Elena Kagan

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve had nothing to say about Kagan.  There is nothing to say.  She’s a bright, often charming, lady from the far Left who, entirely separate from her anti-Constitutional ideology, is grossly unqualified in terms of professional experience and intellectual heft to be a Supreme Court justice.  She is, in other words, the perfect Obama nominee.

Kagan does get kudos for her moral support for Israel (she’s open about supporting that nation and I applaud her for that), but even as to that, I’d wait before giving her a free pass.  After all, a lot of Leftie Jews think that the best way to support Israel is to yield completely to all Palestinian demands.  (Think Tacitus.)

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  • Zhombre

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Book.  Kagan is bright, but bright is not wise, merely pleasing to those who look to see their received wisdom parroted; the woman is well esconced in the liberal establishment, having run the corsus honorum to its apex, probably without ever letting an original thought impede her progress.  I think she will hardly represent any challenge to Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas; she won’t lead the liberal wing and sway Kennedy; she will be a dull and reliable liberal vote, and possibly the one designated to wake up Ginsberg during oral arguments.


    She’s no more qualified than the man who wants her on the Court.
    Kagan’s support of Israel would be better served elsewhere.

  • suek

    I _really_ _really_ don’t think she’s qualified to be a SC Justice.
    On the other hand, that might be exactly the reason to favor her appointment.  If she isn’t appointed, Obama might find someone who holds the same basic views but who is actually qualified to argue the leftist position…

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