Remember to stand up and be counted

Conservatives are rightly irked by the fact that the short form for the census seeks to divide people into racial classifications, a la apartheid South Africa.  I don’t even know what the long form seeks, but I’m sure it’s intrusive.

Nevertheless, please don’t lose sight of the fact that the counting is a Constitutional thing and it affects the number of representatives each state sends to the House.  If heavily Republican districts shirk filling out the form, they won’t be counted for purposes of representation in Washington, D.C.  That would be a bad thing.  We want solid conservative states such as Texas to have a say in federal government proportionate to their numbers.

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  • Mike Devx

    Tes, I think it’s important to send in your Census form.
    But be true to your principles as well.
    If you answered to question #9: Other  American.  It’s perfectly legitimate and you WILL be counted.  That’s what I did.
    If you strongly believe that the Constitution allows for only an enumeration, and you choose not to answer all the questions that don’t strictly relate to enumeration, I think you should.  It’s possible you won’t be counted; or a census worker may show up at your door; but no matter what, you’re staying true to yourself.

  • JKB

    I keep hearing all this hand wringing over the response rate so far.  Well, legitimately and honestly, you can’t return the form until Thursday.  How can you answer question 1 before the date has passed?  You can make an educated guess but you can’t answer it truthfully until April 1.  How do they know that the number entered for question 1 will be accurate for those who sent their form in early?  There doesn’t seem to be a way to correct your answer.
    So before everyone gets all bent out of shape over response rates, you need to consider that citizens from red states might just have a stringent view of answering a question only after they can truthfully answer it.  It’s not like we’re in Congress or a Presidential appointment and accustom to lying on official forms.

  • Gringo

    I filled in and returned the form. As others had suggested, I wrote my racial background as American.
    This may be  the first time I actually filled in the Census form. In 1980 I was working out of the country, in 1990 I was out of state when the form came, and I don’t believe I filled it in for 2000.

  • suek

    We haven’t received a form…

  • Richard Johnston

    “I don’t even know what the long form seeks, but I’m sure it’s intrusive.”

    No long form this year; everyone gets the short form.  Long form is being replaced by some separate thing called the American Community Survey:

  • rockdalian

    I received the census  about two weeks ago and for the life of me I do not know where I put it. I cannot find it. In all probability I mixed it with my junk mail and tossed the lot.
    Last week I received a follow up postcard urging me to complete the form and return it. I went to the census web site seeking a way to request a new form, I could not find a way to request a new one.
    Now I await the visit from a census taker.
    As it is, I live in solidly blue Illinois, maybe not counting me will result in one less Dem representative.  I can only hope.