The Malaise of 2010

I had lunch today with Don Quixote and his wife.  We were talking about the fact that we all feel a little down, a combination of work pressures, the economy, political news, etc.  Looking at all these factors, I said I was suffering from the “Malaise of 2010.”  DQ and his wife laughed, and I do like to make people laugh, and I had meant to be funny, but I was also telling the truth.  My psyche feels as if it is under assault from so many different directions that I simply can’t process things.  If the assault was a happy one (wonderful job, friendships, adventures), etc., I might be giddy.  As it is, though, I feel like a slowly deflating balloon.

The volume and variety of negative pressures also leaves me feeling helpless.  I’m trying to hit back, but it’s like punching jello or molasses.  I’m expending a lot of energy, but with little result.

And, of course, there’s the feeling of an endless time loop, a la a Star Trek episode.  It’s one thing, though, to sit on the couch, moving forward through time, as you watch fictional characters deal with a temporal closed circuit.  It’s another thing entirely to experience it yourself — and that’s definitely affected my blogging.  I feel stale.  The Left keeps throwing the same things at the American public, and all one can do is wait patiently to see if those throws make contact.  I can’t think of anything new to say about the Obami and Israel; the Obama and the economy; the Obami and Muslims; the Obami and health care; the Obami and national security; or the Obami and immigration.  I’ve already been saying all of these things since about halfway through 2007 (and it’s cold comfort that many of my predictions are proving to be true.).

It’s also cold comfort that I’m not the only one.  Robin of Berkeley is struggling through the same thing, which she characterizes as shell shock (h/t:  Sadie):

I’ve been feeling funky since Black Sunday, the day of the health care debacle. As a therapist, I’m usually able to identity my feelings. But this one had left me stumped.

I went through the usual laundry list of emotions: Am I depressed? (A little, but that’s not it.) Worried, scared? (Yes, but who isn’t?) Angry? (Very, but that’s still not what’s bugging me.)

It took a conversation with a conservative friend, Nancy, for me to pinpoint the feeling. Nancy told me that a Jewish co-worker, a staunch Obama supporter, was feeling “shell-shocked” by Obama’s vilifying Israel.

Bingo. That’s what it is: stunned, shell-shocked, traumatized.

But it’s not PTSD — post-traumatic stress disorder — because then Obama would be ancient history. It’s trauma happening right here, right now, at lightning speed.

Read the rest here.

Of course, trauma doesn’t mean we shut down.  Indeed, I remember once writing a post about a bombing in Iraq and the way in which the military carried on, which impressed me.  Phibian, who blogs at CDR Salamander, wrote a comment to the effect that training is a very useful way of filling in for conscious thought.  He’s right, too — and we have all been training ourselves for a couple of years to deal with the assaults on our senses that are playing out now.  We can go on and we will go on, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it!

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  • ConnectTheDots

    Conservatives across the nation reflect your feelings.
    Like the film ‘300,’ the Spartans are at the narrow pass, defending their nation, abandoned by the politically correct senate. Persian hordes as far as their (our) eyes behold. The sky is dark with their arrows, missiles launched over and over again. When will it end?
    I was heartened by the guest host on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning, who asserted that it doesn’t matter if the GOP re-takes the Congress this fall if they don’t DO something with it.
    His assertion was that running simply on repeal of obamacare would be a mistake, since obowmao has the power to veto any legislation coming across his desk. There aren’t enough seats up for grabs in the Senate to amass a 2/3 majority.
    The best way to win this fall is for the pols to run on a platform of impeachment.
    His logic: the very act of signing obamacare is a violation of the constitution. Add to that a constant barrage of Marxist hippies, dykes, freaks and faeries appointed to czarships and recess appointments within this administration.
    I could get behind that.
    I think it’s a bit of a long shot , but if obowmao’s numbers continue to tank, and the poplace have an accurate understanding of the dangers of this man and how this legislation will unravel the republic,  it just might work.

  • Ymarsakar

    ” Like the film ‘300,’ the Spartans are at the narrow pass, defending their nation, abandoned by the politically correct senate.”
    The Spartans didn’t have a Senate. The real reason why the Spartans didn’t send their actual army was because most of them were locked down by the festival of Apollo and various other religious rites. The Spartans, being as conservative and locked in stasis a society as one can get for a military culture, weren’t big on crossing superstitions before a big battle.
    Of course, the strategic situation demanded a response, so Leonidas stepped up to the plate.
    While we have been training ourselves to resist enemy propaganda and see through enemy attack plans, that doesn’t include the people who voted for obama, thinking their whorish career choice will set them up for life. Some of em didn’t even get paid for their services, from what I hear.

    “But it’s not PTSD — post-traumatic stress disorder — because then Obama would be ancient history. It’s trauma happening right here, right now, at lightning speed.”
    Nothing Obama has done can equal what the terrorists did. Obviously, of course, people ignored 9/11 and its aftermath, so getting hit by Obama, who they thought was one of their own, might seem shocking. I long ago associated the Left’s evil with the evil of the Islamic Jihad. If something terrorists do doesn’t shock me, why the hell would what Obama does shock me?
    I can be surprised and certainly I was surprised at the rate of change Obama was ramming through. But that’s like mass executions of a million people at once rather than job lots of 1000. The only difference was the scale, not the kind. Evil is evil and if people don’t know what it is, they’ll get to know it soon, whether they want to or not. That’s the price of fauking up leadership choices. It’s not something political patronage can save you from forever.

  • Ymarsakar

    There’s also no way the politicians or Supreme Court will allow the people to dictate what is or is not Constitutional. That’s how the system was set up. If the people want to reaffirm the Constitution, they would need to setup a Constitutional Convention and change the Constitution before the Left does anything more to it.

  • Mike Devx

    Yes, I feel the malaise, too.
    I don’t even bother parsing Obama anymore.  It’s not worth the effort.
    I saw blog posts on various conservative blogs saying that Obama had backtracked and was advocating drilling for oil.  And the conservative bloggers were tipping their hat to Obama.  Basically saying, “Thank you!”
    Me?  I knew better instantly.  I didn’t even try to find Obama’s actual comments to parse them.  I know this man will NEVER drill for oil.  Remember how he pretended to advocate for nuclear energy a few months back?  How’s that one going?
    Obama will fake a punch to the right and then shift left.  Consistently.  I don’t even need to read about it anymore.  Some of those conservatives are already pulling back their “praise” as they find out the “details” of what Obama is up to.  Turns out he’s made a few vague promises while simultaneously guaranteeing there will be no drilling where it makes sense.
    Fakes the punch to the right, shifts left.  Don’t ever believe ANYTHING that appears conservative or reasonable coming out of his mouth.  There’s a major catch somewhere, guaranteed.  Don’t EVER fall for it.  EVER.

  • JKB

    The hard part in any conflict is to husband your forces.  When things are hot you have the changing events to keep you alert.  When you break contact, especially after not achieving your goal, it takes discipline to reset and recharge rather than just let the fatigue weigh on you.  It is time for a recharge and it shouldn’t be put off since we don’t know when we’ll make contact anew.  One thing to remember is that things weren’t suppose to be that hard for Obama and the Dems.  It was suppose to be a cakewalk but instead they had to lie, cheat, steal, and eat a lot of their seed corn.
    Over my life, I’ve learned you can’t force things.  You have to wait for the right move at the right moment.  We are tuned to action but if you don’t control it, you’ll expend your energy on futile motions and not be prepared for the Moment.  So in this time, we need to keep up low grade pressure, rest and keep a sharp eye out for the opportune time to act.
    Book, I’ve just been reading this delightful chef’s blog, Ms. Glaze’s Pommes d’Amour.  She just moved to San Francisco to open the kitchen at Le Club on Nob Hill.  Her writing is a very enjoyable read and a nice diversion from the troubles.

  • ConnectTheDots

    okay, so the term ‘senate’ wasn’t technically correct. But as I remember it, the plot parallels our current struggle (especially the part about bribes). From Wikipedia:
    “Persian messenger arrives at the gates of Sparta demanding it submit to King Xerxes. Leonidas and his guards kick the messenger down a well. Knowing this will prompt a Persian attack, Leonidas visits the Ephors—ancient, leprosy-ridden priests whose blessing he needs before the Spartan council will authorize going to war. He proposes they repel the numerically superior Persians by using the terrain of Thermopylae (the Hot Gates), and funnel the Persians into a narrow pass between the rocks and the sea. The Ephors consult the Oracle Pythia, who decrees that Sparta must not go to war during their religious festival. As Leonidas departs an agent of Xerxes appears, who bribes the Ephors with concubines and money.”

  • Lulu11

    The feeling is the dawning recognition that we have a king in office who doesn’t care what the people think and he has a court that is willing to follow him regardless of the cost to the nation nd its values. We are reakizing that our representatives don’t represent the will of the people and that Obama is determined to use his opportunity to fulfill his desires, come Hell or high water- and we have to wait to be able to do something about it. And we watch him distort what America is all about and try to harm Israel, and you want to see more people waking up and you get scared that more won’t. But the truth is, more are waking up.

    We had the shock and the depression. It sank in,  and now we have to go out there and save this great nation. And we will because we must.

  • Ymarsakar

    “Leonidas and his guards kick the messenger down a well.”
    I don’t know of any historical account concerning the Battle of Thermopylae where Leonidas did that. From my memory, the first Persian messenger went to deliver his message and Themistocles just told him to go away. The Spartans, after the Battle of T, did throw some Persians down a well, but that was because there was nothing to talk about at that point. They might have suspected them of plotting treason with a local Spartan, a Paulsinias.
    Much of the plot from 300 is made up by Hollywood or the author of the graphic novel. While the movie did much to introduce a real historical event to the minds of ignorant sheep in our so called generations, the plot itself is made as much from fiction as truth.
    It is not a strong enough foundation upon which to base geo-political strategy. Certainly not if one remains ignorant of what it was copied from.
    I had already studied and read about the Battle of Thermopylae, first from Steven Pressfield’s Gates of Fire (mentioned in Michael Yon’s dispatches concerning the official book recommendation of a Colonel) and then from other sources before the movie came out.
    Historical detail isn’t so much for consistency as it is to prevent the cunning traps made by the enemy from working. It may look more convenient to take fabricated plot lines and use them as a guide to the present source of crafted lies and political machinations, but at that point the truth will become permanently obscured. The best propaganda is based upon truth. Conscientious propagandists shouldn’t believe their own propaganda, because for propaganda to be effective one must have a grasp on True Reality and not believe whatever lies and rosy scenarios are painted, even if the latter are true.
    If you want to learn how previous societies have handled good vs bad leaders, look up Themistocles. He is a mirror image of Obama, good where Obama is evil, white where Obama is black. Whereas America and our system works and Obama is the poison that will destroy us, it was reversed in Themistocles case. Yet the world still comes crashing down due to the actions of venal men, even when good men are in power. That’s a more appropriate lesson for today’s modern world than the movie 300’s plotline.
    If a person such as Themistocles was engaged in power these days, our problems would be solved, for the most part. But such people don’t come every century, even. Especially not when the US population is only around 300 million out of 6 billion humans. If ever there is a genius prodigy in good political rule, they’re in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Cuba, China, Russia, etc. One step from the chopping block.

  • Danny Lemieux

    For a short two years in my youth, I climbed mountains in the Alps.
    Our team would take hours of climbing to carry our equipment to the base of a climb and each trip followed the same pattern. At first, you set out eagerly anticipating seeing the summit over the next rise of the hill. Except that over the next rise, you see the next hill. After hours of this, you give up looking for the summit and just trudge forward, one foot after another, hill over hill.  Eventually, when the summit does appears, it comes as a surprise. Lesson learned: the trip is the trip. Focus on the trip, not the summit, and eventually the summit will appear.

  • Al

    Robin’s piece hits a lot of buttons. It is impossible to not be affected by the evolving disaster that is the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regin. But, if you haven’t seen it, check out Thomas Lifson’s AT blog post on March 30 about See You In November. And then get back in the fight.

  • Ymarsakar

    “”The man who shot them was a human being too.””

    He won’t be after I get done with him.

    “victims generally sense when they’re about to be victimized but ignore the signs in order to be nice and not judgmental. ”

    This is actually not that complex. We have evolved to sense violence and dangerous situations. When people are targeting you with violence, even the most retarded people will have their instincts throw a warning of some sort. Assuming you don’t have your head stuck in the sand day dreaming about the Obama whores in power.
    It’s also why dangerous people don’t try to believe that attacking other dangerous people is a safe occupation. It’s why alpha leaders are aware of each other’s zone of operation and space. It’s why people who act full of pride, get shot in the face before they know it. The signs were there, but they ignored em in favor of personal social status.
    It’s also why criminals can detect the signs of whether somebody is aware of them and ready to fight, and thus avoid them. Well, the smart criminals. Some are pretty dumb.
    I was always hyper-aware of physical danger. Instead of shying away from the thought, I would think things like “is that gun in the police’s holster that easy to pull out or does it only seem that way”. Security and threat situations were interesting to me to game out. But being aware and knowing how to act, are not the same things.
    If you are aware of an emminent attack and don’t know what to do, like Robin was, you may simply pretend to ignore it in favor of believing social controls will protect you. For those of us that know better, we’re not going to rely upon society for protection. Just as you are aware of a criminal targeting you for predation, so is the criminal aware when your head swivels like a falcon and locks unto a target, then begins to engage. They know it just as well as you do. But it has to be real. It’s not fake. It can’t be fake on their part and it can’t be fake on your part. This has nothing to do with posturing.

  • Ymarsakar
    It used to be real men didn’t sit around in safety talking about how they got scared by people talking about their beliefs.
    Now this is the state of things. Shephard is, I suppose, a representation of the more liberal and scared of the center left.


    “My psyche feels as if it is under assault from so many different directions that I simply can’t process things”
    The political cartoon and commentary linked below, may explain that sense of assault and battery, too.

  • Ymarsakar

    “Gun-packing Liberal”

    AKA, a well armed drone.

    The amount of selfishness and parochialism this guy has is a little bit above average. He sees guns as being for his own personal benefit. That doesn’t seem too extreme. Except he also sees economic policy and benefit as being for his own benefit as well: a believer in government stimulus packages and an opponent of Friedman economics. Laying over a film of crack over his own personal greed by talking about ‘working class’ isn’t doing much to hide things.

    Parochial because he seems to think every liberal he knows is the same as every liberal Rush knows. There are other people than in his home town, but I suppose he doesn’t know that. The idea that he has an omniscient and perfect vision of humanity, is a Leftist conceit.

    There is such a thing as the Cult of the Gun, where people mistake the gun as the same as their pride or ability as a person to function normally. You see these things in AK toting Palestine, for example. Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

    For all the complaints of fake liberals that they don’t like how conservatives constantly talk about guns, it is liberals that feel the need to self-identify themselves with 1. the gun and 2. their ideology. Gun packer here talks about how ‘creepy’ it is that conservatives talk about guns all the time, but check out how he self-identifies himself.

    Isn’t that hypocrisy? But I’ve already said fake liberals, so perhaps that is repeating myself.

  • Ymarsakar

    For clarification, GPL is a commenter at one of Robin’s articles at AT, the one that was made in 2009 not the one Book linked to now.