I finally figured out why the Tea Party is racist *UPDATED*

Aside from the LaRouchites who appear at the Tea Party rallies, complete with their posters showing Obama with a Hitler mustache, I am unaware of any significant racist rhetoric or imagery from the Tea Party.  Certainly the media’s minions, despite their ugly fulminations and accusations about racism, never point to actual evidence of wide-spread or even narrow-spread racist rhetoric and imagery.

Sure, there may be the occasional individual who says things about Obama that are keyed in to his race, not his politics, but you’re going to find that in any large collection of human beings.  Unlike the KKK or the New Black Panthers, to name just two racially charge organizations, the Tea Party’s official platform and rhetoric focus solely on three colorblind things:  small government, fiscal responsibility, and strong national security.

Or are those three things really colorblind?  Answering this question may explain the chasm between the two Americas opens wide.  The Tea Partiers say that they are not racist because:  (a) they do not frame their ideas in terms of race; (b) they do not denigrate any race; and (c) they do not wish any race ill.  As far as they are concerned, that is the end of the story.  The Tea Party is not about race.  It’s about using the Constitution’s emphasis on individual rights to restore America to her pre-Progressive economic and social dominance.

The Left, however, asserts that the third statement (“they do not wish any race ill”) is manifestly untrue, thereby putting the lie to the whole Tea Party claim that race is irrelevant and that they offer something to all Americans.  What bedevils most conservatives is figuring out the logical leap that allows the Left, in the face of all contrary evidence, to claim that the Tea Partiers wish ill upon the blacks, thereby turning the Tea Party into a racist organization.

If you put on your Leftist thinking cap, however, the answer suddenly becomes clear:  The Left firmly believes that blacks can thrive only under tight government control and management.  Any group that is arguing for small government is, ipso facto, trying to harm blacks.

Nor are the Tea Partiers absolved of racial sin for asserting their belief that, just as a rising tide lifts all boats, the thriving economy that will result of small government and fiscal responsibility, will benefit all Americans, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, sexuality or country of national origin.  Because Leftists are incapable of imagining that anything good can come from trimming back government, they know that Tea Partiers are lying.  The Tea Party rhetoric about the Constitution, about individual rights, about personal responsibility, etc., is all an elaborate sham, aimed at hiding the true goal:  defunding government programs for black people.

And that is why, to the Left, and to those blacks who take their cues from the Left, the Tea Party is a racist organization, making it a profound insult for Glenn Beck to sully the Lincoln Memorial with his presence.

UPDATE:  With perfect timing, this comes along to illustrate my point, albeit with a different identity politics victim group:

As Britain prepares for the deepest budget cuts in generations to tackle a crippling mound of public debt, the government is facing a pressing legal question: Is its austerity plan sexist?


Women, recent studies here show, are far more dependent on the state than men. Women are thus set to bear a disproportionate amount of the pain, prompting a legal challenge that could scuttle the government’s fiscal crusade and raise fairness questions over deficit-cutting campaigns underway from Greece to Spain, and in the United States when it eventually moves to curb spending.

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  • Gringo

    I do not have any documentation in front of me, but I have previously read studies which showed that blacks constitute a disproportionate amount of government employees.  This is most likely a consequence of Affirmative Action laws and regulations affecting  most strongly the  institutions that create them- government entities. Therefore any government downsizing will most likely disproportionately affect blacks.
    This also suggests that decreases in government salaries, keeping government employees but freeing up more money for the private sector, might be something to follow.
    Until blacks can be convinced that there will be equal opportunity in the private sector, they will favor maintaining or increasing government employment levels.
    Though one argument against the above is that in the past two years, government employment has increased while private sector employment has decreased, simultaneous with an increase in black unemployment. This suggests that a vigorous private sector is to the benefit of us all- blacks included.
    There needs to be some education on showing that the increase in the minimum wage has had a harmful effect on black youth employment. The current male black youth unemployment rate of 45% cannot bode well for our future.

  • suek

    As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party is racist because it isn’t racist.
    We had this discussion with Helen many times.  It seems to me that Helen’s position (and I’m using her name only because she’s an identifiable entity) is that our society is racist because blacks do not own as much of capital value as whites to on a per capita basis.  She attributes this to the condition of slavery itself, ignoring the fact that even if blacks had come to this country as free men, they would have been disadvantaged by lack of capital and education of the type required to achieve success.  There is no doubt that blacks have been handicapped in the race to wealth – but granting that, it seems that Helen’s only answer is to place weights on caucasians, as if that would help blacks run faster.  Therefore, if something doesn’t handicap whites, it’s racist – because blacks are apparently incapable of equaling whites, so a system that leaves both without handicaps is unequal.
    The Tea Party favors “equal justice under the law”.  It does not want either race handicapped – so therefore, it’s racist, because blacks are handicapped simply by being black.  In Helen’s eyes,  any system that isn’t racist, therefore is racist.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The Left knows that blacks are inferior to True Humans. That’s why they go out of their way to abort black babies and other “poor” derived DNAs. The left doesn’t expect blacks to be of the elite or responsible. The Left sees them as animals. They need to be “taken care of”.
    When they accuse their enemies of racism, they really mean that you are racist because you value blacks more than they deserve.