The die is cast Open Thread

It’s a done deal, awaiting Obama’s signature.   I am truly too disheartened to write anything tonight.

Please use this open thread to share your thoughts, provide insight and inspiration, give practical advice, etc. I’ve already received several emails from conservative groups (the GOP, Republican politicians, etc.) urging fund raising.  (Just FYI, in less than 1 hour, the GOP has already raised more than $86,000 in its 40 hour fund-raising drive towards a $402,010 goal.)

In the fall, we were disgusted with Republicans, and some of us, after the election said that they didn’t deserve money.  I think that they’ve gone a long way to redeeming themselves with this fight.  They showed remarkable cohesion, intelligence, and savvy.  With a single issue burning before them, the Republicans proved that they could fight the good fight, even if they lost the first big battle. 

Since this same single issue will be what unites Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, and independents into the November election cycle, it is time for us to dig into our pockets and help out.  I know that I will.  Remember, the momentum is now, before we get resigned to a dismal, socialist status quo.

I’ll be back blogging sometime tomorrow, but for tonight I’m going to creep off and quietly mourn the end of the world as we know it.  In a day or two, I’ll be ready to come out swinging.

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  • Deana

    I feel the same, Bookworm.  Exactly the same.  I’m just sick at heart.
    And now, we are having to listen to news commentators talking about how all the “positive” parts of the bill will take effect this year, clouding the reality of what this is going to cost.
    NO ONE is talking about costs.  It’s as if they don’t exist.  It’s as if they aren’t even part of the equation.
    And I admit to being afraid of how this will affect me personally as a nurse.  There is so much uncertainty now in health care – I can’t imagine how this will change things.  And what things?  And when?
    Does anyone know?

  • Indigo Red

    It wasn’t only health care and insurance that was nationalized tonight. So was student loans. Students can now get their college loans from the feds, except for one bank, the Bank of North Dakota. Al Sharpton chimed in on FOX News tonight with this admission

  • Bill C

    The passage of this bill assures that the Republicans will win control of the House in November.  That assures that Obama will have his purse strings cut.  That assures that the economy will tank and I mean tank hard because the only thing holding us up now is gov’t spending.  If the Republicans play  it right they can blame the poor economy on Obama in 2012 and he will lose.
    I think the Republicans have gotten the message about being fiscally responsible and about people wanting less government.  Bill Krystal says he thinks that Obamacare will be dismantled by 2013 and I think he is right.  Don’t despair.  We are witnessing a revival in the belief in freedom that only a far leftist could bring about.  In that way, Obama and the congressional Democrats have been a blessing.

  • Marguerite

    Bill C – How do you repeal a hydra-headed monster?  Head by head?    Does a repeal of the law have to be signed by the current Pres?  How likely is THAT?   

  • Lulu11

    Check out the above article. Even liberals are appalled at this. I think this whole spectacle has been a massive wake up to Americans who are suddenly remembering that our freedoms are worth fighting for. This whole Obama infatuation is a huge growing pain for our country and like the ending of an ifatuation I see positive signs that we will be stronger afterwards. I am more optimistic now rhan I was when he was campaigning and Anericans were embracing him with such naivite and projection. There’s no denying who and what he is now.
    But gird your loins- the next fights will be about immigration reform and Israel.

  • Lulu11

    And, I’m pretty sure he will renege on his promise to Stupak because he doesn’t want to enrage his base and he is a strong abortion supporter. That will lead to more Dem in-fighting and fury.

  • Charles Martel

    I told my yellow-dog Democrat wife that we should begin filing income tax returns separately because I will refuse to become a serf and sign up for Obamacare. I don’t want her to suffer legally for my refusal, although I know that even she will soon enough see the utter folly of what happened to us today.

    I’m 61 years old. If the Feds want to imprison me for not obeying their new dictates, bring it on. The cost of giving me three hots and cot will bleed those bastards far more than they’ll ever get out me. I need to catch up on my sleep anyway.

    As for squeezing bucks out of me via IRS, I am a freelance writer who is used to feast and famine, and working with cash only. Right now I’m in my John Galt Turnip phase: It’s bad enough I’m a turnip that’s hard to squeeze blood out of; even worse that I’m a sourpussed turnip who has no intention of cooperating.  

  • Al

    I have to say I am disappointed the vote was a large as reported, 219 to 213.  Guess that’s why I had nightmares last night. Didn’t learn the results till 45 minutes ago.
    We need to take both the House and the Senate. I think we get the House with a good majority.
    If we get the Senate, then we start impeachment proceedings on Pelosi. There is enough graft between Pelosi’s office and her husband’s firm to put a good number of Libs away.
    If  we do not get the Senate, then we sic those young journalism students of ACORN fame on the Pelosi case, and get her out that way. Might even be more satisfying. Exposing the Democrats’ real culture of corruption.
    With the House, we start investigating Holder’s wilfull ignoring of the ACORN actions in Philadelphia in November 2008. We also start investigations into the falsification of climate data by the Goddard Space Flight Center a la East Anglia. Then we re-educate the populace that CO2 is not a pollutant, and the planet is not warming up, and we start drilling and refining our own oil. It’s not just health care we have to fix. We have to rip the corrosive, erronious liberal lie that technology is bad and American technology and capitalism is the root of all evil from the minds of the electorate.
    Now, this is all domestic. It ignores the possibility that our enemies over the horizon fail to see our current weakness, and fail to act in their own self interest.
    This is not going to be easy. But there are plenty of good men and women out there who are ready to take up the banner of individual freedom and honesty and start cleaning out the Liberal swamp that is Washington. We already have Brown. Dodd is on borrowed time. So is Reid. The Dem from NY 23rd is probably toast. And Lt. Col West, who I believe is running in Florida’s 14th Congressional District is dynomite. AT has some videos of him.
    Confusion to the Democrats.

  • ConnectTheDots

    It is naive to think we’ll now just be able to vote these people out of office and to convict them of their corruption. With other impending legislation — amnesty, auto voter registration, card check — they are trying to create a permanent majority, legal or otherwise, by increasing the rolls of democrat voters one thousand fold.

    I fear we will have to resort to violent means to forcibly remove these people from Washington. For my daughter’s sake, I pray we never have to go that far.

  • zabrina

    I am still not convinced to donate any money to the Republican Party under Michael Steele. I think my dollars are better spent directly on Republican candidates and groups like the Republican National Conservative Caucus that reflect a conservative and Constitutional value system. I am also donating to entities like the Heritage Foundation, Hillsdale College, and tea party groups who do good work educating Americans on the truths of our heritage and policies. It is clear to me that the more people hear about and understand our true history, and how economics,  politics, and government work, the better off we’ll be. With so many leftists in politics, education, and the media, that is where the crucial work lies.
    It is also clear that many politicians (and the Republican Party) can talk big and then don’t deliver. We need to hold them more accountable and be on their tails. We need to convince people to pay more attention to records and character when they vote, and we need to make sure the voting process is not rigged.
    I’ll know the Republican Party “gets” it when they start really supporting people like Paul Ryan, Jim DeMint, Mike Pence, Michele Bachmann and Tom Price  for President and every other office on down (no more RINOs with “stature,” “gravitas,” or seniority-as-destiny good-old-boys, like McCain).  On the other hand, it’s up to us, the grassroots, to keep them accountable and give them the backing and the political will to be effective, and to grow a deep bench of candidates from the ground up. So I’m putting my money behind the grassroots and the educational entities, and I tell the GOP just that every time I return (otherwise empty) another one of their prepaid envelopes.
    We must become conservative activists. The socialist activists have had 50 years to get ahead of us. But today we appreciate the scope of the problem. Now we must work, and be smart about where we send and apply our resources.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s not naive but rather Sun Tzu. Either virtuous men and women get elected to Congress and change the system or the system will ensure that no man or woman of virtue will ever hold power.
    These are basically the only options for America at this time. There is no ‘compromise’ available. No “deal’ that can be made.

  • Ymarsakar

    “I think that they’ve gone a long way to redeeming themselves with this fight. ”
    It is not the particular individuals that don’t deserve money logistics but the organization heads. Corruption is not just an ideological issue but also an organization one. Big organizations, regardless of whether they are Dem or Republican, are always resistant to change and unable to address specific local concerns.
    Part of what makes an organization good or bad are their leaders. Michael Steele has no steel and thus is not someone you should trust with your money.

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  • suek

    >>Bill C – How do you repeal a hydra-headed monster?>>
    You win the House and Senate, and then investigate  Obama’s eligibility to be president.  Forget the “was he really born in Hawaii” part (which I’d also question, and which I believe the House and Senate could establish by demanding a copy of the original, but I realize people are _really_ leery of this, and there _are_ a lot of legal questions) and stick with the fact that he _does_ posses dual citizenship, and that alone affects his “natural born” status, and therefore his eligibility.  If you can establish that he was not in fact eligible to run, then investigate the leaders of the Dem party – what they knew and when they knew it.  There were two versions of the letter sent to the Secretaries of State declaring him as their candidate.  One stated plainly that he satisfied all requirements for eligibility, the other did not.  Why not?
    Find him ineligible, and nothing he has signed is law.  Everything is undone.  Congress can re-do or not.
    Other than that…it’s going to be a long haul and tough sledding all the way.

  • Marguerite

    My son sent me this today and asked me to forward it to others who may benefit from the technique: Just in case you are having a rough day, here is a stress management technique used traditionally in Sicily .
    The funny thing is that it really does work!
    1. Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out over a crystal clear stream.
    2. Picture yourself with both your hands dangling in the cool running water.
    3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.
    4. No one knows your secret place.
    5. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.
    6. The soothing sound of a gentle water fall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.
    7 The water is so crystal clear that you can easily make out the face of Nancy Pelosi, the person you are holding underwater.
    There!  See? It really does work.  You’re smiling already.

  • zabrina

    Here’s a great rant at Ace of Spades HQ on the same subject:
    “Dear GOP: Fight”
    Sterling. I do suggest that any time we send a check to the GOP we enclose a letter articulating our feelings and directions, or at least a printout of an essay or blog post we agree with. Let them know what you want and that it’s not a blank check.

  • Ymarsakar

    Nice one, Marg.

  • Marguerite

    Zabrina – Most excellent suggestion!  I will do it.  Also, I will prob. be sending $$ to carefully selected individuals, not the RNC at this point.  For anyone who wants to comment:  Is anyone having difficulty w/friendships, sometimes of long duration, being affected by the split that the ‘health care’ issue has caused? 

  • suek

    I have a different problem.  Our “young friend” (easier than the long story) has made terrible choices in the men she dates.  She finally has connected with someone who is “normal”.  An average seeming guy, one who has served in the military, is now retired with disability due to shrapnel remaining in his head.  So…she brings him home, and he says he’s “not unemployed”, he’s “retired”.  But in spite of _not_ being unemployed, he’s still going back to school.  OK.  What is he preparing for?  Teaching.  Good.  What subject??  History.  Political science.  Social science.  Wow, says I…you must find the present debate and political shenanigans really interesting (running on Fox news as we discuss).  What debate and political shenanigans??? says he.  The Health Care bill.  Well, says he, I’m a conservative,  and watch Fox news.  And then he tells me he thinks the bill should pass, because 45,000 people are uninsured and can’t get health care and the insurance companies cut people’s insurance  off at will …. and so on right down the leftist party line.    What about the Constitution, says I.  It’s in there…says he.  Where?  you know…that bit about “the general welfare”….
    Ok…I’m done.  Is he stupid?  Ignorant?  Merely told me he was conservative because our “young friend”  “warned” him about me?
    In a sense, I don’t care what he believes except for a couple of things:  this young man expects to be teaching History in high school; he says he’s conservative and spouts the leftist line, and lastly…he seemed so _normal_!  I thought _maybe_ she’d found a possible…but …
    Is he just stupid????  What a disappointment that would be!

  • Ymarsakar

    Don’t worry about the dupes.
    ” insurance companies cut people’s insurance  off at will”
    Ask him why that isn’t the case for car insurance, life insurance, fire insurance. If this wasn’t an issue after Katrina, why is healthcare an issue now.
    He won’t be able to answer correctly, which is that Unions pushed through a propagandized bill requiring businesses to negotiate health insurance between employees and insurance providers. Thus insurance can cut off people because those people are not directly contracted like other insurances.
    “because 45,000 people are uninsured”
    Millions of able bodied men and women are also not drafted into the US military. Why is it suddenly a problem what people choose to do with their life, when Emergency Decrees are often illegitimate justifications to grab power.


    The absence of Holder before the Senate Judiciary Committee is raising questions and comments. The DoJ  is having trouble locating the 300 terrorists tried in civil court (they’re checking on the matter). Indecision and confusion or what the kids call  a ‘duh’ moment reigns.

    Ralph Kramden – start your engine!

    The rest here.


    I thought of you when I read this. I don’t know how many employees you have and the link may be of interest to you and just about everybody else in this salon and beyond.

    Some 77,000 businesses in the U.S. have 50 to 200 workers that could face the $2,000-per-employee tax penalty. An additional 116,000 businesses have 35 to 49 workers.

  • suek

    It doesn’t affect us…yet.  We’re too small to be directly affected, but our vendors?  that’s a different story.  And if their prices increase, so will ours.  And most likely, _that_ will affect us.
    Caterpillar announced last week that the bill would increase their employee costs by $100 million the first year.  I don’t know if that’s a first year but after that it drops significantly, or just that it’s the first year and after that we don’t know what happens.