Saturday morning open thread

Sleeping in a little (whoo-hoo!), cleaning, swim meets — so goes my Saturday.  If you find yourself with a little free time today, please feel free to weigh in here.

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    Great Moments in Presidential Speaking (about 2.5 min.)


    Great Moments for Mississippi (less so for California and the UAW)
    Toyota promised to hire 2,000 workers at its nearly complete factory in Blue Springs, Mississippi, and start producing Corolla sedans by the end of next year.
    “We’re going to pound on Toyota until they recognize the First Amendment rights of those workers to come into the UAW,” King said at the UAW national convention in Detroit.
    King pledged a banner campaign at Toyota dealerships to tell customers that Toyota puts profits before people.


    Karzai wants to put a stop to “night raids” by our special operators. If he were actively allied with the Taliban, he couldn’t do the terrorists a bigger favor.–again_106013.html

  • Charles Martel

    In 1936, the great Catholic apologist Hillaire Belloc co-wrote “Moslems Their Beliefs, Practices and Politics,” in which he attempted to show that Islam is the greatest Christian heresy of all and that its seeming quiescence was  prelude to its grand resurgence.

    One of the tough questions he addressed in the book is why Christendom collapsed so quickly and completely before the Muslim onslaught. Why did cultures in North Africa and the Middle East that had been Christian for several centuries accept Islam without putting up much resistance?

    Belloc says that aside from being routed militarily and then having to live under the inconveniences of dhimmitude, conquered Christians soon realized that Muslims were dispensed from any longer having to pay the onerous taxes imposed by former governments. Populations that had been groaning for generations under seemingly never-payable debt and ever-increasing taxes found that Islam simply swept away all such burdens. The religion was not only simple and straightforward, it offered every convert a way to slice through a Gordian Knot of financial woe.

    Fast forward 1,400 years. Europe has just about strangled itself on debt and high taxes, and we are not too far behind. Even if we manage to thoroughly sweep Obama and his ilk from office and positions of power, we will be paying off their stupendous debts for the next two or three generations. Our willingness to buckle down and pay off that debt will be contingent upon us retaining our distinctive American identity: a love of independence, an instinctive antipathy toward big government, the willingness to defer gratification and highly functional literacy.

    I’m very pessimistic that we will be able to do so. The level of education in this country (including Ivy League grads) is so piss-poor that very few people understand what makes America exceptional, let alone believes that it is good for the world that this country is so different. In short, the enticements and blandishments of Islam, especially if offered to a populace sick of paying confiscatory taxes, may be enough to tilt us into sharia and dhimmitude by 2050. Too many people already are in love with the idea of surrendering their freedom to political correctness and petty bureaucrats—how great a further step is it to surrender to surrender (Islam) itself and all-knowing imams? Throw in instant debt forgiveness and Allah will have won himself the biggest prize ever.


    I am speechless. Any kid, any age can ask for condoms.  OY! What’s next … a book report on the Kama Sutra!

    A New England school district has approved a measure that will provide free condoms to elementary school students and direct teachers not to comply with parental wishes to the contrary.

  • Ymarsakar
    Useful thing to claim when next some trembler starts going on about dangerous “weapons”.

  • Gringo

    Sadie, do you realize that the “New England school district”  that established a policy of free condoms for elementary school students is Provincetown (at the tip of Cape Cod), known for decades as a gay Mecca? Is that a mere coincidence?


    Gringo, I did not know that ‘tip’. Silly me, I keep thinking the I-95 corridor is not only heavily traveled but filled with delightful tidbits,8599,1815845,00.html  from time to time.
    The two stories in some odd way, tie into the post from Charles Martel. The wiggle room of the church has set into motion all sorts of very peculiar decisions. I am not Catholic, so I can only respond to what I read as an ‘outsider’ and from friends, who have made a conscious decision to seek other venues for prayers.
    Hmm…The Wiggle Room, up and running and operational in the halls of Congress and the Beltway for years and on the very same I-95 corridor.
    Is that a mere coincidence?