Just Because Music — Electric Light Orchestra

You can take the girl out of the 70s, but you will never take the 70s out of the girl — at least not when it comes to music:

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  • Bonzo

    ELO:  Don’t bring me down.
    Instrumental with some words

    Can you hear me?
    Ahhhhhh, Something, something!

    Believe me now,
    I could never say goodbye,
    Don’t leave me now,
    Believe me now.
    Watermelons.  <—-  Enemy of civilization.
    I actually own a blue vinyl version of the above album;  It seems I might have been the only audience for the radio station giving out stuff like that at the time.

  • http://connectthedots2006.blogspot.com ConnectTheDots

    As a teen and in my early 20’s, I loved ELO’s music and all their influences (the Beatles in particular). Jeff Lynne and the boys were always a great show. I remember seeing them in 1977 at St John Arena in Columbus Ohio (with an opening act of Pure Prairie League – there are some strange bedfellows for you). This was their ‘Out of the Blue’ tour, with loads of sci-fi special effects, like a huge descending UFO.
    IMHO, the album “Don’t Bring Me Down” appeared on was the beginning of the end. Fortunately for Lynne, his career was resurrected for a brief time with the Traveling Willburys.
    Just good clean fun. Something we are sorely lacking these days.