Attention Neocons: Just do it!

A couple of years ago, I switched my lifelong party affiliation from Democrat to Independent.  The fact is that I’m more closely aligned with Republicans than Independents, despite having some serious reservations about Republican Party management, but I just couldn’t make myself put that “R” by my name.  Today, however, I switched once again, registering as a Republican.

I thought I’d feel weird, but I actually feel good about it — and for a very specific reason.  By officially changing to a Republican voter, I’m both a part of and creating momentum.  Who cares if the pollsters never call me to learn that I’m part of a growing crowd of self-identified conservatives?  By placing that voter registration form in the mail, I’ve made a statement even bigger than the pollsters’ numbers:  I’m Republican and I vote.

If you’re an Independent or a Democrat who’s changed values but hasn’t yet changed parties, do it now.  I know that the Republican Party in Marin is swelling (at least by Marin standards) and these things do make a difference.

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    Oh, but I did and years ago. I rather liked being listed as an ‘I’ for years, but … here in Pa. you cannot vote in the primary unless you are party affiliated. Imagine if I hadn’t – yuck and more yuck and I never would have the sheer pleasure of being part of making Arlen Specter disappear off the November ballot.

  • Charles

    I’ve always been registered as neither party. 

    The main reason for this is that here in “The Soprano State” (AKA New Jersey) one cannot cross-over vote in primaries.  If you wish to switch parties for a primary it must be done several weeks before.  However, if one has no party affiliation, then, one can “declare” which party just minutes before voting.  Then call the election board the next day and say that you would like to change back to an independent.  Cool trick, no?

    Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to try this out as all of the primaries offer the voter NO choices (remember, no cross-over voting, one can only vote for the choices within your declared party); Each party has put up exactly the number of seats open (i.e. vote for two candidates for borough council and the selection is limited to two; vote for one candidate for congress and the selection is only one choice).

    However, if the Democrats ever give us more than one choice I might declare myself a Democrat just so that I could vote for the one more likely to lose to the Republican.

  • Al

    The tidal wave of November 2, 2010 grows by one conservative Republican drop at a time.

  • JudithL

    Welcome, Bookworm.  I’m considerably older than you are, and I’ll bet I made the switch when I was just about your age.  Two years of teaching Adult Development, Research Design and Writing, and Systems Theory destroyed my ability to wrap my mind around the Left’s domestic project.  My husband was stunned.  My friends thought I was having a breakdown.  Six years later, my husband began to vote a straight Republican ticket, but he’s never changed registration.  At least he was able to vote for Mickey Kaus earlier this month.  But he was jealous of my primary choices.

  • Gringo

    I have always been registered as an Independent. That did not prevent me from getting a survey and plea for money from the DNC several years ago. I sent back no funds and  a rather scornful letter- such as “When your party leaders show that they  are capable of coherent thinking I might consider voting Democratic.”
    As an Independent I was able to vote for Hillary in the Democratic primary two years ago.One regret was that when I left the polling place, I declined a request from a Hillary sign bearer that I come to the caucus. From what I read later, Obama supporters used gang tactics in the caucuses. This occurred in a number of states. It would have been interesting to have observed them.
    It is interesting that over the last 20 years the Gallup poll shows a consistent 2-1 ratio between self-professed conservatives and self-professed liberals, with the conservative/liberal ratio increasing of late,  yet the libs inform us that Tea Party people and the like are “extremists.”  I am reminded of my  youth, when labeling longhairs as criminals was done to try to get longhairs to cut their hair.


    I am curious if anyone here or does anyone know anyone that has ever been contacted by Gallup.
    I ask because Gringo noted the 2-1 ratio in the past 20 years and results do not reflect the self professed.

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