A predator in sheep’s clothing

[Broken video link fixed.]

I’ve known Dan Noyes for years, as our children have attended the same schools.  This is not to say I know him well and, indeed, he knows me even less well.  Every time we run into each other at school functions, you can see him try to figure out who the Hell I am.  I understand that.  He stands out, being tall, handsome, well spoken, and a San Francisco media celebrity.  I, on the other hand, am an ordinary looking suburban mom.

I bear Dan no animus for his bad memory.  Indeed, I like him, despite our mere passing acquaintance.  My every interaction with him has been pleasant.  I don’t recall handshakes (although I’m sure there have been some), but he’s always friendly, albeit somewhat distant.  His manners are impeccable.  His wife and children are delightful.  He is a stellar member of the parent community.

It was therefore interesting to see this bit of unedited footage that has Dan getting involved in an unpleasant (for Dan) confrontation with a representative of the newly refurbished Laguna Honda Home for the Aged in San Francisco.  Dan must have realized immediately that the guy was some sort of predator, hence his instant, clear and explicit request to the man to “unhand me, Sir.”  What’s fascinating is that the man cannot keep his hands off of Dan — or Dan’s colleague and the camera — even as he becomes more and more aggressive in a creepily soft-spoken manner:

Frankly, if I was in Dan’s shoes, I would have decked the guy after the second or third hands-on moment.  I believe that Dan showed exceptional forbearance in the face of an aggressive attack from a predator masquerading as a soft spoken voice of reason.

If it was up to me, I would show children this video so that they can see what a predator looks.  Dan did not let himself get side-tracked by the man’s ostensible peace-making motives (even as the man continued his offensive behavior), nor did he fall for the man’s effort to make Dan look like the guilty or unreasonable party.

As I remind my children, it’s only ineffective bad guys who look obviously evil.  The ones who are dangerous are the ones who look like everybody else, and who try to manipulate our normal emotions (guilt, the desire to avoid offending people, etc.) to their own perverse and, sometimes, evil ends.

Hat tip:  Hot Air

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  • suek

    You know…I don’t see it quite like that.  This apparently a hospital setting.  I see the toucher as a person who makes  comforting touches part of his occupation in a place where it’s not inappropriate.  I see Dan as being particularly sensitive to the touching – though I agree that once he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to be touched(and he _certainly_ makes that clear), the toucher is weird in being unable to stop – almost as if it’s a compulsion.
    But as a predator?  I don’t know.  That’s pretty strong.  Still – as you say – it could be a demonstrative lesson for kids…

  • Charles Martel

    I think the touching was a conscious gimmick on the hospital rep’s part. Notice that Noyes drops his pursuit of the administrator he was chasing down and becomes totally distracted by Mr. Creepy.

    Mr. Creepy probably had two ends in mind when he started touching Noyes: 1.) He’d learned in some stupid, taxpayer-subsidized, PC workshop that a gentle touch is a way to soothe an angry person and establish some sort of bond, or 2.) that continuing to apply an unwanted touch is a perfect way to foil the original intent of the person you’re touching. Noyes is so pissed off at the creep he forgets why he is there in the first place.

    Either way, Mr. Creepy wins. Good job!

  • Bill Smith

    Well, Dan does come off as a tiny bit over-sensitive at the very beginning.
    Having said that, people like Dan, in positions like his I mean, often have extremely good radar for aggressive wackos, and for people who try to monopolize them; people who imagine that they are going to “manage” the media, and “get their message out.” As a former news photographer, I’ve been there, and experienced it myself. People do get grabby, and sort of desperate. This is their only chance, don’t you see.
    Having said that, this creep was WAAAY beyond merely desperate-for-notice aggressive. Look at the second portion of the video at 2:00 where he starts to chest-bump Dan. Watch the look on his face just before he attacks the camera. It’s a look of pure evil: “How DARE you defy me?!! How DARE you ignore me, and disobey me in front of these my SUBJECTS!!   I WILL DOMINATE YOU!!!!!!”
    When that doesn’t work, he’s desperate, and his only option to regain control in the eyes of his captive old people — in his eyes —  is to cancel the entire meeting. Which, incidentally, also says a lot about the liberal mind. It’s their way or the highway. “Benevolent” dictators. Control, control, control.
    Recapping, he immediately tries to dominate Dan physically by invading his space, ignores Dan’s express wishes to back off, ignores repeated, direct, clear orders to back off, and then presses it beyond any semblance of civilized behavior. No boundaries for this guy — unless they are HIS boundaries, in which case he attacks the camera.
    This is a very scary video. If I had a loved one — or even someone I didn’t like very much — in this facility I would get them the hell out of there by sundown.

  • 11B40

    Karma, baby, Karma.  Somedays you eat the bulldog and somedays the bulldog eats you.
    I’m not such a big fan of investigative reporters of the ambush interview sub-species.  I, thankfully, only know Mr. Noyes via his TV appearances.  He’s had his moments of overbearingness when dealing with his targets so that he garnered his three to five minutes of local evening celebrity.  But, he did bring to my mind my father’s telling me that in a confrontation don’t tell anybody anything more than once.
    “Mr. Creepy” pretty much sums up the other guy for me.

  • Indigo Red

    The video has been removed from You Tube by ABC7 KGO-TV for copyright. The vid can be seen here: http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=news/iteam&id=7453754.

    The guy is creepy, but what’s more is the guy doesn’t know he’s creepy.

  • Al

    I have to say it is nice that there are truly investigative reporters in San Francisco. It would be nice if Dan checked out the mayor of Oakland’s operations vis a vie ACORN.
    The creep is just that. He is using the most offensive mechanism he can to retard Dan’s investigation and it worked. They both know that Dan could deck the creep, but then Dan would come out the looser.
    There is no question. If you have friends or relatives in that place, get them out.
    BW, as far as Dan’s reactions to you are concerned, I thing he divines that you are a force in your own right. He just does not know why, yet.
    Thanks to Indigo Red for the viable link.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    How did it only take a day for this to be removed due to copyright?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Dan can sense your inner power, Book. Something he doesn’t see in the libby community often. Nor is he trained in the same things I have been trained in. Nor does he know as much about criminal pathology as I or crime investigators know.
    So he has less of a background to distinguish the aggressive wolves from the sheep from the sheepdogs.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    After looking at the video, I judge Dan to be the kind of person that is never usually touched in this manner. Or if he is, social protocols work to remove the unwanted touching.
    In my socio-economic culture, putting hands on another person that has expressly communicated that this is unwanted, is the first lead up to a hostile incident.
    These news reporters are from a socio-economic culture that believes their body is inviolate. That nobody can do anything to them that they don’t wish. I am not under that Democrat illusion. It is why Skip Gates reacted so hostile to the police.
    If I was in Dan’s place, I would have recognized that the narcissist was running interference for the female director at the 2nd or third communication to cease and desist. But I wouldn’t have cared. Because I would already know what I could have done to bend his fingers back such that he will want to get away from me. But in that environment, Dan’s job was to go after the woman to nag her about the subject. You can’t be distracted from your mission by interference, especially when that interference lacks the physical power or restraint to stop you.
    If this was somewhere where criminal action had an opportunity, it would be different. Then you most likely should leave the area or shatter the man’s arm and then leave the area.
    Of course, I would also have known that if the narcissist failed to upset me, he would go after my camera crew or female crew members. This means I could go after the director, but the narcissist would effectively remove the camera from play, making the whole mission undoable. I would then have to move back and deal with the problem.
    A simple solution. Grab his wrist and pull him along with you. Make sure the narcissist can’t get away from you. Make him get closer so he can’t touch the camera or your crew. If he throws a punch, this will look good on camera. So long as the narcissist is attached me, I can keep asking the female questions. If the guy resists and tries to get away, let him.
    These are essentially problem people that know how to control other people using things people are normally uncomfortable with. Inappropriate touching. Messing with your friends.
    As a last resort, you can always have your camera man drag him along, or have the camera man give his camera to you. The point is the camera, you see. Narcissist wants to get the camera away. If you can’t carry the big camera, then whip out a little camcorder. It’s all about positioning and strategy when it comes to these people. Let them think they have one over you and they won’t leave you alone.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    This is a public relations guy. He knows reporters. He knows how they work. Almost all reporters are from the same socio-economic cultural background when it comes to social politeness and touching.
    But these people would never put their hands on those individuals that send out actual danger vibrations.
    1. Cause they know it won’t work. People who are used to being touched in a hostile manner are also used to taking care of people in that situation.
    2. There’s a danger of getting personally hurt, which causes hesitation in all people when they physically go and reach out for something.
    3. There are easier prey available, like the camera crew and females, who are definitely more vulnerable than a man.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Btw, Dan is wrong to say Slaven was “worked up”. He was perfectly calm. The most dangerous people are those that go asocial, and they were never angry or afraid to begin with. We call those sociopaths. They aren’t angry at you. They aren’t afraid of you. They’re just going to kill you, cause they like it.
    I say “dangerous” because not all of them are sociopaths. Many are ordinary people that simply can kill when needed.
    Slaven is not a danger. To me. He may be to Dan though. Slaven doesn’t even go particularly anti-social. He just touches. Doesn’t even push or shove. He is calm. He is calm because he knows he is in control. But that’s when he is dealing with Dan. When Slaven is dealing with people who are serial killers or who can handle serial killers, Slaven would be out of his element and he’d know it.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    You can see when Dan loses his sense of security. He told him to get his hands off. Then he talks to the woman, then he realizes that Slaven is still touching him, so he interrupts his question to the woman and directs his head at Slaven. Right then, Dan lost control and that’s why he didn’t follow the woman. Dan felt a threat to his security important enough for him to stop, not do what he came here to do, and let the woman go after getting 1-2 refusals.
    People in those socio-economic, and generally coming from an American culture, tend to have a large private space. The same is true for me. People are uncomfortable in elevators. That’s why we stare straight ahead, don’t make eye contact, don’t talk loud or creepy, and don’t touch anybody with our hands if we can help it. Why? Because we are all in everybody’s space, and we know it, thus to keep things peaceful we have an implicit agreement that we’re just going to stand here and tolerate it. So long as nobody goes out of bounds.

    However, the closer a person comes, the more chances for him to successfully attack me. Everybody knows this in one way or another. The thing that is missing here, is that when somebody comes closer to me, I know that I now have a better chance of ending him if I so choose. If somebody is 50 feet away, I know that he can shoot me, and if I lack a ranged weapon, I’d have no choice but to go defensive. But if he is within arm’s reach of me, half a feet of distance, I have just as much capacity to do him harm as he does me. In fact, given the average of human training and capability in H2H, I have far more of a chance than the other guy, on statistical probability. And for a woman, it would be even higher.
    If I had a gun, then somebody that close to me is actually more dangerous than if he was farther away. Because there’s a chance he can sucker hit me and take the gun. And if you pull a gun in CQB, there’s chances that the target will dodge or disrupt your aim or get in a melee hit that will disable you before you fire.

  • http://home.earthlink.net/~nooriginalthought/ Charles

    Predator – that’s exactly what this “Communications Director” is – A Predator. 

    This is not something that he is doing subconsciously  (Sorry Suek, I don’t see it as part of his normal job; most hospital administrators don’t have such patient skills).  Whatever his motivation for the touching is doesn’t matter.  He was told several times to not touch; yet, he continued touching, even after being “brushed away. ”  This is very aggressive behaviour and very creepy.

    I think the real issue/problem is that as communications director (I get the feeling that his title should be PR Spin Doctor)  his “message” was not being received the way in which he wanted.  That’s the reason for his aggressive behaviour.

    Book, do you or anyone else know what became of the follow up to the issue that Dan was trying to raise with the Director?  Did it make the news anywhere else?

    P.S.  I believe that most cameramen and reporters would not hit the aggressor due to political/career fallout.  But, does anyone know what would be the likely legal outcome if an ordinary citizen had been “manhandled” this way and responded with punching?  Would the outcome be very different in a “blue” state vs. a “red” state?

  • Bill Smith

    I was a cop a loooong time ago, but I’d arrest Dan if he’d punched the creep.
    However, after what we all saw on the video, if Dan had forcefully shoved the guy away, and he’d ended up on the ground, I would not have arrested Dan. A forceful shove, like one a defensive lineman would use in football seems to me like a measured response to repeated provocation. If the guy got up, and came back at Dan aggressively, and THEN Dan slugged him, that’s simple self-defense in my book. I’d not arrest Dan. If the creep quit after getting slugged, I wouldn’t arrest him either, but then I didn’t arrest people unless there was a damned good reason. FWIW, I never lost a case, and I never got in trouble for not arresting someone.

  • Mike Devx

    Bill Smith #4:
    > Having said that, this creep was WAAAY beyond merely desperate-for-notice aggressive. Look at the second portion of the video at 2:00 where he starts to chest-bump Dan. Watch the look on his face just before he attacks the camera. It’s a look of pure evil: “How DARE you defy me?!!

    I agree completely.  That smile on his face at the 2:00 mark when he lunges toward the camera is utterly false.  The rage beneath the surface is somewhat concealed, but obvious.  Were this fellow a wife-abuser, he would be back-handing her across the face and punching her in the face with that same false horrible-attempt-at-affable grin.  I imagine that circumstance would be terrifying for the wife – that false grin hiding something behind it, with no clue just how bad the lurking snarling hidden “monster” will become.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    The police will rule most fist fights as just that, fights. They can’t claim self-defense because often they lack the evidence. Most fights between people aren’t caught on camera, so it’s hard to verify people’s stories. You have witnesses, but again, that depends on who these witnesses are.
    A punch is inappropriate because his face isn’t in your space. It is his hand. So take it out on his hand. That would be ruled as proportional by the police.

  • BrianE

    After watching the Indigo Red link @#6, I think Slaven was hoping to provoke Noyes to some aggressive act, to deflect the story away from him and his boss (Mikivis?).
    It’s apparent Slaven was furious with Noyes and the story he was uncovering.
    If the story is accurate his boss is in trouble and his rather bizarre actions would best be characterized as a desperate act.

  • http://benningswritingpad.blogspot.com/ benning

    All Mr. Creepy had to do was say, “Oh, sorry.” And then keep his hands off. At that point it would have been nothing but a slightly awkward moment, quickly forgotten. But Mr. Creepy keeps touching Dan. And then, later, he gets right up in his face, into Dan’s personal space. Most folks would have stepped back, or even pushed Mr. Creepy away. I’d bet Mr. Creepy would have just continued burrowing in.

    I agree with Bookie – the guy is a creepy predator-type. It doesn’t matter if this is the extent of his predatory activity. He’s attempting to establish dominance – consciously or not – and Dan won’t have it.

    Mr. Creepy is a clueless idiot.