And there’s another problem with that time table in Afghanistan

Phibian, who is one one of my oldest blog friends, explains at Big Peace how the President’s entirely artificial time line for withdrawing from Afghanistan not only emboldens the Taliban (and makes a negotiated peace impossible), but also destroys all good efforts at future planning in that theater.

If you like Phibian’s writing (and who wouldn’t?) you can check him out at CDR Salamander, his own cite.

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  • CDR Salamander


  • Mike Devx

    It was my impression that General Petraeus gently sidestepped Obama’s timetable for withdrawal in his hearing/speech immediately after being apppointed to replace McChrystal.  If you parse Petraeus’ words politically he basically said (in my opinion) that a withdrawal on that date would of course be fine if conditions on the ground warranted it. But if conditions didn’t warrant it, he would not be drawing down.  All the adroit phrasings he used basically boiled down to that for me.  To this date he hasn’t been (publicly) reprimanded nor corrected.