Helping those who help us

Wouldn’t it be delightful if the authors of disaster were also the only ones who suffered from their creation?  Sadly, that’s seldom how it works.  The power players get roll their balls, and the ordinary people suddenly find themselves as the innocent nine pins, hoping that the ball hits the gutter or, at the very least, doesn’t hit them.

Blogger Caleb Howe is one of the ones who managed to get stuck in the fallout from the economic disaster that is Democratic governance (helped by years of Republicans who had forgotten first principles).  His friends at RedState, where he regularly blogs, have put out an SOS, asking conservatives in the blogosphere to help Howe get a leg up.

We all know that we cannot help all people, especially all deserving people, at all times, much as we’d like too.  Sometimes, though, a request for help comes on a day when we’re feeling particularly flush with cash and personally blessed with an absence of badness, and with that wind at our back, we feel that it would be good to spread those blessings around.  If you’re having one of those days, please keep in mind too that help can come in the form of small change and small bills.  For someone struggling against an oppressive economic situation, just knowing that people care can make all the difference.

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  • Indigo Red

    I know what it is to be in Caleb Howe’s shoes. I’ve been unemployed since last June and was underemployed for a time before that because an order deficit sent folks home early and cut work weeks. Most of my fellow employees lost their jobs as a result of the Great Recession.