“Will President Obama Appoint Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau”

The post title is the question Jake Tapper asks at Political Punch.  As one of Warren’s ex-students, I find the thought unpleasant, not just because I disagree with Warren’s politics, but because Warren distinguished herself as a spectacularly inept professor.  Bottom line:  I have no confidence in the woman, whose was a very, very nice person, but a muddled thinker and an incoherent communicator.  Of course, since Obama, an ex-law professor himself, is precisely the same (off teleprompter), I guess it’s just like calling to like.

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  • Zhombre

    Perhaps Warren will prove so inept and ineffective an administrator that she will destroy the agency from its inception.  That may be a vain hope.  Once created, there’s never any sunset for a federal agency.

  • 11B40

    I caught a peek at your lady bete noire last Friday while channel surfing between a couple Samuel Adams’.  The lady was on a PPBS (Progressive Public Broadcasting System) program and the intervieweress elicited a reaction of profound surprise from the good lady that in this recession people are walking away from their mortgages in greater numbers than any previous recessions.  Shocked, she was, but not a hair was out of place.
    Somehow, in our age or specialization, it has yet to occur to her that if you spend a couple of years telling people that the mortgages that they signed on for were near-criminal frauds and that they have be again victimized by near-felonius organizations of great power (NFOGP) who intend to separate them from whatever paltry amounts of personal wealth they have somehow managed to accumulate by dint of something or other, the chiselers among them see that as an open door through which to loose the minor demons of their own concupiscence.
    What she didn’t mention was that these NFOGPs now have a whole bunch of their capital tied up in real estate that is producing no income and, if it can be sold at all, can only be sold at prices far less than the NFOGP’s actual investment.  Apparently, there wasn’t any time available on the broadcast for the good lady to mention that when the NFPGOs don’t have capital or income, they don’t have the wherewithal to make any loans to other people, or should I say victims-to-be.
    Lastly, she was also unable to mention anything that the government or Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac did to contribute to the financial abomination that we are currently trying to survive.  Sounds like she’s ready for Obama-time to me.
    P.S.  “Chiselers” is a great expression from the Bronx of my youth.  Its denotation is the use of hand cutting               tools to remove small pieces from larger pieces.  Its connotation in the Bronx is someone who is pretty               much always scheming to get more than he is entitled to.

  • Texan99

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Elizabeth Warren’s politics, but I have to disagree with you about her as a teacher.  She was one of the best professors I ever had.  I really thought the world of her.