Building government on the bodies of American workers

You’ve all heard by now about the 2300 “reconciliation” bill that the House won’t vote on but will simply deem passed, thereby, in a completely unconstitutional way, making the bill a law.  (Ahem.)

But did you know that Pelosi has been busy sticking in more than just student loan relief so that we can have fully government funded education?  The bill also adds in something called the PUBLIC HEALTH WORKFORCE CORPS.”

All I could think of after reading that announcement, given the talk of Death Panels and Obama’s known problems with the English language was :  “New Public Health Workforce Corpse.

I suspect that, if this non-bill becomes law, my interpretation will prove to be strikingly apt.

(Hat tip:  The Anchoress)

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  • Mike Devx

    Michelle walks back through the door into The White House Bedroom.  “Third nightmare tonight!  But the girls have finally quieted down again.  Barack.”
    Barack: “Aw. gee, honey…”
    Michelle: “Why did you have to pick that book to read to them tonight?  ‘Sally Joins The Peace Corpse.’  And when you were done, you kissed them and said, “When you girls grow up, I want you to join the Peace Corpse, too.”
    Barack: “Now, baby, I didn’t mean to…”
    Michelle: “Now they keep dreaming about being locked in this small room with some U.N. Peacekeeper zombie, and they can’t get away!  You know we told them to never trust a U.N. Peacekeeper, to yell “Stranger Danger!” and run away fast.  Join the Peace Corpse!  For crying out loud, Barack.”

  • Ymarsakar

    Bypassing the US Constitution is a small temporary evil that is a small price to pay for the Left’s Permanent Peace.