The fabulous Watcher’s Council rides again

A new week, new submissions — and a new Watcher!  Here are this week’s posts, and you can go here to meet Soccer Dad (whom many of you already know, of course):

Council Submissions

Mere Rhetoric – Obama Giving Up On “Crippling” Iran Sanctions
Colossus of Rhodey – More “logic” from that wisher of death upon Republicans
Wolf Howling – The UK Through Labour’s Looking Glass
Rhymes with RightNomination Of LaRouchie By CD22 Dems Points To Failure Of Houston Media
Bookworm RoomObama Care and abortions
The Provocateur - Ideological Wars Bore Me
American Digest – Massa’s Reason for Resigning. Doing (or not doing) Barney Frank’s Job
JoshuaPundit – Obama Tells Israel They Have No Right To Their Religious Shrines
The Glittering EyeThe Nightmare Scenario
Right Truth – History of Insurance

Non-Council Submissions

Across the Bay – Juan Cole’s Social Protest SUBMITTED by Mere Rhetoric
Reason.comA Libyan Charm Offensive SUBMITTED by Colossus of Rhodey
Big Lizards – Palin and Reagan: Together Again for the First Time SUBMITTED by Wolf Howling
The Volokh Conspiracy – Could National Juries Alleviate the Problem of Political Ignorance? SUBMITTED by Rhymes with Right
Chesler Chronicles – It’s International Women’s History Month and Where is Secretary Clinton? SUBMITTED by Right Truth
American Thinker –  Defeat vs. Repeal SUBMITTED by Bookworm Room
Chicago Tribune/John Kass –  24 Has Jumped the Shark SUBMITTED by The Provocateur
Sippican Cottage – Sippican the Rag Man SUBMITTED by American Digest
Joel J. Sprayregen/ American Thinker – Obama’s Iran Policy Collapses to the Accompaniment of Mockery Around the Globe SUBMITTED by JoshuaPundit
Chicago BoyzSeizing the Opportunity to Destroy Western Civilization – SUBMITTED by The Glittering Eye

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