environmental “purity” Audi purports to be.)  However, its Superbowl commercial very effectively (and probably inadvertently) managed to show precisely what life will be like in a totalitarian environmentalist dictatorship:

My strong suspicion is that some creative type at the ad agency is working as a double agent:  pretending to be ultra green as a way of exposing the ultimate danger of environmental fanaticism, especially when it is our government that becomes fanatic.

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  • Charles Martel

    Did anybody pick up on the sniffer animal the green fascist copatrix is using in the still above? It’s an aardvark—“earth pig.” Can you get any more PC than that?

    I’m with Book: There’s a very clever double agent at work here.

  • suek

    I couldn’t believe that ad…  !!  They thought that was a _good_ ad??
    I hope you’re right about the double agent.  I say that knowing there’s no way I could fill that role… even if I’d really want to!

  • CollegeCon

    Wow, I’m with suek, how could they have possibly thought that was “good”?

  • Indigo Red

    There were actually 6 commercials in the series. See all at Taken together, I believe the commercials are poking fun at the environazis with a 1984/ Fahrenhite 451  type satire.

  • Bill Smith

    Maybe they are supposed to be funny, but I fail to see the humor. It’s too close to really happening.
    A woman scolded me recently for tossing a pizza crust into the woods beside a parking lot, saying I should have put it into the plastic bag-lined trash barrel, which would then go into a landfill full of plastic bags. No logic penetrated her brain, and that is what is frightening about these people, and their predecessors in the 30s.

  • suek

    Hey Bill…
    You didn’t think to tell her you were feeding possibly endangered ants??? (or birds, or snails or some of any kind of living creatures???)

  • Bill Smith

    Are you accusing me of species discrimination?!! Zoological Engineering?!! However upper crust my crust definitely was, it was free to all. Every ant for himself. Nature’s way!
    Seriously, it was just such a conversation I attempted to have, but….. it was hopeless, I’m afraid.

  • suek

    >>Every ant for himself. Nature’s way!>>
    Evolution in action!!  If they can’t find the pizza crust, they’re history!!  Who are _we_ to interfere with evolution?


    Green Police vs Reno 911 (WARNING: Foul language) I think the ad agency has been watching the show.

  • Oldflyer

    It would be nice if someone within Audi or the ad agency would leak the true story.  Was it satire?  Or heaven forbid, were they serious?  I have to believe that the first 7/8 of the ad was tongue-in-cheek.
    The punch line for me was the last line;  (paraphrasing). . .”the  environmentally friendly, clean Audi “diesel”.  My daughter drives a diesel (TDI) VW Jetta wagon.  But, since you could not buy a new diesel auto in California (at least as late as a year ago) there is a cottage industry that imports quality used TDIs from other states for resale.  The bottom line in this story is that burning clean, low sulphur diesel fuel she rivals, if not exceeds, the mileage for Toyota Prius.  And the brakes work.  Of course, being California she pays a premium price for diesel fuel–but she doesn’t have to worry about shelling out $10grand for a battery at an  unpredictable time in the future.  Not to mention the hefty battery recycle fee that no one has mentioned but  is bound to come.

  • Grimm

    The GreenPolice have a YouTube account @
    On their profile, they claim:

    “Every day consumers around the globe are faced with a myriad of decisions in their quest to become more environmentally responsible citizens. Paper or plastic? Bottled water or tap water? Gas or electric? Compost bucket or recycling bin? So many questions; yet so many conflicting answers. It can be overwhelming.

    Now consumers have help, from the Green Police.

    As part of the lead up to their third consecutive Super Bowl ad, Audi has created a fictional Green Police unit that are caricatures of todays green movement. The Green Police are a humorous group of individuals that have joined forces in an effort to collectively help guide consumers to make the right decision when it comes to the environment. They’re not here to judge, merely to guide these decisions.”
    So yeah, looks like the commercials are part parody, part actual message.
    If what they claim is true, of course.


    p.s. the ad agency (forgot the name) is in S.F.

  • Bill Smith

    Mark Levin’s Soft Tyranny, softening us up for velvet glove fascism.
    I get the “humor” but it’s not funny. Wait ’till the government starts regulating the sound levels in your iPod buds, and FINING you — for your own good, of course.