Ugly is as ugly does

Helen Thomas is a staggeringly ugly woman — not outside, where it’s obvious, but inside, something that explodes outward in a cloud of venomous verbal pus every time she opens her mouth:

By the way, Helen, the Palestinians are the occupiers.  Jews have been in the land, without cessation, since around 2000 B.C.E.  Let’s get those Muslim/Arab occupiers, who started filtering in after the 7th Century, B.C., out of their and send them back to the Arabian Peninsula where they belong.

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    G-d created us in his own image and Satan did the same with Helen.

  • Ymarsakar


  • Charles Martel

    I’ve seen other comments on the Web about this and there have been a lot of remarks about this woman’s ugliness. But aside from a few easy lay-up remarks about the ravages of age upon her looks—we are all heir to that—most of the comments have been spot-on observations about the deep moral and spiritual rot within this woman. There is no more hideous moment than when the mask is torn away and the face of a Jew hater lies exposed. 



    There is no more hideous moment than when the mask is torn away and the face of a Jew hater lies exposed.
    Glad to  hear that, because I have an incredible urge to rip her face off.

  • Gringo

    If the reporter interviewing Helen Thomas had any brains, he would have pointed out that about half of Israeli Jews have roots in Arab lands. He should then have asked her if  the Sephardic Jews, who left Arab lands for Israel with only the shirts on their backs, should “go home” to Arab countries. Should they also get their property returned?
    I would love to see Helen’s reaction to that!

  • gpc31

    We already knew that Helen has a hideous soul.

    Why is she not shunned by the rest of the media or society?  Isn’t that the more revealing commentary?

  • Deana

    And her apology . . . pffff!   She just got caught.
    She is a disgrace.  But we dare not call her biased!


    I would love to see Helen’s reaction to that!

    Why bother to reason with insanity.
    But we dare not call her biased!
    Not as long as I can rattle off a lot of other ‘b’ words and then rip her face off.

  • 94Corvette

    I guess she also feels that all the illegal aliens here in the United States should return to their homeland as well.  Let’s be consistent.

  • SJBill

    My Coke curdled from that face – I swear!

  • Charles Martel

    Curdled Coke? LOL!

    Take me now, Lord.

  • Charles

    Here’s a thought – If Ms. Thomas believes that “the Jews” should go back “home” (i.e, as she says Germany and Poland); then, how about she go back “home” to Lebanon. Just see how well she does in a country where a woman would not/could not do as well (financially speaking only) as she has done in the US.

    I stopped listening to her when she “asked” President Bush why he was so “insistent on bombing innocent Iraqi women and children.”  When the White House tried to then revoked her White House press pass all of the other reporters complained.  Truthfully, they should have let her fade away instead of trying to keep her around.  She will be remembered, not for her being the lone woman reporter who for so many years reported on so many presidents; but she will be remembered as the lonely, crazy, all-to-often incoherent, senile, dipstick, loon.

  • Ymarsakar

    “Why is she not shunned by the rest of the media or society?  Isn’t that the more revealing commentary?”
    The media stick together, because if one reporter is blocked out of access, the rest can be as well. They even, kind of, defended Fox News when Obama want them out of the White House report lineup. But that may not be because they wanted to defend FN so much as they liked FN’s reporter.
    Personal favors and trading. The bulk of the corruption in the media. The rest comes from Soros and other big corporations that want to fund Democrat and go robber baron, because Democrats will let them.

  • Ymarsakar

    That’s lipstick on a demon.
    Give me my crucifixion cross. Now.

  • Danny Lemieux

    We need to keep Helen Thomas exactly where she is – front forward: she reveals  the Left in its corrupted splendor every time she opens her mouth and it sure isn’t pretty.
    Whereas Dorian Gray only had to worry about a painting, Helen’s image and soul reflect  something dark and truly hideous in(deed).

  • Mike Devx

    I agree with Danny, leave her right where she is; or let the media powers police their own.  We conservatives don’t  believe in PC censorship, after all.
    Helen Thomas is a useful idiot.  She says what her fellow travellers don’t dare to say.  They see Israeli Jews as European interlopers, invading the Middle East in the late 40s, and thus criminally occupying land that belongs to others.
    Never mind the fact that Jews have always lived there for thousands upon thousands of years.  Never mind the fact that thus, historically, the Palestinians are the Johnny-come-latelies who have moved in, or invaded.
    Jews have lived there for thousands of years; they’ve existed in Poland for less than a thousand in much smaller numbers.  Yet Helen Thomas would have them “go back to Poland, where they belong”.  Actually, since they’d never go quietly, it’s clear she wants them SENT back to Poland and Germany, “where they belong”.
    That’s the left for you.  And Helen Thomas, with the hate and stupidity obvious to us all, speaks these things that other leftists agree with but won’t dare say.  Yes, let’s be glad to see her right where she is.


    Personally, I think an email falls on deaf ears and an ugly face here – but that shouldn’t preclude anyone from expressing themselves.
    Mike Devx makes a very good point about leaving her in place. IMO, she takes the place of Joseph Goebbels along side the  MSM.
    Here’s the contact info for Helen Thomas’ employer, Hearst Corporation (Lisa Bagley, email

  • Spartacus

    Someone else had the same insightful thought as Gringo, and developed it well.


    One woman, one story that of, Natalie Zeituny.
    And the statistics to go with it.