The British attempt their own Tea Party

The British, who represent what America will be in 20 years if Obama-stuff continues unchecked, are being offered a way out.  Daniel Hannan, the brilliant British conservative speaker, is hosting a Tea Party.  Here are details.  So far, fewer than 100 people are scheduled to show but that doesn’t mean more won’t show, nor does it mean that this isn’t a decent start.  The real question is whether Brits have been so propagandized that they are incapable of political self-defense, or whether their still lurks in their hearts the lust for independence that made them the freest nation in the world before America came along to usurp that position.

And to those who do attend, my favorite inspiring video for the impact just a small group can have (starting at 2:30):

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Oh, I dunno Book. The original Boston Tea Party began with a few rabble rousers in a bar egged on by one Sam Adams. Perhaps Daniel Hannan is the British Sam Adams.