Beware the Ides of March– at least under a Democratic administration

Family commitments meant that I spent, perhaps, 5 minutes at my computer this weekend.  That wasn’t what I’d planned, but that was what I ended up with.  In today’s news cycle, of course, two days can be the equivalent of two decades.  Certainly, when I turned the computer on this morning and checked out the news, the headlines were grim:

The U.S. and England (the only two Western nations that significantly increased, rather than decreased, government spending during the recession) are failing.

Our great Leader, the one who was supp0sed to ingratiate us with the Muslim world, is the subject of protests . . . in the Muslim world.

The Obama administration is putting crude, thuggish pressure on Israel, America’s only true friend in the Middle East.  And I am very, very sad to report that this nastiness may be because the U.S. Military, acting through CENTCOM, which is linked to this blog, said that the Obama administration’s inability to control Israel is hurting America’s interests with Arab nations.  Invective, of course, is not the same as control or a game plan.  It’s tragic, though, that the weakest administration ever (and I do think Obama has easily overtaken Carter in that department) decides that, in lieu of getting responsible, it’s going to get vicious and fundamentally immoral.  Of course, that’s entirely consistent with Leftist “pragmatism,” which is always drawn to the bully coalition and which, historically, is antisemitic, to boot.

Pelosi pushes forward with a shell game aimed at putting 1/6 of the economy under government control and pretty much destroying medicine as we know it.  Although the Daily Caller writes that it’s possible that it won’t happen, I’m not optimistic because we’ve seen before that, once Pelosi goes into bribery/threat mode, Democrats fall like ninepins.  This is where you come in.  If you live in a district with a wavering Democrat, you must contact your representative.  People like me are useless.  Rep. Lynn Woolsey, my representative, has been a “head of the line” yes vote since day one.  People like me — a very unhappy Independent — are completely irrelevant to her.  You, however, may live in a district where your opinions actually counts.  If that’s the case DO SOMETHING! Call, and then call again, and call again.  And then, once you’ve had a nice hot cup of tea and rested a little, call again.

I think I need some chocolate.  Lots of chocolate.

In fact, though, after I finish with some actual work, I’ve had two posts which I’ve been trying to get finished for days now.  I’ve got them all lined up, but I haven’t had a serious minute within which to do something about them.

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    Read the CENTCOM article last night and I still appear to look like a mad dog foaming at the mouth. I do drink on occasion and have decided on chocolate flavored vodka covering two birds with one stone.
    I’ll cross post this link that covers the situation handily and most importantly accurately.

  • 11B40

    I’m having a very tough time understanding how former warriors like Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Barak, and Ambassador Oren can continue to allow our wimp of a President to kick sand in their country’s face.  Someone needs to tell him to pound sand.


    Someone needs to tell him to pound sand.
    I volunteer.


    Now…that wasn’t too long of a wait.


    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , under pressure from his largely conservative coalition to press on with the project, told his Likud Party Monday that settlement building would continue on land that Israel won from its Arab neighbors in the 1967 Six-Day War.
    “Construction will continue in Jerusalem as this has been the case over the past 42 years,” Netanyahu said. Israel Interior Minister Eli Yishai — whose ministry decided to announce the plan during Biden’s visit — echoed Netanyahu, stating that “there is no construction freeze in Jerusalem , nor will there be one.”
    “We’re sorry the Americans found the timing offending, but there is no freeze in Jerusalem ,” he said.

  • Ymarsakar

    At this rate, the military’s going to hell just like under Carter. Full of corrupt peace time general officers willingly to kiss up to their superiors.


    Fort Hood should have been the shot heard round the country. The story broke and we got a few weeks of coverage. The families are only 4 months into their grieving process and I have yet to read from any source, how the military plans to address the ‘next’ time.

  • Ymarsakar

    They’ll probably increase quotas on Muslims to address the issue of people feeling left out. The military’s special socio-political experiments, such as women in the Naval Academy, has often and always depended upon victim status protection rather than a meritocracy.
    And Book, do you not feel contempt for these self-righteous parasites ruling over the United States of America? These bloated corpses with their impregnated wasp eggs and maggoty flesh, who are they to tell us that they know best.

  • Al

    I would write to your Congresswoman anyway, however she votes. Use the latest news that as the deficite spending programs escalate, the US’s bond rating will be downgraded by Moodys. Further demonstrating the error of O’s policies. Send letters to all California’s Congressional Reps.
    We must keep hitting the drill in the rock. You never know when it will crack. But it will crack.