Daniel in the lion’s den

I’ve written about the warriors among us.  By that, I do not mean people who are simply willing to kill.  That’s easy, if you have the right mind set.  Instead, I mean people armed with an overwhelming sense of justice and morality, who will push themselves far above and beyond ordinary people in order to do the right thing.  This teenager reminds us that age is not a necessary requirement for this kind of moral courage:

Hat tip:  Hot Air

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  • Mike Devx

    What I sensed from the crowd of protestors is an overwhelming urge towards violence.  They WANTED to commit violence.  And, specifically, without police presence, they certainly would have harmed that young man.  In their minds and in the minds of their supporters, their violence would have been justified.
    That young man exhibited no urge toward violence.  He was standing up for his right to be there in the street with his own viewpoint as well, his own symbols.  No urge to commit violence.
    That’s a microcosm of Hamas/Gaza and Jews/Israel right there.  Hamas can fire off hundreds of rockets into Israel, and no one on the left bats an eye.  When Israel has finally had enough of the terrorist rockets raining down upon them – an outrageous violation – and they move to stop it, the condemnation rains down upon them, with the kind of fury and hatred you see in that crowd of protestors.
    Unending, undying, rage and hatred forever on one side, commiting and demanding violence; stoic standing up for the right to exist on the other.
    While you *can* find counterexamples on both sides to this picture I have drawn, they are small counterexamples; they are like small eddies flowing back against the huge tide.  And the huge tide, the larger picture, is the correct one.  That is true for every large movement such as what you see with these representatives.  Rage, raw hatred, vented fury, and urge to violence on one side; stoic determination on the other.  That is the true picture.

  • Mike Devx

    This is what a calm, reasonable Democrat (leftist) sounds like:
    Thank God there aren’t many like him.  This is what the Democrat party USED to sound like, before the 60’s, before the crazed idealogues and identity-group fanatics began taking over.   Thank God there aren’t that many of these reasonable ones out there.  It’s scary how that brand of big-government leftist sounds appealing, though big government in the long run simply can’t work.
    If he and other Dems also roundly condemned Hamas and Hezbollah, and supported Israel because they love liberty and freedom (despite Israel’s heavy socialist leanings); if he spat at Chavez and Zelaya and called them the worthless tin-pot dictators they are, and sneered at Danny Glover, Sean Penn, and Oliver Stone for supporting them…  then we’d REALLY have a tough time reining in the big-government crowd.
    But, thankfully, we deal with Obama/Pelosi/Reid.   So the battle over big government, too much spending and debt isn’t nearly as difficult as it might be.  Our biggest problems is the loss of credibility due to our corrupt Tom Delay Congress from 1998-2006, and George Bush the big debt spender, making our case against Obama/Pelosi/Reid’s corruption and free-spending more difficult.  Our biggest problem is our own credibility, and it’s our own fault.

  • Caped Crusader

    The spoiled fruit of too much diverse diversity w/o assimilation. As assimilation is necessary for the body to survive, so is it necessary for our country to survive!

  • Caped Crusader

    Let me add —  an unbelievably brave young man !!!!!!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    “But, thankfully, we deal with Obama/Pelosi/Reid.   So the battle over big government, too much spending and debt isn’t nearly as difficult as it might be.”
    When your enemy has no human shields to use, of course it is easy to bomb them into annihilation.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    “The rich don’t need to care–their kids don’t go to public schools anymore anyway. It’s the Democrats and the non-rich who take the hit.”
    This is just a religious believer. Some of em are fanatics or true believers.
    For example, what kind of a person believes that the rich don’t need to care, while spitting out the other side of their mouth that Barack Obama, the uber Democrat, is taking the “hit”? Barack Obama doesn’t send his kids to public school. He sends them to private.
    This disingenuous attempt at deception of self and others, trying to make it look like Democrats aren’t rich and are suffering a “hit” is pretty preposterous. Democrats are for public education precisely because their leaders send their kids to private education. Democrats don’t want their victim classes a way out of the plantation ghetto.
    Of course the rich don’t need to care. And that’s why Democrats don’t care either.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    I love how the police form like a barricade.
    Useful against true believers or just useful idiots. Not useful against agent provocateurs deliberately inserted into protests and paid to start up violence by attacking people.


    Time for a few words from Pat Connelly and really time for NYC to find the warriors among us and become a tribe of Daniels.


  • BrianE

    Allahu Akbar= Allah is the greater god
    Unless Allahu is different from Allah, this is the first time I’ve seen it translated that way. It is usually translated “God is Great”. Unless Allahu Akbar and Allah Akbar are different phrases that is.
    Allahu Akbar is very much a shout of supremacy.
    My answer would be something Solomon said as he was preparing to build the Temple–  “…our God is an awesome God, greater than any other.”

  • gpc31

    That kid has guts.  Bravo.