Saner heads are trying to prevail in San Francisco

At least one less extreme Democrat in San Francisco is very worried about the hardcore Leftism that has taken root and flourished in the City.  A City that was always to the lefter side of the political spectrum now has the potential to devolve into the kind of ideological Leftism that will destroy the City’s financial infrastructure:

Moderate Democrats in San Francisco often complain that far-left politicians don’t represent their values. Middle-class families are frustrated that their concerns – like safe streets – are undermined by ideologues with wild claims of a “police state.” Developers are exasperated when their projects are subjected to endless delays, even when the property has been a vacant eyesore for years.


The next two months will see a battle for the political soul of the city. It will pit the progressives against the moderates in a face-off that will have huge implications in the November elections and, perhaps, the election of the next mayor. The key is control of an obscure but incredibly influential organization called the Democratic County Central Committee.Rather than complaining about the direction of the city, middle-of-the-road Democrats have to get active. They have to vote in the June DCCC election and they have to do their homework on the candidates to learn if they represent moderate values.


The DCCC endorsement doesn’t necessarily mean a win in every election – it just seems to work out that way. In 2008, the DCCC went 6-for-6 in supervisor races (the seventh, Ross Mirkarimi, used to belong to the Green Party and was not eligible for a Democratic endorsement) and 3-for-4 in the school board elections.

That’s no surprise. San Francisco is a liberal Democrat town. When the official voice of the local Democratic committee sends out recommendations in mailers – and it has a nearly unlimited budget to do so – voters listen.


“Aaron Peskin is building a political machine that would make Willie Brown blush,” Wiener said.

Campos scoffs at that idea.

“We don’t sit around trying to figure out what we, as a machine, should do,” he said. “I talk to everybody.”

Maybe so, but with the DCCC’s unmistakable power, a progressive voting majority will guarantee endorsements of far-left candidates in the November elections for supervisor. And remember, if Gavin Newsom leaves office as mayor, the supervisors will elect his successor. The stakes are huge.

The election for the DCCC is in June. You should be sure to vote. And you should make sure you know who you are voting for.

You can read the whole thing here.

Only San Franciscans, of course, can appreciate a world in which Obama is a centrist.  You and I think of him has having grabbed the country and dragged it far left, but San Franciscans understand that, at the local level, it can get even worse.

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  • suek

    Dick Morris says there are no Moderate Democrats any more.  The comment came up during an interview with Michael Medved, when Medved commented that Morris – in his new book – refers to Conservatives and Republicans as “us”, and “we”.  “When”, Medved asked ” did you become one of “us”?  Morris replied that when he worked for Clinton, he was a moderate Democrat.  Since then, he said, politics have become so polarized, and the Dems have turned so far left that there _are_ no “moderate” democrats.  You are either a Leftist Democrat, or you are a Republican.  There is no other choice.
    I thought that was pretty interesting…

  • Ymarsakar

    People like Dick Morris are the ones that helped the Democrats succeed. When they exile even those assets, all they have are blackmailers like Axle.

  • Gringo

    I feel sorry for those sane San Franciscans who live among the moonbats. I remember it as a magnificent place that well deserved its nickname of  The City. It was never without its eccentricities, but like a cancer or like kudzu weed, those eccentricities took over the city. Tolerance needs to be a two-way street.
    I wonder what  Charles McCabe would think of his San Francisco, nearly three decades after his death. I enjoyed his column in the Chronicle, The Fearless Spectator, so much that I continued to read it after I left California. Opinionated and humorous.

  • jj

    I’m with Sue.  As I have said before, there are no “moderate,” “blue dog,” “hound dog,” “lap dog,” or “Italian Spumonis” among democrats: there are only democrats.  They are all the same inside, and they will vote the same way every time when it comes down to it.
    As a consequence your opening statement comes across as rather an oxymoron: a “less extreme” democrat is still an extreme democrat, and it’s difficult to see him as “very worried” about the hardcore Leftism of Nutville.  Seems very unlikely, in fact, particularly in view of what you say a graf or two later, that an endorsement by the mental ward “doesn’t necessarily guarantee a win in every election” – but for the most part it seems to.
    So – what’s the problem for our less lefty friend?  Where’s the difficulty?  If you personally don’t like the direction, Charlie, then don’t act that way, don’t run that way, and don’t vote that way.  Children can figure that out.  Moderate democrats (I don’t believe you exist, but…) – same answer!  Don’t act that way, don’t vote that way, and the “problem” is solved.!  Magic!
    Of course I don’t actually believe you genuinely have a “problem.”  I think you’re perfectly happy, in fact – but one clever clogs among you is smart enough to at least pretend to have an interest in how people outside the cocoon think.  But it’s all pretense, just a little face-time for a non-entity.
    There is no battle for the soul of San Francisco, the progressive’s already won that, and the next couple of months mean nothing.  They do in many places in the country – but not in that nut-house.  That’s like saying there’s some danger that Nancy Pelosi, an actual madwoman who ought not to be allowed out in public without a keeper, might not be re-elected.  Yeah, surrrrrre…..

  • Charles Martel

    The Marxists are fond of “heightening the contradictions,” that is, creating conditions of such extreme polarization that people have to choose one side or another. No more “on the other hand” or “I’m sure we can still find points of agreement.”

    The Marxists’ pseudo-religion gives them the certainty that they are in control of the heightening and stand to be the winners once clear sides are drawn. The problem with that is the one great stumbling block Marxism has encountered in its 170-odd years of miserable existence: America.

    Think of America as the Reality Principle. What happens if ordinary people are left to their own devices, without monarchs or elites to run their lives? Somehow they manage to fashion a pretty decent, wealth-producing society. Sure, it has its rough edges—“American Idol” and not enough people taking opera seriously—but also its moments of transcendent goodness and greatness, such as its response to black Americans’ demands for equal treatment in the 1960s, and the defense of the world against such European intellectual masterpieces as Communism, Naziism and anti-Semitism.  

    The Anti-Reality Principle is the perverse combination of egoism and magical thinking that leads most Democrats to sincerely believe (my wife is one of them) that simply passing a law like Obamacare is enough to insure that our healthcare problems have been solved. Why? Because a superior breed of human, manifested by the likes of Reid, Pelosi, Fwank and Obama, enlightened and compassionate—and with access to the wallets of the nation’s exploitive obscenely wealthy plutocrats—were the ones who did that mighty deed. Never underestimate the power of morally advanced politicians who are armed with a vision, government printing presses, and actual weapons of law enforcement.   

    Anyway, if November does not go well, we will assuredly move to the next step of civil disobedience, Galting and non-violent monkey wrenching. In other words, an acceptance that the contradictions have been more than sufficiently heightened.