The two types of Jews — and their support for Obama

Robin of Berkeley hits a home run — actually, she hits it right out of the park — in this post explaining the two different types of Jews who support Barack Obama.  One type is the type I used to be, an unthinking liberal, who actually loves America and strongly supports Israel.  The other type of Jews is a hardcore Leftist who is Jewish in Name Only (a JINO?).  It is important to understand the distinction, so that you can understand who and what Obama is, and where “Jews” or, rather JINOs, fit in the grand scheme of things.

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  1. Danny Lemieux says

    Why am I not surprised. I love her perspectives as well. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the two of you engage in conversation.

  2. SADIE says

    How timely the article. Today is Shavu’ot, the day Moses received the Ten Commandments. Obviously lost to the Pams and Lauras of this world – You will have no other Gods before me.
    What I find most disturbing of this ilk is that they self describe themselves as Jews, as if it added cache to their resumes. While in actuality it is akin to the sickness of those that cut themselves to feel.  I would prefer that they cut deeper and bleed out.

  3. says

    “I have indeed, Danny, and she is every bit as interesting, personable, and just plain nice as you would expect from reading her articles.”
    All the neo-con women seem to be of that caliber.
    They would have made a really scary and influential high school trio.

  4. 11B40 says

    I grew up in the Bronx of the ’50s and ’60s.  Our little by Bronx standards neighborhood had two large cultural groups, Irish-Catholic and European Jewish, each about 20-25% of the population.  The neighborhood was mostly working class and lower middle class, the kind where, as my father used to say, you don’t see menfolk during the workday.
    One of the local late evening rituals was the gathering of mostly the Jewish men at the local soda fountain which we knew as “the candy store”.  They would gather in anticipation of the arrival of the earliest edition of the next day’s newspaper which would have the results of the horse races from which the day’s “number”, an illegal lottery system, would be calculated, in those days, with nothing more than a pencil and sometimes not even that.
    While they were waiting they would discuss any number of things and inflict their mostly Jewish style humor on each other and all comers.  There were local versions of Jack Benny, George Burns and even a Don Rickles or two.  (It was that Bronx.)  Likewise, this was not a totally homogenous grouping. There were WWII graduates, and not just the clerks, second generation types, DPs (displaced WWII persons), concentration camp survivors, college grads, Orthodox, Reform, wage-earners, small businessmen, and one or a few “gingsters” as the local vernacular called them..
    One evening, a man showed up who I didn’t recognize which was unusual.  Apparently, he had grown up in the neighborhood before my time and was back on a visit to see his mother and decided to stop by.  He seemed to know his way around and was kind of working the crowd.  As the evening chill came on, people and the stranger started filtering into the candy store.  While we were inside, the candy store owner came out from having completed one of his backroom deals.  When he saw the stranger, his ears went back and he began to steam.  “Get out of my store, you May Day M….. F…..” he bellowed across the counter.   The stranger quickly accepted the invitation and as he retreated he received an additional bit of interpersonal advice.  “And if you come back again, you better have a gun.”
    The backstory I got was that the guy had gone to the City University of New York back in the ’30s and fell in with a bunch of Commies which, in those days, was not all that difficult.  The Commies were not all that unpopular during the Depression.  But when WWII exploded he managed to avoid his manly duty and afterwards he was anti-Israel enough that there were strong feelings about our neighborhood’s continuing need for his presence or existence for that matter.
    I guess that I was lucky enough to never really see Jewish people as all that homogenous.  Lord knows, there were plenty of varieties in my neighborhood.  I don’t dispute the fact that voting-wise, they were certainly Democratic-ly inclined; the Bronx, after all, was a No Republican Need Apply zone.  I guess what surprises me is that these guys who could argue for an hour over almost anything have not more seriously questioned their fealty to the Democratic Party.  Perhaps President Obama will stimulate that process.

  5. Danny Lemieux says

    11B40 – Hope really does spring eternal.
    I would like to think that American Jews from the center-left could gravitate to the Republicans for reasons other than purely spur-of-the-moment Jewish self-interest.

  6. Charles Martel says

    I can’t really say that I’ve ever run into a hard-core leftist Jew who wasn’t also an atheist. At worst they are self-haters; at best manipulators who, cuckoo-like, find the nest of Jewish ethics a good place to lay their vile eggs.

    I’ve found in such people a deep and abiding hatred toward the notion of God. I don’t know if it is because they despise a non-existent deity for the misery He has inflicted on the Jews by “choosing” them (“With friends like You, who needs enemies?”), or if it is bitterness that others attribute their brilliance to being Jewish—and ultimate Jewish identity must always loop back to its source, the God of Israel. 

    How much more gratifying to the ego to believe that if only you can manipulate, coerce and torture man long enough, he will become an angel. And having created this new man, wouldn’t you now be God?

  7. says

    “How much more gratifying to the ego to believe that if only you can manipulate, coerce and torture man long enough, he will become an angel. And having created this new man, wouldn’t you now be God?”
    That God complex will be put to the ultimate test when I slam his skull with the planet.

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