I have been suffering greatly this morning, preparing carpooling charts for various end of school year events.  I hate doing the charts, but I hate even more not having carpools.

While I’m getting non-chart stuff done this morning (the process really burned up my time), here are a few links that I found interesting and that I’d like to share with you:

No, Muslims did not learn Jew hatred from the Nazis.  And no, Muslims did not learn Jew hatred from the insult of Israel’s creation.  It’s an integral part of their religious doctrine.  Brutally Honest, after quoting from the link I just provided asks the right questions.

Barack Obama’s appearance in San Francisco on Tuesday brought out, not only Tea Partiers, but Obama supporters.  The latter are not a pretty sight.  Please check out Fund47 to see the face of those who believe Obama is the president most likely to carry out their political and ideological agenda.

Considering the acts of Islamic terrorism that have recently taken place within American (Fort Hood, Times Square, etc.), I’d ordinarily feel relief to hear that President Obama is promising to focus on domestic terrorism.  However, considering that he refuses to equate Islam with the terrorist acts, while focusing, laser-like, on “right wing extremism,” I’m not sanguine about the outcome of this one.  Neither is Steve Schippert.

Wordsmith’s Memorial Day post deserves a visit, and some fierce concentration while you’re there.  Obama may need to party in Chicago but we, the ordinary Americans, need to take some time to commemorate those, who over the centuries, have sacrificed their lives to preserve American freedoms.

UPDATEDo you think a constitutional military coup is possible?  And do you think that, if we are couped (is that word?) we can ever go back to a Constitutional republic?  (h/t Sadie)

Barack Obama has two very distinct approaches to words, both of which reflect the beliefs his followers hold, and both of which are dangerous.  His first, which falls under the umbrella of his “words matter” statement, is his belief that words are tantamount to acts.  Once you’ve said something, you’re done.  You don’t need actually to do anything.  This is his approach to foreign policy, which seems him speaking softly, while reverentially laying his stick at the feet of those who wish us ill.  His second approach lies in his complete understanding of the Orwellian notion that changes in vocabulary fundamentally influence thought patterns.  If you effectively erase a word from the dictionary, you may just have effectively erased the idea that went with it.  It is this notion that the Paragraph Farmer targets in his post about the haters’ language of hate.


Just a few more things — plus my apologies for the lack of substantive posts over the past few days.  I’ve hit one of those walls where I have inchoate ideas, but can’t quite manipulate them into a coherent single p0st.  My brain is like that.  It goes from totally blank to wallowing in epiphanies.  The former is deadly, the latter exciting.  You’ll know when the latter hits.  ‘Til then, I’ll just keep passing on the good stuff from other people.

I’ve been following the Rand Paul kerfuffle from a distance.  I don’t like his father, so I’m dubious about the son.  At the very least, he’s not a careful thinker or speaker, and that always spells trouble.  (Gov. Christie, on the other hand, always seems spectacularly in control of his own content.)  If Paul was a deep thinker, he might have reached VodkaPundit’s conclusions on the States’ Rights issue.

Zombie was in San Francisco when Obama was, and has a spectacular photo essay on the subject — not just because of the photos, but because of Zombie’s deep and rich understanding of the different protesters who enliven any SF event.

ObamaCare’s war on small business.  I won’t say any more.  You can read it here.  No, wait.  I’ll say one more thing:  I told you so.

And please check out these two Memorial Day posts at Blackfive.

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  • suek

    Completely totally off topic…although it _is_ a link!
    I think I mentioned that my kids gave me a Kindle for Mother’s Day.  Sort of a good thing – I don’t expect to use it much, but my husband had been talking about getting one.  Anyway – I’m not enthused enough to actually buy books yet, but have started looking for free stuff to download.  I found this one today – it’s a temporary free download.  The write-up looks interesting, considering the HealthCare stuff.  In any case…at the moment, it’s free.


    suek, there were several others as well on the same page.
    I am guessing it’s one way to boost sales. Kinda what Costco did recently with the CFL bulbs – I think there were 8 to a package for less than $3.00. Since almost all of my home lighting is on dimmer and those high intensity little bulbs  (also on dimmers) I went for several packages and gave them to family members.


    …Orwellian notion that changes in vocabulary fundamentally influence thought patterns.
    Adding and erasing is the bailiwick of ne’er do wells and others [fill in whatever suits the reader]. In another post you cited or linked the phrase ‘occupied west bank’.  The insertion of a word such as regime has its own gravitas. Outrage and anger from the very sources who handily found the word a perfect match to their political views prior to 2008.
    It’s rather like two women, the same size, height and weight both purchase the very same dress, except the one who bought the dress in blue thought the dress in red looked horrid on the other.

  • suek

    Another off topic…
    We have a rep who comes in every week and always brings a xeroxed joke  or two with her.    She brought this one in today, and it was obviously from the internet, so I knew I could find it…and I did!  In looking, it apparently started in GB in 2008…but the sentiment is still the same!

  • Mike Devx

    Here’s another great YouTube Gov. Christie (of New Jersey) video link.
    I love this truth-telling guy.  He’s potent. Awesome.
    (An aside: Now, I happen to think that teachers are on average underpaid.  But that’s the price of being an employee in a vast government bureaucracy.  If you want to be paid more, advocate privatization.  But of course, most teachers, being liberals, will never go there.  So too bad.  My empathy level as a former teacher for this self-righteous snivelling whiner lady = zero.)

  • Mike Devx

    That whining, self-righteous snivelling teacher in the video, name of Rita Wilson, makes more than $86,000 per year.
    If she is at all representative of teacher salaries in New Jersey, she is NOT underpaid, nor are any of them.  Depends on the what the average is.  Knowing New Jersey the way we do, and how their horrifying overspending extends everywhere and thus even to government bureaucrat teacher salaries, she’s not too far off the norm, and THEY ARE NOT UNDERPAID.

  • CollegeCon

    Just to keep in the off topic vein: Has anyone been following the whole Blackfive-Michael Yon spat?  I follow Yon on Facebook, and he refers to it a bit, but I haven’t taken the time to really figure it out.

  • BrianE

    Suek’s cartoon wins the thread!
    Since we’re off topic, if you haven’t already watched it, check out this video of a couple of Australian blokes discussing the global financial crisis on ABC News. Pretty funny.
    The Australian economy has held up well to the financial meltdown. So well, in fact, that the IMF endorsed the idea that the Australian government let their budget go into deficit.
    “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has encouraged the Australian Government to let the Federal Budget go into deficit for the longer-term benefit of preserving the Australian economy. The fund has predicted that Australia can expect a 0.2 percent contraction to the economy in the coming year.”
    The Australian government website projects the budget will return to surplus in 2012-2013.
    Wonder what their immigration policy is?

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    CollegeCon (#7):  Matt’s an email friend of mine, so I tend somewhat reflexively to side with him.  I gather that the feeling is that Yon has been out of country too long, and that he has a tendency to classify people as enemies — and then treat them that way.

    Mike (#6):  The main emotional problem for me with teacher salaries is that they work only 8 months out of the year.  As the daughter of a teacher (one who never earned more than $23,000), I’m sympathetic to the teacher’s problem that it is, by its nature, an 8 month job, and it’s not fair to suffer for that time off (never mind the fact that it’s hard to find summer jobs).  As a worker, a parent and a taxpayer, though, I don’t like paying someone a year’s salary for 8 months of work.

    The other problem I have is that, in the private sector, most of the teachers in our school district would earn half what they earn in the schools, because they’re not that skilled.  They have a very narrow discipline but, at the elementary school level, they’re remarkably ignorant outside of their own textbooks.  I appreciate that these women are kind and loving and cheerful, and that, within their narrow job description, they do their job well, but they don’t really do anything that requires a professional level salary.

  • BrianE

    Mike Devx,
    In Washington State, beginning teacher salaries are average, around $42,000 plus $15,000 in benefits. Once you get your Master’s degree, the salary goes up.
    My daughter, who was teaching Kindergarten at the time, got her Master’s. Kindergarten –  Master’s degree. What’s wrong with this picture?
    In her defense, it was in administration and she is now an assistant principal– at a significantly higher salary than as a teacher, of course. Administration– that’s where the bucks are.
    As to the summer vacations, they do spend time continuing education and good teachers spend lots of nights and weekends grading papers, etc. Having said that, my daughter and son-in-law (history teacher) are headed to Barbados as soon as school lets out. He’s doing research.

  • Mike Devx

    Teachers are people and humans like all of us, and like all of us, you get the complete mix of humanity among them.  They’re not devils, not angels, not prideful, nor humble, nor anything, as a group.  (I don’t do identity politics…)  They’re like all of us just the usual mix of people with the usual collection of admirable and despicable qualities spread among them.
    I may be being unfair to Ms. Rita Wilson, but in hearing her diatribe directed at Governor Christie, I mainly see undeserved entitlement along with a brimming-to-overflow resentment.  That pegs her as nothing more to me than a far-left liberal: entitlement, resentment, and envy.  And rage without thought.
    I’m not tarring and feathering all teachers, nor New Jersey teachers, with my brush.  Just her.  She’s likely a highly partisan Democrat.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    To understand MIchael Yon, you need to understand human nature and why people behave the way they do. Not what people tell you why they do it, but the real reason for it.

  • Danny Lemieux

    MikeD – what I heard that whiny teacher say in that question to Gov. Christie is “I am so smart, I got an education, how come I am not being paid more than all the other idiots around me. I deserve better than them”
    Re.   Do you think a constitutional military coup is possible?  And do you think that, if we are couped (is that word?) we can ever go back to a Constitutional republic?  (h/t Sadie)
    The problem is not Obama. The problem is the mentality and people that got him elected in the first place. Even if we could with one stroke of the wand remove Obama from office, it wouldn’t change that fundamental underlying problem in our country.

  • suek

    >>I may be being unfair to Ms. Rita Wilson, but in hearing her diatribe directed at Governor Christie, I mainly see undeserved entitlement along with a brimming-to-overflow resentment.  That pegs her as nothing more to me than a far-left liberal: entitlement, resentment, and envy.  And rage without thought.>>
    No, you’re not being unfair.  What you’re seeing here is that that’s exactly how the left works.  It identifies a group, then it works on separating the group out and cultivating the victim attitude.  When they develop sufficiently as “victims”, then they begin to fulminate politically.  Teaching was originally “women’s work”, and was underpaid, as were most women’s jobs at the time.  It was assumed that women were not supporting families – they were either single, or married and earning “extra” money.  The women’s lib movement began with the goal of “equal pay for equal work” (which didn’t usually apply to teaching since there weren’t really any men teaching to speak of) which expanded to “fair pay”, and living wages, and women should be able to support a family on their pay etc.  In our school, teachers start out at $32K plus benefits.  We figured that the benefits cost the district approximately 50% more…so even though the teacher took home $32K,  it cost the district some $48K.  Our highest paid teacher (this is elementary school, remember) was paid nearly $80K, which cost the district nearly $120K.  This was at the 20 year mark, and with a Masters.  When negotiating a new contract, their attitude was that it didn’t matter whether the State was going to increase our per pupil payment…where we got the money wasn’t their problem – it was ours.  We simply had the obligation to increase their pay and pay any and all increases in the cost of health benefits.  The union even instructed the teachers not to attend the meetings we set up for them to discuss various health plan options that would allow them to meet their needs while cutting costs for us.  “They’ll have to agree eventually anyway” was their attitude.  When it comes to finances, teachers simply can’t do basic math.  It was a constant marvel to me – how can they be so smart and yet so stupid??
    And then we had the “bullying” issue.  How can you teach children not to bully when they have a bully in charge of the classroom?

  • suek

    Here’s a fun one.  I scored all of 4.  Pegs me into the right era.  Oh well.


    I scored a big 2 .

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    <B>Even if we could with one stroke of the wand remove Obama from office, it wouldn’t change that fundamental underlying problem in our country.</b>
    I agree on this one point about the origin of the problem.
    Removing Obama, whether by election or coup, isn’t going to solve the problem. Any more than removing Saddam from iraq and hanging him, solved anything in Iraq. You need to do something else on top of that.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    <B>It was a constant marvel to me – how can they be so smart and yet so stupid??</b>
    Computers are smart. But computers have no free will. It can only do what it was programmed to do.
    Thus, computers are both smart and stupid. They are smart because they can process things quickly and accurately. Stupid because I control the purpose of their existence. You see?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    The Left are enemies of humanity. Until you have personally seen the devastation and ruin left in their wake, you will never truly understand why they must be destroyed on all fronts, without mercy or hesitation.