Last gasps from the Left *UPDATED*

This weekend, I was at a block party, and the talk got around to the fact that, thanks to the internet, our children leave a trail a mile long.  They’ve got posts and pictures up at Facebook or MySpace, and videos all over YouTube.  Whether they’re applying for a job or college, a quick check on a search engine will quickly reveal if they’re the kid clutching the bong or the encyclopedia.  The whole notion of the past being past is pretty much a dead letter for this connected generation.

This was certainly an interesting and appropriate conversation for a group of parents presiding over raising kids between 3 and 13.  What was most interesting was the explosive outcry from one dad:  “If only they’d had this when George Bush was young.  We could have saved ourselves.”  Even avowed liberals looked a little confused about this one.  Nobody called the dad on the fact that Bush freely acknowledged his wild past, one that he had definitively put behind him by the time he ran for the White House.  It also seemed a little silly to mention that Bush has been gone for almost two years.

Suddenly arriving stampedes of kids turned the conversation very quickly, so any opportunities for follow-up ended.  I wonder, though, if I was the only one there who thought that, if it comes to a missing history, Obama has them all beat.  All we know about him is what is written in his hagiographic autobiography (you know, the one Bill Ayers ghost wrote for him).  Everything else is a mystery.  It would have been nice to have a few MySpace or YouTube moments of our current president.

In any event, I mention this whole incident just to show that, Bush may be gone, but he’s not forgotten.  Long after he’s left the White House, and in the face of ever escalating Obama-Caused Disasters, Bush remains the focus of unrelenting hatred.  Even on the Leno show, a few gentle jokes about Obama are quickly pushed aside in favor of fairly savage attacks on Bush.  I guess Leno’s afraid his band will think he’s racist if he includes personal attacks on the White House’s current occupant.

UPDATE:  Here’s a convincing argument for the fact that it is Obama who will ultimately end up being a much hated president — although his blackness may mean that this hatred is kept covert (i.e., never on the Leno show), for fear of being called a racist.

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  1. says

    Most of this stuff is about asserting a certain social status. People who have absolutely no interest in politics will slam GWB if it helps them fit in with the group with which they want to be identified, just as a nice but weak high school girl may join in the attacks on an unpopular student that are led by the real “mean girls,” when said mean girls represent the dominant clique.
    Also, the less measurable the work one does, the more fitting in matters. A very successful commissioned salesperson doesn’t feel much need to suck up to other employees of his company, even those more senior than himself…an HR person, otoh, is very likely to feel that need.

  2. says

    In any event, I mention this whole incident just to show that, Bush may be gone, but he’s not forgotten.
    How he can be forgotten. He’s still the President… for some Americans obviously. Black guy up in the WH was just a token gesture, characteristic of the Left.

    They’ve got posts and pictures up at Facebook or MySpace, and videos all over YouTube.
    You’ll love this comment I datamined from Grim.

    Facebook profiles look remarkably like the profiles we used to build for Iraqi insurgents and other leaders we needed to track.  Only you fill it out yourself, and publish it to the world, with regular updates and corrections from your family and friends. 

    I’d say that, come the revolution, Facebook will be a major tool of counterinsurgents.

    The context for that discussion was about insurgency and counter insurgency.
    I was talking about Eric Holder and the new Secret Police the government should be manufacturing soon to secure the power of the Regime. Not because of questions of maliciousness or incompetence, but simply because they have no choice on this matter. If they wish to stay in power and survive, they need a secret police apparatus. Facebook, is the obvious choice. If you have been updated on recent events, you will know that the government seized several websites and their data, by physically securing the servers and blocking access. This included 71k plus wordpress blogs. Compare this to China’s shutting down, selectively, a few blogs.
    I guarantee you, once the Obama Regime has a direct backdoor to Facebook and other websites like it, they’ll know exactly who to crush. They won’t have to systematically wipe out thousands of blogs. Efficiency is the watch word of totalitarianism. At least in the secret police.
    Isn’t this good news? People don’t like thinking about this because they didn’t like thinking about what a disaster voting in the Obama would become. And this is what they got it. Not unexpected for useful idiots and cogs. They weren’t put on earth to think nor are they paid to think.
    when said mean girls represent the dominant clique.
    Useful idiots. Useful when you put the screws on them, cause they’ll follow whomever has the power. Simply exercise the right level of ruthlessness.
    Remember this when you use Facebook. There is no such thing as privacy on the internet, when the government nationalizes all the servers your information is stored upon or is transmitted through. And if the government won’t abuse the information, they’ll just “sell” it to their Black Panther friends so that they get a new source of funds through identity theft. You know that’s what they’ll do, crook as they are.

  3. says

    Anyone think the DoJ policy was “accidental” due to “incompetence”?
    I wouldn’t say that it was incompetence. Nor would I say it was malicious. They do what they got to do to survive. That means defeating us. Cause we’re their enemies. And even if we called them friends, it only takes one side to wage a war.

  4. SADIE says

    Unbelievable stuff…
    1984 updated to 2014.
    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they start to implant chips to track what we drink, eat, buy, sell – the ultimate GPS [Governmental Patrolling System].
    I can’t think of a tax that’s been repealed or an agency that’s been dismantled. An endless pinball game, always another round to fire away.

  5. says

    Getting to confiscate gold now? Obama loves nationalizing private assets. You’d almost think he was emulating Wehrmacht Germany. print a bunch of money then let the New Wave take over.

  6. suek says

    >>I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they start to implant chips to track what we drink, eat, buy, sell…>>
    Hmmm.  You know those damn stickers they put on every piece of fruit or vegetable??  who knows…maybe _that’s_ a means of tracking more than just the fruit/veggie…!!!
    Some people get up in the morning and go to work operating a machine that puts stickers on every piece of fruit/veggie that goes into a box.  Do you suppose s/he snags a few stickerless ones to take home??
    Well…at least they don’t try to sticker every grape in a bunch…  No doubt they would if they could…

  7. SADIE says

    You know those damn stickers they put on every piece of fruit or vegetable??
    The supermarkets have been at it for years. I use one of those magnetic cards at the market and at the end of my order with my receipt there is a coupon for the very same item I just bought. The ‘they’ already know what we’re buying – we filled out one of those applications for the card to get the store discounts.
    One of these days, the alarms will go off when a hefty customer’s sugary delights are passed through the scanner. Can you hear it now over the PA system ……

  8. suek says

    Heh heh…Sadie!!!  LOL on that one!
    I bake my own cookies!!!  so nanny nanny boo boo to the cookie police…!  (and I use only butter, ever since reading margarine labels that indicate that most – if not all – include water.  Even the non-diet type.   Using water in the margarine  changes the texture)
    nevertheless…point very apropo and well taken!!!

  9. Bill Smith says

    ***furtively looks over shoulder***
    I am absolutely certain there is one thing this administration would never allow to be said of itself — that it is keeping track of fruits! Although, now that I think about Gibbs fielding questions…

  10. says

    All those FDA regulations on food has eliminated small farmers from the business. And then the lib plantation owners claim that they need more agriculture payoffs because small time farmers are suffering.

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