Wondering whether Stupak will be a vertebrate or an invertebrate — and Open Thread

Stupak’s going to make his much awaited statement while I’m off working out.  So far, he’s had a spine and has distinguished himself from other Democrats by actually letting a principle guide him.  I suspect, though, that his 11:00 press conference will be a weasely explanation of why he’s caved completely on his pro-Life stance.  I hope time proves me wrong.

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  1. Mike Devx says

    Well, Stupak is a Democrat.  You can expect him to toe the line in the end.  What will be surprising, and gratifying, is if he actually does vote No.
    So Speaker Nancy may have promised Mr. Stupak that the anti-abortion clause will be inserted into the second bill.  How does that mollify Mr. Stupak?  The Senate Bill is the one that will become law, not the second bill that actually gets voted on.  There is absolutely no chance that the second bill will survive conference committee and come out of the Senate and receive a vote across both Houses.
    I guess the Senate – meaning Harry Reid – will somehow manage to “promise” Mr. Stupak that they will guarantee an anti-abortion amendment.  Along with that, the members of the Stupak coalition will be promised all kinds of hidden bribery goodies.  And they will cave…
    I hope I’m wrong.  But I’m not placing my hopes on Democrats.  Hillary Clinton famously said, not that long ago, that she believed that “abortion should be safe, legal, and rare”.  Well, abortions are still occurring at rates of one-million-plus per year, and that doesn’t qualify as “rare”.  I don’t see her working tirelessly to make them rare.  I don’t expect Mr. Stupak to hold firm to any so-called principles of his, either.

  2. suek says

    Greta has had some interesting interviews with him.  What I got from those interviews was that: a) he basically wants the Health Care bill to pass. b) the language in the Senate bill does in fact permit federal funds for abortion, and that is his objection to it c) he has offered 8 or 9 possible reworks or solutions that would be acceptable to him d) the leaders are unwilling – at this time – to consider his solutions because they are not convinced they need to compromise yet e) if they can pass it without his and his group’s votes, they won’t bother with any of his solutions.  If they can’t, they’ll wait until the last possible minute to contact him and work on what they both can agree on.  They’d rather not…they may have to.

  3. jj says

    Mike has the right of it.  At the end of the day, when all is said and done – he’s a democrat.  Pelosi, the chief – and biggest, loudest-mouthed, and dumbest – thug in the Chicago-world that congress has become, will compell obedience, and his concerns will go right out the window.
    Which means that he never had any actual concerns at all, beyond his own survival: he was posturing.  He is, (I’ll say it again), a democrat.  I have arrived at the point where I do believe they’re a separate species.

  4. says

    The Demon cRats. You got to give it to them for this. When they talked about Bush doing a bait and switch, obviously they were resentful that anybody could think Bush did a bait and switch better than the Dems.

  5. suek says

    For the Californians among us:
    Ran across this initiative when I was looking for a means of getting initiatives to put in the shop for signatures – specifically the initiative that would require ID in order to vote.  Found the initiative and can download it, but that’s for a single copy – I was looking for the ones that allow multiple signatures – like the ones the petition signature guys all have outside the grocery stores come the time to send them in…
    Here’s the one I was looking for.  Now I suppose I’ll have to look for one that cancels Yatooma’s…   Hmmm.  Would Yatooma’s count as a hate crime???  It should…
    Initiative: 1456. (09-0106) Prohibits Voting by Those Who Do Not Provide Government-Issued Identification. Adds Additional Absentee Voting Requirements. Initiative Statute.

  6. suek says

    Stupak is in.  He has been promised an Executive Order that requires that the Hyde Amendment terms apply.
    If it all comes together.  I wonder what he’ll do if promises are broken.  Or if the Obama tears up the EO next week after all the stuff is signed and sealed.

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