American health care is better than socialized medicine

One of the bludgeons used to beat opponents of socialized medicine is the claim that everybody in Canada/England/Northern Europe/Etc., is soooo much happier with health care than we are.  A doctor friend of mine has been scouring the literature, and she’s discovered that this isn’t true.  Polls show that people in countries with socialized medicine are quite unhappy and, given the patient outcomes, this isn’t a surprise:

What progressives won’t admit is that people reliant on nationalized health care are unhappy. Recent polls show that more than 70 percent of Germans, Australians, Britons, Canadians and New Zealanders think their systems need “complete rebuilding” or “fundamental change.”

These polls reflect the poor outcomes those systems provide. In countries with nationalized care, outcomes for some of the most common diseases are catastrophically worse than in the United States. Compared to the U.S., Germany’s breast cancer mortality is 52 percent higher, the U.K.’s is 88 percent higher and Canada’s is 9 percent higher.

For prostate cancer, the U.K.’s mortality rate is 604 percent higher, Norway’s is 457 percent higher and Canada’s is 184 percent higher. Colorectal cancer outcomes are no better with the U.K.’s mortality rate 40 percent higher and Canada’s 10 percent higher than here.

The United States does particularly well with breast cancer, in part because of aggressive screening policies.

Please read the whole op-ed my friend wrote.  Not only is it interesting on its own terms, but a large readership will push it onto the “Most viewed” category on the online edition of the paper, encouraging even greater reader numbers.  People ought to be exposed to as much information as possible about health care options, and Callen’s opinion piece is chock full ‘o info.

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  • CollegeCon

    I hope your friend doesn’t catch too much flak for not toeing the line!

  • jj

    What more than this do you need to know?  I particularly like the sixth paragraph, stating that the surgery he needed wasn’t available in the province of which he’s boss.  Also appreciate that the spokesman refused to answer the question of whether such surgery is available elsewhere in Canada.  I guess Canada’s answer is the same as Obama’s: take a pill so you can die without pain.

  • Earl

    I certainly tend to agree….but are there links for the statement: “Polls show that people in countries with socialized medicine are quite unhappy”?

    Not that I doubt they exist, but in arguments, it’s always nice to be able to back up one’s assertions with something besides personal authority….