Kid logic

I love kid logic.   I was telling my pre-teen daughter about the Navy SEALS (having just finished Lone Survivor), and I mentioned the incredible physical strength and mental stamina the men had.  “And the women….” she prompted me.  “Nope,” I said.  “No women.”  She stared at me.  “But don’t the men get lonely?”  That’s a giggle right there.

I didn’t mention that, when they’re at home, SEALS probably aren’t hurting for female company.  However, she did totally get it when I explained that the Navy is not going to compromise the mission by pretending that women are as strong as men or that their biology enables them to function equally in primitive, hostile, dangerous surroundings.

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  • SJBill

    Bless you, Book, for doing some prep work.  😉

  • Ymarsakar

    Of course they get lonely. But it also makes them better prepared to sink roots down later in life.
    Having seen crappy third world countries, relentless training, internal and external, as well as the consequences of war and death, they’re not just going to sit on the couch once they get a woman and vegetate.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s hard to tell proud men once they are adult and old that they should treat their women or peers better.
    But having seen the worst of humanity, people become better able to accept the flaws of both men and women, individuals and organizations. They aren’t too Puritanical, but nor do they accept weakness for weakness’ sake.
    Only by seeing the worst of humanity, can you realize what is good in life.
    Of course, Jimbo likes to say that the SEALs are going home to play on the sand and bounce beach balls on their nose, but hey, that’s former SF operator Jim for you.