Pat Condell: “Is America losing its mind?”

Do any of you disagree with anything Condell says?

I was going to blog on the subject, which got hot while I was on vacation, but all I can do now is say “ditto” to Condell.

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  • bizcor

    Ronald Reagan used to talk about creeping socialism. For years I have been worried about creeping Islam. I have had discussions with people and so many are oblivious to this threat. They keep referring to the “peaceful” Muslims. On September 12th 2001 everyone promised to never forget. The very PC liberals who are allowing this to happen are going to quite dismayed. Oh wait a minute you mean I have to wear that Burka? What do you mean I will be stoned to death if I don’t. If a woman is raped not only will her unborn baby die she will too. I am completely mystified by people who don’t get it. I saw a picture on the internet the other day. It was the tail gate of a pick up truck and it read “I learned eveything I ever wanted to know about Islam on September 11, 2001” I think he gets it.

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  • Mike Devx

    I think Wolf Howling has always had the right approach.  I won’t speak for him – he pops in here occasionally to comment.  I think his position is that we must confront the WORST movements within Islam, and they can be identified with the words Salafism and Wahabbism.  Saudi Arabia’s support for radical jihadist Islam, and active large-scale monetary support for jihadist imams and mosques must be confronted with intense rigor.
    There are several other areas where Islam must be confronted as well.
    1. Attempts to apply Sharia Law.  Under no circumstances should Sharia Law be allowed to apply to non-believers.  In addition, Sharia Law itself should be banned within all of the Western civilized world.  If Muslim communities want to follow the ***practices*** that are compatible with Sharia Law, that’s fine by me.  But under no circumstances should Sharia be a legal framework itself that judges, police and other authorities must support.  That makes it competitor to the existing legal system and that must not be allowed.
    We’ve managed to find a way to allow Catholics and Protestants to live by the dictates of their religion without directly imposing theocracy upon the people within our civilization, and our approach to Sharia Law should be no different.  It can inform and guide its communities of believers, but must not be allowed to assume the force of Law, with all the authoritative active support by governments that that entails.
    2. The death penalty for leaving Islam.  This must be thoroughly repudiated.  And it is not a matter for free speech.  Anyone advocating this is engaging in death threats, and we do not allow death threats in Western civilization to go unopposed.  Period.  No imam should be allowed to support death for anyone who leaves Islam to explore other religions. Any imam or mosque supporting “death to the apostate” must see their mosque shut down, and I am in favor of legal penalties for the implicit death threat, as I am in favor of legal penalties for ANY death threats made against free individuals.  Freedom of religion is a sacred concept in Western civiization.  It must not be abandoned.
    3. The subjugation and oppression of women.  Here we have complete equality under the Law for all individuals, be they women or men.  That legal framework must not be compromised in any way.  Within religious communities, people may of course voluntarily assume any role they wish; and such communities may shun, ostracise, and excommunicate anyone within their communities for violating their rules, be they religious or otherwise.  But that applies solely to the community.
    You’ve heard the stories within Saudi Arabia.  A woman is in a burning house, in imminent danger of being burnt alive, and she has time solely to grab her infant and flee to the street.  However, she is not properly “dressed” while standing in the street, and the official authorities pull up and proceed to soundly beat her and punish her.
    Or a woman is raped, and she is officially punished while the rapists, known to be “guilty”, go unpunished.  She is not the victim, she is the criminal!  They are not the criminals; they are merely men doing what men do.  Insane.
    Such things could never be allowed, should never be allowed here.  Shunning, ostracization, excommunication are one thing; and the person being subject to that – usually a woman for violating the “rules” – should be allowed to give everyone the middle finger and LEAVE the community should she wish, and say, “To hell with you and to hell with your Islam, where’s the nearest Baptist Church?”  That’s the American way.
    So yes, there are quite a few things within Islam that deserve undying and fierce opposition.  But Islam itself isn’t going anywhere, and I think we ought to in fact be supporting the moderates, for the radical jihadist elements, promoted by Saudi Arabia, are winning.