1. SADIE says

    Comment 1.
    The nouveau Madonna best summed up as no lady and lots of  gag gag.
    Comment 2.
    All deceased first ladies are rolling over in their graves – living first ladies are just rolling their eyes.
    The dress is best described as middle earth moo moo.

  2. SJBill says

    “Barack, does this dress make my…”

    I usually don’t like to take on clothing of other cultures, but aren’t His Excellency and his DW supposed to be of ours?

  3. Leah says

    So an African designer tries to do American patchwork – FAIL big time.
    As a quilter and one who loves combining different prints in a garment – it is clear that neither the
    ‘designer’ nor FLOTUS have a clue about combining prints and patterns. There is an art to it these two don’t get.
    Anyway, why should a post American FLOTUS support anything American???

  4. Mike Devx says

    > Sarah Palin wouldn’t be jealous of that dress. Michelle needs sycophants though.

    That dress looks like something Sarah would grab off of the Discard pile when she heads out to the backyard to gut and clean the moose she just shot.

    Or perhaps Michelle made a mistake, confusing the “Please Donate To Help The Needy, We’ll Take ANYTHING” clothes pile that her staff has been collecting, with her recent fashion delivery?


  5. Donna B. says

    I see Michelle’s dress as “depression porn meets the ’60s resulting in visual violence”.
    See Ed Driscoll and Lileks on Restoration Hardware’s recent catalog along with the Denver Post’s photoblog of color photos of the ’40s. (I doubt fashion changed a lot between the late ’30s and early ’40s.)

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