England swings wildly between the extremes

In 1931, Nancy Langhorne Astor’s son Robert Gould Shaw III was arrested for committing a homosexual act (in a park, I believe).  This was a continuation of a long-standing British public policy of prosecuting “sodomists.”  Arguably the most famous prosecution was that against Oscar Wilde, for public indecency.  The trial, scandal and imprisonment destroyed the noted Victorian wit entirely, and he died in self-imposed, poverty-stricken exile soon after his release from prison.

How times have changed.  In 2010, Dale McAlpine, a Baptist preacher in England, was arrested for stating in a public place that homosexuality is a sin.

Have the English no sense of balance or proportion?  Do they think that criminalizing people’s thoughts and opinions is the only way to balance the scales for the humiliations they visited on homosexuals in years past?

Anyway, rather than opining more on the subject, let me refer you to my previous post on thought crimes.  I think it pretty much covers anything I want to say.

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  • suek

    I wonder how long it’s going to take before the pro-homosexuals run up against the muslims…

  • Deana

    What alarms me is that what happens in England eventually winds up here.
    I don’t think it could happen here but after this last year, when so many things I didn’t think would happen actually DID happen, I’m not sure.

  • suek

    Well…I’d rather have Mexicans than muslims…but if you don’t know who’s coming across the border, then you just don’t know who’s coming in.  As I understand it, Iran is developing close ties with various S.American governments – Chavez in particular.  That does not bode well…

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Iran’s basically setting up sleeper cells on both sides of the border. Ready to ship in suicide bombers, explosives, and what not.
    They haven’t gone active, however, except in Iraq with Quds. Most of the people activating their cells here in the US are AQ, Taliban, or AQ of some other nation like UAE.