The Welfare state, the American Revolution, and the end of the Ancien Regime

A few days ago, Danny Lemieux, in a comment to this blog, asked a very important question:

If more than 50% of wage earners pay no income tax and can vote themselves (i.e. parasitize) the labor and assets of the 20% of the population that pays the large majority of income tax, are we still a democracy?

A Progressive Democrat would say, “Of course we’re still a democracy because everyone gets to vote.”  (And, after Obama’s immigration “reform,” you can be assured that everyone, including illegal immigrants and people convicted of felonies, will indeed get to vote.)

But what I say, and would you know (and what Danny’s question implies) is that if you cast a vote that is invariably meaningless, then you aren’t actually voting.  You’re simply engaging in a pointless exercise that has no effect.

Americans, incidentally, fully understood this at the height of the Cold War when the Soviet Union regularly boasted that it had a turnout of upwards of 90% whenever its elections rolled around.  “We, the Soviets, are a true Democracy,” the apparatchiks would exclaim, “unlike you Americans where, sometimes, only 50% of eligible voters turn up at the polls.”

Ordinary Americans, however, living in a society that hadn’t yet been brainwashed by 40 years of Progressive education, knew that those 50% who went to the polls in the U.S. were making a real, uncoerced choice, with their vote being counted.  That freedom distinguished them from the 90% in the Soviet Union who appeared at the polls under pain of imprisonment or worse, and who had no choice whatsoever when it came to either candidates or policies.  The fact that people can cast ballots has absolutely nothing to do with the substantive reality of whether they are making their voices heard in a representative democracy.

If we conclude, as I think we must, that earners and taxpayers in the United States will not longer have a voice in government when the numbers shift so that the parasites can invariably outvote them, what happens next?  I can think of two examples of what happens next:

1.  We become a totalitarian society, a la the Soviets or the Nazis or any other totalitarian society you can name.  Under these systems, voting is political theater that doesn’t affect the actual power structure — and this structure, in turn, is an armed police state.  People are given their designated rolls — service- or product-generator, consumer, etc. — but all understand that they dance to the government tune.  End of story.

2.  We have a Revolution, and I mean by that a true revolution.  As my post title indicates, I think both the American Revolution and the French Revolution stand as stark examples of what happens when the wealth creators lose their voice.  As you may recall, the clarion cry of the American Revolution was “No taxation without representation.”  Or, in colloquial terms, “If you’re going to grab the wealth I create, I get a say in how it’s spent.”  The American Revolution was essentially a middle class tax revolt.  The French Revolution, which was much longer in brewing, and represented the true end of the feudal era, was bloodier, and cruder, but was actually precisely the same:  the groaning middle and lower classes, which for centuries had funded the aristocracy, all the while never having had a true voice in government, got fed up, stormed the Bastille and dragged out the guillotines.

I suspect that Obama and his true believers crave the first outcome.  Ordinary Americans, however, will be driven to the second one.  And what may end up is some loathsome amalgam of both — the modern Nanny State, or totalitarianism in white gloves, which is what emanates from Brussels and lives in England.  That’s just an intermediate stage, though, with a few inevitable outcomes there too:  revolution, pure totalitarianism or, if the Muslim Brotherhood has its way (and its women their babies) an Islamic takeover.  End of story.

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  • ericthered

    The 90% voting thing reminds me of when lib-lefties tout Cuba’s 100% literacy rate. To which Dennis Prager once said something to the effect of, “It’s like that in Cuba so people can be indoctrinated. I’d rather be illiterate than be forced to read nothing but Marxist propaganda.”
 The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary

  • ConnectTheDots

    I’ll take #2 any day before #1, mostly for my daughter’s sake.
    I just had a conversation with a friend of mine, and we agreed — everywhere we go, everyone we talk to, no matter whether they are acquaintances, friends or strangers — people are literally up in arms about Obowmao and his national socialists pushing for more and more government control over our lives.
    I hope, and pray, that it does not come to violence. At the first threat of real violence from the right, Obowmao will not let a good crisis go to waste.
    The turning point will be November. If they ACORN this election [which is entirely possible, given the plethora of secretaries of state with a (D) after their name], there will be hell to pay.
    There is a new strategy afoot to take back the GOP to its conservative roots by getting involved on a precinct level — as a precinct chair or committee person. It may be too late, but I feel like I must do something other than passively whine and post blog comments. The strategy is spelled out at

  • Ymarsakar

    At least 50% of Americans will fight. Another 25% can be convinced to either not side with the enemy or to provide us with limited or total intelligence.
    The last 25%, however, will either need to be eliminated or exiled or rendered into political 3rd class citizens. Only a permanent solution can deal with them and whatever future generations they will recruit. That amounts to about 60 million Americans that will fight for the rule of Leftist utopia. Out of them, no more than 6 million can be categorized as actual activists, organizers, logistics, fighters, or leaders.
    The difficulty is that there are no permanent solutions. Only things that can last because it has been fed by the blood of patriots and tyrants. After the Revolutionary War was won, all the British Loyalists were exiled to Canada and elsewhere. They were not allowed to partake of the democracy here in the US. They were not allowed to plan an insurgency. They were not allowed to incubate their young so that sometime in the future they could take over the US and pledge back the loyalty once broken with Britain.
    There’s no point killing people personally if it will do no good in the end. Solutions, to be solutions, must work, if only temporarily.

  • Ymarsakar

    One of the best benefits to being an American is that your security is guaranteed by the metaphysical concept of liberty, not by government forces. Whereas in other nations, when a junta takes over or when the Left conducts a revolution (Iran, Cuba, Russia), the government then is used to strip people of their liberties because the government once guaranteed them.
    That is not the case here in America. Here in America, every single individual, whether man, woman, child, or elderly can be hardened against criminals, thugs, drug cartels, Chicago boyos, terrorists, or anybody else operating weapons short of WMDs.
    The training of this insurgency or counter-insurgency, is not particularly difficult. If the US military can do it with a bunch of Arabs, they sure as hell can do it with regular Americans wanting the same skill sets.

    The source of training knowledge is also not limited to military service. Much of it is civilian or private.
    The Left has conquered many governments before and then proceeded to torture to death the people because the people were never armed with the power to resist in the first place. Power comes from the barrel of the gun, because it is the individual that wields weapons and their own life as a weapon.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Based on the history of our own Revolution and what I know of resistance movements in other countries (e.g., Netherlands and France, during WWII), it usually breaks out that 25% of the population will face off on each side of the issue and 50% won’t give a d***.