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Shirley Sherrod’s been on a roller coaster.  Thanks to a video snippet that Andrew Breitbart posted, she got pilloried as the face of Leftist/NAACP racial intolerance.  When it turned out the snippet was out of context, she got sanctified as the face of true racial harmony.  Now, though, that we know who this formerly anonymous government worker is, we’ve learned that she is indeed just another Leftist race-baiter, that she’s been complicit in government fraud, and that she has a long history of much badness.  Turns out that Breitbart managed to target precisely the right person to show what the Left is like.

May I recommend to you — no, may I urge upon you — Wolf Howling’s fabulous post regarding the judicial activism on display in Perry v. Schwarzenegger?  As a conservative, whether one agrees with gay marriage or not, the true issue is whether judges should be allowed to impose their values, wrapped in an ostensible cloak of legal reasoning, on citizens. Or, as Wolf Howling more eloquently says, “gay marriage is not an issue of Constitutional law for the Courts, but rather one of social policy for the people of the fifty states and their state legislatures to decide.”  A nice companion piece is James Taranto on the same subject.

And a simple economics video for you (h/t Danny Lemieux):

Another one to add to your reading list is Michael Totten’s article about the way in which the media, which never steps outside of its small Leftist bubble in Israel, grossly misrepresents that country.

I’ve never liked David Letterman, whom I’ve always found self-centered and mean-spirited.  His periodic forays into actual wit could never compensate in my mind for the essential ugliness of his character.  According to Ed Driscoll, he’s only gotten worse, attacking conservatives with “sclerotic” glee.  (Isn’t “sclerotic” a great word?  I fell in love with Ed’s post practically on the basis of that word alone.)

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Turns out that Breitbart managed to target precisely the right person to show what the Left is like.

    Did anyone with half a brain not devoted to self-deception expect something else?
    It’s easy to get discouraged in war. Some of your attacks will fail, sometimes disastrously. But what will truly defeat an army on the field of battle is lack of morale. The belief that they will or have already lost. Because then, they will run and most of the casualties will be inflicted in the rout as the enemy rides down those who fled dropping all armor and weapons.
    However, if you believe in your cause, then you owe it to yourself to believe in that what you are doing is worth the price and press on.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Krugman and the other domestic enemies of America will burn down America and call it an economic recovery. It’s what they said Bush did. That he created the War on Terror to make money. Why did they think that? Because the Left was the ones that always loved doing that first, with FDR and all their Communist buddies.

  • jj

    I think we’re through the looking-glass here, and it begins to look as though there may not be a way out of it.  Mad as some people are, there aren’t nearly enough of them, and they aren’t nearly mad enough to make any ultimate difference.
    This jackass in California – who would have recused himself if he had any understanding of the concept of “judge;” as he is both gay and an activist about it – has now decided that elections in this country don’t mean anything.  If you are a member of the ruling class, and you don’t like the result of an election, you simply invalidate it and move on to do whatever the hell you feel like doing.  So we are now different from the old Soviet Union or the Chicoms – how, exactly?  If elections are meaningless, or only the ones the ruling elite likes are certified, then this is no longer the United States of America.  The fundamental basis of the country is gone.
    And the fact that even a dumbass retyired ambulance-chaser from California can just toss the basis of the country and 200+ years of history aside so readily is not a good sign for the future.  It’s a sign that there is pretty much no future.  If the country can produce people who think – if “think” is the word – like this, then the rot is to the bone.
    I note General Motors is making large campaign contributions to, almost exclusively, democrats.  Using, boys ans girls, your money – not theirs. They – like government – don’t have any of their own.  All they have is what Captain Jug-ears gave them, which was stolen from you.  Seems to me to be nothing more than a money-laundering scheme to get it into the hands of democrats, but what do I know?  I don’t own a ball-gown.
    The Kagan creature – another walking nub – has her appointment now, once and for all rendering the supreme court to the level of a piss-poor bowling team from Memphis.  She’s every bit as qualified as either of the Dobermans flopped at my feet here.  The supreme court finds nothing wrong with overruling both elections and laws enacted by congress – and justifying it by reference to what they did in Byzantium.  While I have no real problem with most of what the current congress does being overruled by somebody, according to the Constitution it shouldn’t be this room full of geriatric irrelevance.
    Jug-ears accused us all earlier today of wanting to go back to “failed policies.”  Here we have the spectacle of an avowed Marxist who thinks it’s perfectly okay to accuse anybody else on the planet of wanting to “return to failed policies.”  And instead of wetting their pants laughing, the “press” reports this with a straight face, and Wolf Whoever has a serious, straight-faced discussion delving deeply into the nuances of Jug-ears having actually said Bush’s name!  He doesn’t do that, y’know, he rarely refers to the previous president by name!
    Through the looking-glass.  Through it, and right out the other side.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    These are all indications of the Second US Civil War. In case people didn’t notice already.

  • Wolf Howling

    Thank you, Ms. BWR, for the link and kind words.

  • suek

    Sadie… About that Obama/Geithner connection…
    By the way…There’s also an Obama/Kagan connection.  I’ll try to find the link – it’s from WND, and apparently Kagan – as Solicitor General – was involved in all the birth legal actions.  Not sure what that means, but it’s definitely interesting…

  • jj

    You’re exactly correct about Letterman, whom no one anywhere liked.  There was no serious possibility at all – as far as the network was concerned – that he’d get the Tonight gig after Carson left.  That whole controversy came about because Carson despised GE – which is also why he retired when he did.  His last act was to fire a monkey-wrench back over his shoulder into the works at the network.

  • TaterSalad

    It now seems that the Shirley Sherrod woman is also a slave “driver” and one of the biggest hypocrites in the Democratic Party:

  • Danny Lemieux

    Seems like Breitbart is a master of timing and the “set up”. He sets up the trap, waits for the Democrats to attack it in predictable fashion and then….Crunch! Perfect!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Gotta love Democrat plantations, Tater. They always want their “property” back while redistributing other people’s money.


    Thanks for the link and I already read the WND article. Somewhere along the pipeline of  information, there is also an article linking bailout money to blue states, The boudoir of incestuous relationships has birthed another generation of misfits. The misfits of the month would be the marriage of Anthony Weiner-D NY congressman to former Hillary aid, Huma Abedin-M and officiating at the nuptials, none other than Bill.
    On other matters, Breitbart, has done an outstanding investigation into Masta & Miss Sherrod. The epic story, in other times, would have been a 5-part documentary on TV or the news. Mention the story to anyone who does not read online and they’ll look at you with bewilderment. I have forwarded numerous articles to the few libs I still interact with and the reply has been “interesting” which is shorthand for no comment. I was discussing what would happen if the Bush tax cuts were not extended to a friend and pointed out that the even the poorest would see their base rate rise…blah blah. She said, no, that’s not possible because I read in ..ready for the list.. in TIME, Newsweek, Washington Post the opposite. I tried explaining that they were all of the same genre and that the JournoList should have alerted her, to which she responded: What’s the Journolist?
    The cultural divide, the party divide is actual a reality divide. We are truly living in two separate universes sans NASA.

  • Mike Devx

    JJ, your rant in #3 was inspiring!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and agree wholeheartedly.
    When my stoic calmness goes by the wayside and I have the need to get it all off my chest, I can’t be nearly as expressive.  I basically can only pound my fists and forehead against the keyboard and yell, “Aaaaargh.”
    Well done!


    Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and Why There?

    Four attempts, four edits, four denials.

  • suek

    Using a relatively open thread because this is _really_ funny…
    And definitely random so maybe I’m not off topic after all!