The world’s deadliest terror attacks — and their common denominator

Remember that old Sesame Street song, “One of these things is not like the others…“?

That song kept running through my mind as I looked at this photo essay of the 15 deadliest terror attacks in the world.  I leave it to you to consider what distinguishes the majority of these terrorist attacks from that single, different minority attack.  (If you’re at a loss, a hint is the category to which I’ve assigned this post.)

Hat tip:  Lulu

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  • Jewel

    Maybe it should be their common detonator.

  • neocon hippie

    Actually, there are two different minority attacks, the other being the explosion of an Air India 747 on 6/28/85

  • John Weidner

    There are very good reasons to suspect that the Oklahoma City bombing was Islamic in inspiration.[ Link.] Something the Clinton Administration did not want investigated, since they were busy blaming Rush Limbaugh.

  • Ymarsakar

    Where in the world is Carmen Santiago?

  • Danny Lemieux

    My vote is for Presbyterians. Or possibly Lutherans. Hard to tell sometimes.
    John Weidner – you absolutely right. Eventually this story will be revealed.


    Thanks for the links John Weidner.
    At the outset of the hunt/investigation, there were multiple reports of another person with McVeigh. He was described, if I remember correctly as swarthy. There was a reported search for this character and within days, it was dismissed as inaccurate, although there were several people, who said that he was with McVeigh – I think in or near a motel.
    How many smoking guns makes an enemy army?
    The link that Bookworm provided to Bruce Kessler and Brooklyn College (indoctrination-education) a major in the army, Nidal Hasan, or President Zerobama signing on with UN HRC and the pattern of submission is apparent. The list is endless and we all could add a dozen more to the few above.  There is a cancer in the country and it has metasticised (sp?) in all the internal organs; the armed services, education, government, newspapers/magazines.
    My question is: What is the course of treatment? Elections don’t get rid of tenured professors and lousy teachers, elections do remove bad judgment in the army, elections do not undo the damage inflicted on the system from bad politicians. The only ‘repeal’ I can think of was Prohibition. Can’t think of one tax that was levied and then withdrawn. There are enemies dressed in robes, dressed in uniforms, dressed in 3-piece suits and pant suits (that’s you Hillary), they wear ties, heels, sandals – some speak English fluently and others with an accent.   Houston – we’ve got a problem!

  • suek

    >>What is the course of treatment?>>
    Sadie…the course of treatment is simple – a return to basic morality.  Unfortunately, although the treatment is simple, it isn’t easy.  We can’t legislate morality, and morality has always been a one by one thing.

  • BrianE

    More about the Islamic connection and the Oklahoma City bombing here:

    Jayna Davis was a local TV reporter at the time of the attack. Her investigation led to a connection with Saddam’s security forces and Ramzi Yousef.


    Brian E – thanks for book link [The Third Terrorist]. I was living in Israel during the 90’s and missed a lot of detailed information. On the other hand, I had no shortage of terrorism news both on and off the tv screen.
    suek … you are correct, it’s a moral issue for you and me, but the problem is so massive and so intrusive into everyday life that a one by one approach is not practical. How many can home school kids and certainly no one is home schooling at college level. I had my own conflicts with a history teacher wayyyy back, once upon a time. You can just imagine some 15 year old circa 1960 telling her teacher that she was incompetent by omitting historical facts during WWII. The mindset [cancer] is so persuasive in every nook and cranny, short of living like a recluse, it’s impossible to avoid. Gee whiz, even a little boy who plays little league and really thinks so n’ so  a role model finds his baseball idol has been on steroids and HGH.


    suek…I meant to share this with you in an open thread (Stanley Dunham’s passports)


    From the DOJ … sans Red, White and Blue

    “The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people.”

  • suek

    Heh Sadie…
    Saw that link yesterday and just posted it on the “May I Introduce you…” article!  Great minds!
    Not that it’s a big surprise…we knew – at least some of us did – that they were closet Commies.