Meet Leftist, non-Jewish Jew: Marcy Winograd

A few days ago, I mentioned Robin of Berkeley’s American Thinker piece about the two different types of Jews in America:  the kind who are reflexively liberal and reflexively pro-Israel, and the kind who are reflexively Leftist and reflexively hostile to Israel.  Robin’s point was that the former do not understand that they have put themselves to bed with the latter, and that the latter own the White House.

I raise Robin’s point here again because Calif. Rep. Jane Harman, who is falls in the first category of Jews, is being challenged by Marcy Winograd, who is most aggressively in the second category of Jews.  Jeffrey Goldberg, who is also in the first category, interviews Winograd, and it’s very scary to look inside her mind.  What’s even more scary is that it’s possible she’ll win the Democratic primary.

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    The “D” after Marcy Winograd is for delusional and dangerous.


    Maria Castilo, not an MIT grad, just the wife of a Peruvian police officer gets it.
    “Go away, terrorist!” one of her new neighbors shouted. “The terrorism prisoners never change because they are jailed for their ideals.”
    Winograd and the two women from Robin of Berkeley’s article don’t/can’t get it and worse for us, they are elected for their ideals.

  • Al

    The D also stands for dhminitude. Sorry, can’t find the right spelling. I wonder what her attitude is toward honor killing or female circumcision.

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  • suek

    This is unbelievable…!
    Sadly and scarily it is believable. May I suggest the following:
    1. See my post #1 and add the extra D’s to the entire Obama Empire and fellow lackeys.
    2. Keep a current passport.
    3.  Prepare for the worst – hope for the best.
    His comments follow on the heels of an application DENIED to demonstrate in NYC against the building of a 15 story islamic center/mosque. Any questions? Asking yourself WTF?
    Any and all questions have now be laid to rest.