Watcher’s Council winners for 6/25/10

I have to admit that this was a good week for me at the Watcher’s Council.  Not only did my own post take first place (and many thanks to my fellow Council members for that honor), but my non-Council submission, Zombie’s photoessay about the scary and idiotic confluence of labor and antisemitism, took first place too.  Herewith, all the winners:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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  1. Mike Devx says

    Congratulations, Book!
    Just saw this in the news:

    Venezuela’s government has seized control of 11 oil rigs owned by U.S. driller Helmerich & Payne, which shut them down because the state oil company was behind on payments.
    Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez announced that Venezuela would nationalize the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based company’s rigs. He said in a statement Wednesday that Helmerich & Payne had rejected government demands to resume drilling operations for more than a year.
    Helmerich & Payne announced in January 2009 that it was stopping operations on two of its drilling rigs, because Venezuela’s state-run oil company, PDVSA, owed the company close to $100 million. It said it would shut down the rest of its rigs by the end of July as contracts expired unless PDVSA began to make good on its debts.
    My only thought at this point is…  What would Reagan have done?
    Then I realized, nah… under Reagan, things would have been “resolved” with Chavez long before now.   At the latest, when the Chavez puppet Zelaya got thrown out the door in Honduras, we’d have (clandestinely) provided all kinds of support to really crank the pressure up on Chavez.  Hey Hugo… that’s not brimstone yer smellin’ anymore, that’s the smell of your house burning down around you!

  2. SADIE says

    A well deserved FIRST PLACE!
    I’d have snatched Chavez when he was on the way to New York to speak at the Un, eviscerated him, and sent his body parts back to Venezuela covered in oil.
    And I would have helped you pack the parts.
    Mike Devx:
    Helmerich & Payne should have sunk the rigs. This is the price that’s paid when you make deals between the devil and the deep blue sea.

  3. says

    The Left are too good at double dealing, backstabbing, and ruthless exploitation of resources. We aren’t good enough to play their game. But we’re good enough to kill em.
    That’s going to have to be good enough.

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