Just Because — Bing singing “You Belong to My Heart”

When my daughter heard this recording on XM’s 40s radio, her comment was, “I’m really sorry I don’t live in an age of romantic love songs.”  It’s not the best song in the world, but it certainly exemplifies a lost romance when it comes to music.

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  • fgmorley

    The age doesn’t have be non-existent for your daughter, particularly with today’s technical innovations and the internet. Granted, the music isn’t being broadcast over the radio ad infinitum, and it isn’t the talk of all of her peers. But music has always been a personal thing to me, at least after I grew up a little. Try this album on for size. It’s probably available on the internet somewhere. That’s where I downloaded it. Who knows, there may be an actual CD available at Tower records, if they are still in business.
    John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman
    They Say It’s Wonderful
    Dedicated to You
    My One and Only Love
    Lush Life
    You Are Too Beautiful
    Autumn Serenade