Andrew Klavan reports on the reporters

Andrew Klavan goes back and forth between being quite brilliant and being very brilliant.  I’ll let you decide where this one falls.

I will add only that my mother, who voted for Obama, told me that she’s very resentful of the way she was duped.  I wanted to tell her that she didn’t have to be duped, because I was there telling her the truth.  She ignored me, however, on the basis that I couldn’t know what I was talking about, because what I said ran counter to the truths emanating from ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.  Recriminations being pointless, I told her (truthfully) that I admired her for being willing to admit that she had been misled and for her willingness to start off on a new path freed from the chains the MSM had bound about her.

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  1. Cheesestick says

    People resist the notion that they may have been duped.  I had a long conversation w/ a co-worker the night before the vote on the health care bill.  (He is probably only about 23-25 years old, voted for Obama, supports the health care take-over, etc.)  I would kind of direct the conversation to a general topic of how this or that issue could be improved and he would agree with it.  And then I would say, well you know, in the health care bill, they are doing X.  With each blow, I could see the wheels turning in his mind…like “how can they do this, that’s stupid & not going to solve anything”.  He would throw out some stuff about how bad Bush screwed up everything and how some of what Obama is having to do that is bad is a direct result of that.  Then I showed him that chart that shows the budget deficit under the current and last 4 or 5 administrations.  A long pause followed that, and he came back w/ how much Obama had to spend to clean up the mess that Bush made.  So he wasn’t giving up a thing, but I could tell it definitely had him reeling inside.
    This is Klavan’s best video yet I believe….

  2. Danny Lemieux says

    I am already mentally training myself not to say “Told you so!” because those moments are coming and my saying so won’t change  thing. Instead, I’m practicing pseudo-supportive white lies, such as “everyone was duped!”; “Why do you think Obama hates us so much?” and “We were all brainwashed into hating Bush in order to make all this possible”.
    These are all white lies only because of my use of the worlds “we” and “everyone”, but we need to give them a face-saving way out of their own culpability if we are to progress.

  3. Mike Devx says

    I really enjoy Andrew Klavan’s “This is Klavan On the Culture” videos.  Probably because I agree with his points 100% of the time.
    But I didn’t think this one was particularly effective, even though I agreed completely with it.
    My standard for effectiveness is based on this: I think we are a slightly right-of-center country. Something like 30% hard-core liberal, 35% hard-core conservative, and 35% middle-of-the-roaders of one sort or another.  To be effective, you have to target the 35% middle of the roaders.  Anything else is just speaking to the choir, and as enjoyable as that may be, it won’t sway many.
    I don’t think Andrew’s points in this video would effectively sway many who don’t already agree.  But I’ve been wrong before in both analysis and interpretation!

  4. Mike Devx says

    I should have said, the video seems too much like insider-baseball to me.  He discusses what the MSM is doing, but he doesn’t really show them doing it.  He makes his satirical points – which I agree with and enjoy – but he doesn’t really tie it enough to concrete examples of such perfidy.  He tells you ABOUT them, but he doesn’t show them TO YOU.
    He assumes that his video viewers already can see, and know, what he’s talking about.   We in the interested blogosphere know what he’s talking about, but does that 35% who aren’t really paying attention?  That’s why, if they were to run across this particular video and watch it, I don’t think they would really get it to the extent that they would *get* most of his other videos.  That’s why I refer to this particular video as too much insider-baseball.  But I hope I’m wrong.

  5. says

    ” So he wasn’t giving up a thing, but I could tell it definitely had him reeling inside.”
    Like any drowning man, they’ll take refuge wherever they think will save them. Regardless if it is Charybdis or Scylla or the Sirens.

  6. says

    Klavan’s not doing an academic thesis on the Left, ‘proving’ things that the middle of the road fence sitters don’t want to see proved in the first place. He’s creating a parody of the MSM’s take on the tea parties. Something which both Left and fence sitters must defend or admit their incorrectness.

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