An interesting silence

Many of my facebook friends have been posting stories (from the NYT, the WaPo, NPR, etc.), about the incredibly violent, dangerous, racist, and homophobic tea partiers.  I countered this morning with a very neutral post to the effect that, in a two party system, citizens will always challenge the president, and that there will always be those amongst the challengers who take things too far.  I then included this video, from Evan Coyne Maloney:

The silence has been deafening.  I suspect two things:  One, my liberal friends are refusing to watch the video, and, two, if they’ve watched it, they’re struggling to defend what is, for them, an indefensible position.

As to the refusal to watch, I continue to find it fascinating that people who boast about listening only to NPR and reading only the NYT and the New Yorker as their information sources, routinely castigate me for being ill-informed, despite the fact that, in addition to those sources, I get my news from dozens of other outlets, including a lot of original source material.  As to the latter, that’s an especially interesting one, because NPR, the NYT, the New Yorker, etc., always carefully intersplice their own editorial bias into the source material.  Unlike Rush or Sean Hannity, where you may get to listen to the entire ten minute or forty minute speech or interview, the MSM, especially the “intellectual” branch of it, only presents soundbytes, all of which the “reporter” carefully explains.

To a true liberal elite, once who has attended Ivy League schools and works in one of the traditional professions, the more you know, the less you count as informed.  Strange world.

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  1. elc says

    Having been building up a head of steam for the last 40+ years while swallowing friends’ insults and smears uncommented-upon, I find I am “coming out” as a libertarian Republican on FB.  Now, everyone who knows me personally knows that I am far from being ignorant, uneducated, or unintelligent.  In fact (though I say it as shouldn’t), most of them have told me I am not only brilliant but kind.

    And I am hitting them with hard with all sorts of links and incisive, well-written little “shares” on FB that make my point of view very clear.

    The silence is deafening.  (In fact, since Sunday March 21, at my mostly-liberal church, there is now a gaping  void  in place of  the usual ceaseless lovepeaceforthechildrensavetheearthbushsucks background chatter, but that’s another topic.)

    I’d like to believe they are just passing over my political posts in the sort of polite horror with which I hurry past theirs.  But very few of them have been the least bit courteous when it comes gratuitously shouting out *their* quasi-religious political beliefs.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t trust them from here to the corner.

  2. SADIE says

    We’ve all heard the one –  Americans have short memories, but it barely addresses the ‘selective memory’ of the progressives.
    If you’re one of those progressives trying to ‘design a perfect world’ they would actually have to acknowledge that they are  making it more fragile. The real ugliness is that they curse the so-called Christian right, Jews – the evil Zionists and applaud and defend those that would take the signs they carry and beat them over their heads with them.
    Peter Pans,  who still believe in Tinkerbell have never transitioned into adult life 100%. They’re stuck in a time warp. Call it – Ivy League school ‘daze’.

  3. patriot13 says

    I have recently been much more vocal about my political beliefs.  I almost wish that I could agree with ‘elc’ and say that I’ve encountered silence.  But actually, I’ve been subject to some rather nasty attacks (verbal).  However, to make up for that are the people that agree with me and support my right to my own opinion!
    Thank you, Bookworm, for sharing your thoughts and opinions.  Keep posting and we’ll keep reading!

  4. patriot13 says

    Have you come across PJTV (  I mention it because Andrew Klavan has a video there called “We report: you obey: the MSM’s dirty Tea Party fetish.”
    It is basically a the humorous version of the video you posted here.  Klavan does an excellent parody of the ‘objectivity’ of the MSM.  And it’s hilarious.  I don’t know how he managed to get through all those lines without breaking down.  I couldn’t have done it!

  5. Charles Martel says

    “As far as I can tell, my friends are happily enmeshed in NPR, the NYT and the New Yorker.  They don’t look elsewhere.”

    Mine, too. Unfortunately, in some of my less-than-charitable moments I can’t help but think of my NYT/NPR/PBS-swilling friends as little 2 year olds who insist that you read the same story to them over and over and over again.

    Something about the reassurance of an ending that never changes, I suppose.

  6. says

    “about the incredibly violent, dangerous, racist, and homophobic tea partiers.”
    If your sheepish friends actually knew what side of the stick to use for ‘violence’, they wouldn’t need to be told the facts of life from their betters.
    And they pride themselves on their ‘education’. Their education consists of nothing but learning how to say “Yes massa” in many forms and variations.

  7. says

    “I don’t worry too much, CollegeCon.  As far as I can tell, my friends are happily enmeshed in NPR, the NYT and the New Yorker.  They don’t look elsewhere.”
    As to be expected from non-dangerous people. Sheep aren’t very dangerous all in all. They’re there to be slaughtered for our pleasure, after all.
    The fact that this decreases your friends’ personal survival and life span is, of course, not something they thought was all that important. Their education had other goals. Refusing to see the truth has all kinds of consequences. A shortened life span is perhaps, the least serious and most logical outcome.

  8. says

    “The real ugliness is that they curse the so-called Christian right, Jews – the evil Zionists and applaud and defend those that would take the signs they carry and beat them over their heads with them.”
    That’s because violence works. No matter how many times they lie about violence never solving things, the fact that they refuse to fight against superior users of violence is proof on its own.

  9. Lulu11 says

    Keep posting and showing these to your friends. Eventually someone may actually watch. For me it was a gradual process of being exposed to new ideas so that when the final moments of my displeasure and with the Left took place I had enough exposure to the  ideas of the Rightthat I could make the switch. Also, my brother gave me a few books to read – that helped too.

  10. says

    Please continue to keep us informed. I think it useful that we share successful anecdotes — as well as ones with much less success.
    I learned one today on Instapundit:  Respond to a racism charge with, “Do you honestly think that we (I) would be *for* Obamacare if he were white?”

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