Monday Afternoon Open Thread

Sorry for the blog silence.  I’m getting better, but I pinched a nerve in my back, and have found it very difficult to sit for the last few days.  Worse, when I have been sitting, the Valium I’ve taken to enable that sitting has left me typing in Swahili — a good language, but not one that, especially in made-up form, lends itself to political blogging and social commentary.

Even worse, because the kids are off from school this week (ski week, for those who don’t live in Marin), blogging is going to be spotty at best.  May I encourage any and all of you to submit guest posts?  I cannot promise that I will publish them, but there is a very, very good possibility that I will.

Guidelines for any post you submit:  Not too long (no more than about 2000 words, although there is some flexibility); as well edited as you can make it; and nothing obscene, threatening, or anything else you wouldn’t be willing to say in front of your own mother or someone else you respect.  Please let me know up front the name under which you want the post to go (anonymous, your real name, the name you use in comments, etc.)  The post can set out a view somewhat different from mind, but I’ll will not serve as a forum for viewpoints antithetical to mine.  If you want to argue that Israel has no right to exist or that Sharia would be a good thing, go somewhere else (Pluto, maybe).

As far as citations go, you can send them this way:

There’s nothing more I enjoy reading than Bookworm Room  It’s my favorite blog.

I’ll then pretty it up, so it looks like this:

There’s nothing more I enjoy reading than Bookworm Room.  It’s my favorite blog.

Thanks in advance.  As your blog comments routinely show, you all are wonderful readers, writers and thinkers, so you’d not only be helping me out, you’d be doing other visitors a favor if you’d think about submitting some of your ideas.

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  • gpc31

    Get well soon!

  • Bookworm

    Thanks, gpc.  There’s a fine line for me with martial arts:  too little, and I lose my stamina, flexibility and memory; too much, and I get musculo-skeletal stress.  Still the martial arts are always worth it, for the sheer pleasure they give me.

  • Mike Devx

    So Evan Bayh, considered a centrist Democrat in this Congress full of far-lefters, is bowing out of the Senate FOUR DAYS before the filing deadline for running.
    The left is in a tizzy.  I went to, as I usually do, for a perusal of today’s headlines.  Several were on Bayh, including one from the reliably far-left Mother Jones: “Evan Bayh quits in a huff”.  Too good to pass up, that headline.  So I clicked to read; a short article and a good one, actually.  Here’s the link, and some juicy excerpts.

    […] a Democratic strategist confirms to me that Bayh didn’t let anyone at any level of the party know about this, and shares with me an expletive I won’t share about the man himself.

    Bayh had already raised $13 million for his reelection campaign, and up until a few days agohe was assuring party leaders that he would run. Pulling out at this late date is a pretty explicit show of pique, and an obvious gift to Republicans, whose odds of picking up Indiana in November just went way up. Bayh didn’t quite give Democrats the finger on his way out, but he did everything short of it.
    Most of the commentary seems to be that this “middle finger” is specifically directed at Obama and Reid…
    Ah, yes.  As the song says, “Some days are diamonds… some days are stones.”  This day is a real diamond!  A Democrat gives my despised Obama and Reid a hearty metaphorical yell of an expletive that consists of a four letter F-word followed by “You”.

  • Ymarsakar

    MMA is too complex, that’s why you need memory ; )