1. Mike Devx says

    Yes, David Cone can somehow call all whites demonic, and it is NOT a racist comment.  He can say that whites who fashion for themselves a white Jesus are demonic, and that the white Jesus must therefore be “killed”, and then he will go about creating his own black Jesus… and that is not the pot calling the kettle black?
    Are there still any whites who advocate supremacy?  Who advocate oppressing and exploiting black people?  David Cone clearly wishes to oppress and exploit white people, yet that is somehow NOT racist.
    Black Liberation Theology is steeped in racism of the purest, unadulterated sort.  Yet somehow it is NOT racist… because, as you know of these far-left black thinkers, only white people can be racist.  “People of color” cannot be racist by their definition of racism itself.  It’s such a NEAT TRICK.

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