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I hate a whole row of tabs lined up in Firefox, with wonderful links I wanted to share with you.  Then, the system crashed — and they all vanished.  I think, though, that I can reconstruct at least some of them.

The Left, our president included, is desperate to make Americans believe that, if Israel would just go away, Islam would have no quarrels with America, and all would be sweetness and light.  Sultan Knish reveals just how wrong — not to mention historically ignorant — this attitude is.  (Hat tip:  Sadie)

On the subject of historic ignorance, Rich Lowry nails the fundamental stupidity underlying Obama’s directive that NASA’s primary goal is to make Muslim’s feel good about their contribution to science.  (And please explain to me where it is that taxpayers are now required to fund feel good initiatives for other cultures?)  The fact is that Muslim contributions, which were often made by Jews and Christians living within Islam’s imprisoning walls, stopped about 800 years ago.  They may have provided the tools (thank you!), but we built the scientific houses.  (This Michael Ramirez cartoon is a must-see in conjunction with the Lowry post.)

My daughter understands that you get the best deals and the best products because the marketplace is being fought over by Macy’s, Nordstrom, Abercrombie, Target, and so many more retail outlets.  Obama’s administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services is totally unclear on the concept.  He feels consumers do best when there is one choice, carefully selected for those same consumers by a panel of government experts.  He and Tom Friedman, an idiotic but enormously influential columnist, have nothing but disdain for the masses, and long for the tyranny of the state.  Incidentally, Friedman, after voicing for many years his deep admiration for the theocratic dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, has now switched allegiance, and has fallen in love with the Communist dictatorship in China.  I wonder how he explains away the enormous corruption and dangerous dysfunction that underlies his beloved totalitarian state.

One lawyer who is paying attention to the Obama administration’s attack on Arizona thinks that Arizona has the better argument.

The Obama Justice Department is not about applying the laws equally to all citizens.  It is about advancing Leftist notions of redistribution of political spoils.  In a single post, Michelle Malkin exposes both the vile anti-Americanism, antisemitism, and anti-caucasianism that animates the New Black Panthers, and the fearsome injustices being worked within the Justice Department itself.

Just in case you were wondering how bad ObamaCare is — it’s really bad.  Here’s more on the need to repeal — or, at least until Obama has left the WH, the need to refuse to fund, so that the program is rendered dysfunctional.  Of course, with Pelosi’s lame duck strategy, the new Congress is going to have its work cut out for it trying to blunt the miserable effects of two years of a far left Congress operating with a far Left president.  Not all of the foul initiatives can be defunded, and it’s a dead certainty that Obama will use his last two years to veto efforts to rescind and repeal.

I know that Marine General James Mattis, who will now be heading up CENTCOM, is much admired in military circles.  These quotations go a long way to explaining why this is so.

The British think they’ve found the perfect, no-cost scapegoat in Jew-baiting.  Little do they realize that they’re simply strengthening the Islamic beast that is waiting to feed on them.

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  • suek

    If you click on the History category, and then click on “show all history”…bet you’d find all those links again…!

  • pst314

    What suek said. Go to the menus and click View + Sidebar + History and you’ll see a series of tabs, Today, Yesterday, etc. Open the Today tab and you’ll see every page you opened today.

  • suek

    Because you apparently didn’t know this, I’m assuming you aren’t especially familiar with it.  I recommend that you _become_ familiar with it – and use it to check your kids visitation habits.  Online is such a scary place for parents, I think – no real controls on where kids visit and what they see.  Your kids seem pretty well grounded, but occasionally checking out the sites that they visit can’t hurt.  Gives you an idea of what they’re exploring so that you can manage to bring up relevant topics, discuss them as you judge best, or suggest places to seek more info – again, as appropriate.
    You also should visit the Tools function, and explore that one.  You can increase/decrease the time limit that history is kept, see if passwords are stored, eliminate them or keep them as you choose (and personally, if my kids had passwords saved there, I’d make a note of them).  Lots of stuff there.

  • patriot13

    If you used Google Chrome instead of Firefox, it would ask you if you wanted to restore the sites you were on when it crashed.  It’s pretty sweet!

  • suek

    I avoid Google.  It’s strictly symbolic, I realize, and futile – but I object to their politics.  If you have an updated Firefox, it’s supposed to ask you if you want the sites restored also.  I haven’t updated recently, myself – just because the last time I did, I lost bookmarks.  That was irritating.


    suek … read this and thought you should, too. I really detest Congressional ‘stocking stuffers’.
    Section 9006 of the health care bill — just a few lines buried in the 2,409-page document — mandates that beginning in 2012 all companies will have to issue 1099 tax forms not just to contract workers but to any individual or corporation from which they buy more than $600 in goods or services in a tax year.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Seamonkey is a mozilla hybrid. Same as firefox, but it has the crash recovery option.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    I switch browsers and computers around early on, so I kept trying to save the bookmarks. Which Netscape based browsers, like firefox, mozilla, etc gave an option for.
    It didn’t get universal compatibility until some odd years recently.

  • suek

    I’ve exported my bookmarks to a Word program.  Two benefits – first, because I also save my stuff to a little gizmo, I have them if everything goes kaboom.  Secondly, I can email them as an attachment to myself and have access to them through my email if I’m away from home.  Not a common event, but you never know when it will come in handy!!
    I knew about that $600 1099 thing.  I have to wonder why – especially since they include corporations.  Obviously, the goal is to catch people who haven’t been reporting all their income.  That’s reasonable for “contract” workers and individuals, but corporations???  That’s kind of odd.  The deal is that either both parties will now have to be  complicit – and you’ll have to trust somebody – or we’re talking about lots of people now going all cash.  Honest people are going to have a lot more paperwork….   Seems to me to be enough to drive honest people “under the table”…or soon will be.  Not smart.

  • Danny Lemieux

    With all due respect to Sultan Knish’s excellent historical tour of Islam’s violence against Americans, there is a much easier retort to be made to those who believe that Islam is only killing Americans because of America’s support for Israel and it is this:
    How does that explain Radical Islam’s war against: Christians throughout the Middle East and South Asia, Muslims that don’t agree with their particular brand of Islam throughout the world; Buddhists and Hindus in Indonesia and Thailand; Christians in Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries; Christians in the Philippines; atheists and Christians in Russia?
    Is it because all of them support Israel and “meddle” in the Middle East?


    Is it because all of them support Israel and “meddle” in the Middle East?

    The sure as hell would have most of the world believing it was such. The body count rises daily all over the world and yet the finger pointing is never but never at themselves.