Monday morning Open Thread

I have been working in the service of others since 6 a.m., and that will continue until at least 3:30 p.m.  Then, a few minutes to myself, and I’m sure a pent-up weekend of blogging will overflow.  Until then, here’s an open thread.  Not that you ever need suggested topics, but here are some anyway:  Obama’s increasingly unconscionable policies towards Israel; Obama’s unsustainable policy towards Iran; the Obami’s dishonesty in informing the public about the shell game with GM; the media’s peculiar lack of venom and hysteria when it comes to the fact that Obama’s dilatory conduct is polluting the entire Gulf, a reminder that environmentalism is an issue only when a Republican occupies the White House; Lynn Redgrave, who just died, and who is a reminder of just how horrific extreme statism can be (and how the top level of acolytes glory in capitalist rewards even as they wish evil on the rest of us); and how sneeringly the Left views the rest of us.

I’ve got zillions of thoughts swirling in my head, and no time to write them down.  This is very frustrating.  I will be less frustrated if all of you write fascinating comments that enlighten, enchant and educate.

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  1. jj says

    Tough few weeks for the Redgraves.  I didn’t in the least like the politics of a single member of that family, beginning right with Sir Michael (ol’ Dad).  That said, it fascinated me that Sir Mike always said Corin was the best actor of the next generation (which consisted of himself, Lynn, and Vanessa) – yet because he was primarily oriented to the stage, few in this country seem to have heard of him.  Anyway – Corin Redgrave died at 70 on April 6th, now Lynn is gone – a sad month for them.
    I guess it interests me because in England/Ireland theater can be the multi-generational family business, and it usually doesn’t work as well as it has with the Redgraves.  Hayley and Juliet Mills can certainly act – but the family is known for their father.  Sinead Cusack can certainly act, and was no slouch at collecting awards, but it was her father who was recognized and knighted fifty years ago (another primarily stage guy).  But the Redgraves have all been splendidly good at what they did.  Idiots off-stage speaking their own lines – but wizards on it, speaking someone else’s.

  2. suek says

    >>Idiots off-stage speaking their own lines – but wizards on it, speaking someone else’s.>>
    Very astute comment.  Pretty generally true for most of Hollywood as well…

  3. Charles Martel says

    suek, thanks for the AT link to commentary about the Santa Cruz leftist riot.

    I also saw a video of the riot and something occurred to me that doesn’t get mentioned much by the conservative media and would never be touched by the mainstream media: the slovenliness and loutishness of most participants in leftist events. These are generally undiscerning, uneducated people (think New York Times readers or Jay Walk participants), many of them unkempt and with poor impulse control.

    I think that when Pelosi and her minions recently attempted to bait the Tea Partiers, they were banking on our guys being as undisciplined and easily manipulated as their supporters. Musta been an eye opener (assuming one can widen already heavily Botoxed eyes even more) to run into so many adult citizens at one time.

  4. Zhombre says

    I do not believe Lynn Redgrave shared the idiotic political views of her siblings.   She became a US citizen, by the way.
    “Idiots off-stage speaking their own lines – but wizards on it, speaking someone else’s.”  Nice phrase, jj.  True of many but not all actors.

  5. garyp says

    About the Redgraves..  It’s odd how many rich people want to keep the poor, well, poor.  Of course, they know how miserable it is to be rich, so you got to love them for protecting everyone else from their horrible fate. Obama’s policy toward Israel?  I don’t call it a policy, I call it a vendetta.  Obama appears to me to be the first non-American American president.  Non-American (who cares where he was born) in that he shares none of the instints or beliefs of the great mass of the American working and middle class that pay the taxes, fight the wars, and form the bedrock on which this nation was built and endures.  Hating Israel is not an attitude that is unknown in the USA but it is mainly held by two groups.  First, the left-winger types from elitist universities.  These are the so-called “intellectuals” that (as Woody Allen said) cannot do and therefore must teach, or work in some capacity that requires no, well, work (an NGO, a government agency, etc.).  They hate Israel because the average American likes Israel (or did before the constant negative propaganda in the MSM).  If the stupid hicks like something, the brillant intellectuals hate it by reflex.   The other group that consistently hates Israel are the professional “victims.”  These are usually the intersection of the least educated members of our society with the least religious members of our society.  This group is pretty much analogous with the other group of hard core supporters of Obama (and the Democrats in general).   These people are not the Reagan Democrats that were industrial union members or Southerners who are conservative politically and socially.  These are the SEIU members that think Obama will pay their rent and give them pie in the sky (bye and bye).  They hate Israel, and Jews in general, for the same reason they hate anyone that is successful.   A successful person, especially anyone that succeeds against aversity or comes from a similar background to themselves, is an affront to their only self-serving view of the world.  If you believe that the “system” won’t allow you to succeed,  your own miserable failures are not your fault.  No reason to try, just cuss the system and demand a handout (or else you’ll riot).  These two groups comprise Obama’s base and, despite, the fact that both he and Michelle, have been helped, supported, and rewarded by the “system” every step of the way, they basically hate America and everything it is and it stands for.  Obama doesn’t follow his base, he runs with it.  He is both and the intellectual and the victim.  No matter what works in America, it must be changed .  No matter what Americans want, they are stupid and misinformed.  No matter that history shows America to have been a great force for good, we are, and always have been, evil.  How else do you explain the “was never proud of America before now” and the Rev. Wright episodes.  This is a President who comes from an anti-American background that sincerely wants to destroy the America.  Once you understand that, you will understand all Obama’s policies.

  6. Zhombre says

    That is something of an oversimplification, Gary.  I live in Tampa, the Congressional district represented by Kathy Castor, a Democrat, in a district that is by reg 50 percent Democrat, populated by people I call Stepford Libs.  I suspect these voters are a large part of Democrat support:  middle class, liberal, college educated but mostly without advanced degrees, many self employed or professionals, quite honest and pleasant people, church going Christian or liberal Jews who supported and still support Obama and the Democratic party.  Go figure.  Ardent Democrats and liberals (I know people who get ALL their news and views from NPR) who tend to live rather insulated middle class lives really.  It’s odd for me because I am the conservative, who listens to Rush and Beck and absorbs the conservative blogosphere; Pajamas Media, for example)  but am a career govt employee (in the old civil service union that dates back to the 1920’s), and a union member, and the one who on a daily basis works with Hispanics and Blacks whom I consider friends and colleagues while the minorities the Stepford Libs see are the ones who pick up the trash or clean their houses.  Funny old world, ain’t it?

  7. garyp says

    Sorry to hog the podium but… Ten years ago while working in industry, the president of our American subsidiary of a Belgian company was a graduate of the Ecole Normal (sort of like Harvard).  One day he was discussing a secretary who had quit without notice.  He said to me (thinking that because I had a graduate degree and was a Diplomat of the American Board of Radiology, I was from a well-to-do backgroud, as was he) that “people of that class (the secretary) aren’t like us, they don’t think and reason like us, they act on emotions”.  He didn’t know I was born in a little house without indoor planning, fed pigs and worked in the garden growing up and went to work in a cotton mill at 16 years old (going to school in the day, working nights).  My mother started in the mill at 14 years old, my grandfather at 5 (yes five) years old. This same snobbish attitude is seen from our “intellectual elites” here in US.   Where you go to school (or who your family is) doesn’t determine your ability or your accomplishments in America.  Your character, your God-given abilities and your capacity for hard work determines how well you do (with a little luck also required in most cases).   However, our betters not only want to tell us how to live but they want to sneer at us while they do it!  Pooh (if you will pardon the language) on them!  If we let them turn America into Europe (or something worse) or desendents will not be able to move up in the world.  “Freedom” finally boils do to economic freedom.  Without the right to better yourself,  nothing else really matters.

  8. suek says

    For those so inclined:
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    Immediate action item: Show your support today for Sarah Palin and her upcoming show “Alaska” by signing this petition:

  9. garyp says

    Zhombre,  you have a point.  Some of my favorite people love Obama and hate anything that smacks of conservatism.  However, I think these people support the Obama of the MSM (cool, non-judgement, pragmatic, above the fray).  This is totally a facade, erected by he and his handlers, and maintained by the MSM (and abetted by never saying anything without a teleprompter).  They voted for a concept–the end of racial polarization–that had to happen once we elected a black president, didn’t it, and to pay a debt for our racial guilt for oppressing blacks.  I share the wish for an end to racial polarization and have enough guilt, or maybe sensitivity, to be very aware of the need for build bridges between all racial (or, if you prefer, ethnic) groups.  The people you describe have long voted for “nice” people, like them, that always want to “help” others (even if that help destroys them–look at the black family and much of Africa).  They hate war, hunger, and poverty so they vote for nice people who also hate (and actively promote through unintended consequences) war, hunger and poverty.   We have had a hundred years of these people, starting with Wilson.  Instead of the “war to end all war”, he gave us the “peace to end all peace.”  His successors have done pretty much had the same, unintended effects.  Obama, in my opinion, is different.  He is not the well-meaning, confused liberal.  He intends to destory America.  In his programs, damage to America is a “feature”, not a bug.


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