Did Obama just cede U.S. sovereignty over Arizona to the UN?

I had heard that, now that Obama placed the U.S. into the grossly misnamed UN Human Rights Council, the U.S. was suddenly obligated to file a self-report card.  Although much of the report card is concerned with boasting about the Obama administration’s wonderfulness, it turns out that other parts are devoted to the usual Leftist flagellation about America’s myriad imperialist sins — including the newest blemish occurring in Arizona.

Aside from the very real embarrassment of our President castigating a state before a national forum — and a state, moreover, that is trying to enforce federal law — there is a bigger problem with the report:  By confessing this “sin” before the UN, Obama has now given the UN authority to impose a “fix” on the situation, with which the U.S. must “voluntarily” comply unless it wants to be on the receiving end of involuntary sanctions.

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  1. says

    Just let the blue helmets come in and ‘investigate’….The UN is just a paper tiger.  If the terrorists would just have flown into the UN when it was in session, they’d have found plenty of sympathy in Arizona and everywhere else.

  2. JKB says

    You know, America’s broke.  We gotta cut back.  I’m thinking we can’t afford to keep up our dues to the UN.  So sorry, so sad, maybe when our business picks up.
    In any case, this seems like an amateur move.  When the notification of an alien’s consulate came up in regards to a 51 Mexicans in Texas prison who weren’t told of their right to have their consulate notified, they got an international ruling but then had to go to the SCOTUS.  SCOTUS came back with a yeah, you’re right to President Bush but you’ll need to pass a federal law to impose your foreign relation duties on Texas.  Yet, they never have made it a federal law that law enforcement determine citizenship of all persons detained and make timely consulate notifications.  In fact, the Obama admin definitely don’t want police inquiring as to citizenship since that would interfere with their illegal alien support policy.
    So the Obama people may have just got themselves tied up with an enforceable obligation on the President but the need to pass a very public law to impose that obligation on Arizona.
    U.S. Supreme Court Releases Decision on Vienna Convention Cases
    In its decision, the Supreme Court agreed with the Executive Branch that ICJ decisions in which the United States participates as a party constitute binding international law obligations on the United States, but are not directly enforceable as federal law in US courts.

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