Open Thread re Obama’s newest book

Obama’s getting ready to publish another book, this one purporting to be a letter to his daughters.  Its content?

“Of Thee I Sing,” which President Obama finished writing in 2008, describes thirteen “groundbreaking Americans and the ideals that have shaped our nation—from the artistry of Georgia O’Keeffe, to the courage of Jackie Robinson, to the patriotism of George Washington,” the publisher said in a statement. It is illustrated by Loren Long.

In terms of eyeballs rolling into the back of my head with shock, Obama had me at “Georgia O’Keeffe” as an American symbol.

What say you?

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  • kali

    I suspect that legions of Winston Smiths will get busy scrubbing old, inaccurate references to “Georgia O’Keefe” . . .
    I also suspect one of the carefully chosen ones will be a Muslim, reflecting the many contributions they’ve made to American history.


    How did he do it -by that I mean, how did he find the time to write not one, not two but three books before 2008. Hmm… wonder if he devoted a chapter to Don King  (giggling to myself).
    Speaking of books and Satanic Verses…

    His own book was burned by Muslim fanatics, and a fatwa was put on his head, but firebrand author Salman Rushdie said yesterday that he supports a mosque and Islamic cultural center just two blocks from Ground Zero.

    Read more:

  • kali

    Should have said “. . . one of the groundbreaking Americans will be a Muslim . . .”

  • Gringo

    In terms of eyeballs rolling into the back of my head with shock, Obama had me at “Georgia O’Keeffe” as an American symbol.
    Because of the spelling? As far as I can tell, that is how her name was spelled. OTOH, was this a case of name change on Georgia’s part? Example :Tom Lehrer talking about an aesthete who spelled his name “H E N Three R Y..The three was silent” I am also reminded of what was written about the father of Miguel D’Escoto. You remember Miguel, the Sandinista priest who won the Lenin Peace Prize back in 1987 and more recently headed the UN General Assembly. According to the book Quien Es Quien en Nicaragua, Miguel’s father bought the surname from a bankrupt Italian count. As Miguel’s father was jester to Somoza’s court, Miguel was jester to the Comandantes’ court.
    I also suspect one of the carefully chosen ones will be a Muslim, reflecting the many contributions they’ve made to American history.
    Good one.
    We all recall the flack that Dubya got from the libs for having finished reading My Pet Goat to an elementary class in South Carolina instead of leaving immediately after having gotten notice of 9/11. Will the libs similarly scourge Oilbama for having written a kiddie book instead of fixing the economy? [Though I have read that he had finished the book before he assumed office.]


    It’s an open thread and Bookworm already put a few key words into play with ‘eye balls rolling and shock‘, which leads to Christine O’Donnell and the results in the Delaware primary last night.   Well…not so much the results, but the reaction of the GOP, which is less than ‘giddy’ and reluctantly supportive.
    The Tea Party was portrayed as divisive and weakening the chances of the GOP taking the 10 seats needed to turn the balance of power around. We have all bantered here about the Left and how out of touch they are with the electorate and the first thought that passed my mind is the GOP is no less out of touch. Castle’s voting record was less than stellar in the conservative column. The serf’s stormed the Castle last night and the self-knighted talking heads are scratching the space where the crown once sat and they’re stunned.
    Maybe, they couldn’t see the hundreds of thousands in DC from their ivory tower. Any thoughts.

  • Gringo

    There is irony piled upon irony. “Of Thee I Sing” is the title of a George Gershwin musical,  and a song from that musical, which Carroll O’Connor, a.k.a. Archie Bunker, played on TV in 1972. Surprise of surprises, Archie didn’t have all that bad a singing voice.
    From Wikipedia:
    Of Thee I Sing is a musical with a score by George and Ira Gershwin and a book by George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind. The musical lampoons American politics; the story concerns John P. Wintergreen, who runs for President of the United States on the “love” platform. However, when he falls in love with sensible Mary Turner instead of Diana Deveraux, the beautiful pageant winner selected for him, he finds himself in political hot water.
    When I first read of Oilbama’s presidential campaign several years ago, his hopey changey campaign rhetoric reminded me of John P. Wintergreen running for President on the “Love” platform. Now I find out “Of Thee I Sing” is the title of his new book. Worth a laugh or two.

  • Mike Devx

    I can’t *wait* to see the manner in which Barack OBama extols the virtues of “George Washington’s patriotism”.  That part surely will have been ghost-written.
    Mr. Obama surely loves his daughters, but any praise issuing from his lips that he wants his daughters to hear will be radically leftist.  HONEST praise, I mean.  I’d feel a lot better about where he’s leading his daughters if he threw in a Freidrich Hayek, or an Ayn Rand… perhaps a Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, or Col. Allen West…

  • Mike Devx

    An excerpt from the book: “Of Thee I Sing : An Open Letter To My Daughters” by Barack Obama The Sun King.
    Chapter The Last: George Washington And Patriotism
    George Washington was the first President of the United States.  He lived in a time when the United States was undergoing a severe crisis (as it is in deep crisis today), and he strongly believed, as I do, that the country needed a complete transformation.  Because he loved this country as much as I do, he wanted it to become the best country it could possibly be.  To make your country be the best it can be is the definition of an American Patriot, and George Washington and I both have worked tirelessly to make this country better.
    The bold transformations that George Washington sought did not all come to pass, just as mine haven’t all come to pass, despite his best efforts.  But like mine, many of his efforts did.  Due to his overwhelming love for his country, George Washington decided it was his patriotic duty to step down as President after two terms when he could have served many more terms as President, thus setting a noble standard.  I too will face a similar decision in 2012, and I will face it with the same patriotism that George Washington displayed.  Presidents are always great and fantastic patriots.  It’s part of our job.

  • Ymarsakar

    Enemy propaganda. All that needs be said.

  • Bookworm

    Mike (#8):  Brilliant!  I’m still laughing as I type this.

  • suek

    Re #8….
    Funny…duration of presidency was my immediate thought when I started reading your “quote”!  Great minds…!!
    Ok…now…I still have questions about Obama’s “natural born” status.  Whether you agree that it’s questionable or not, I’d like for you to consider the possibilities, and see what you think.
    1) _Should_ the Repubs – _if_ they have sufficient numbers in congress – do _anything_ to investigate his eligibility?
    2) _If_ they find he was not eligible, what could be done?  anything?
    3) _If_ they found he was not eligible, would that nullify any laws/ actions he’s taken since he became President?
    4) _If_ they found he was not eligible, should they investigate – and possibly prosecute –  those in the Dem party who were responsible for determining his eligibility?  (in other words, were they deceived, or did they deceive)
    Or…should they let sleeping dogs lie?

  • Mike Devx

    I think we let this sleeping dog lie.  It’s too late; the time to require the birth ceritificate is when someone declares that he or she is running for President.  If Repubs take the House, they should create a law mandating that you have to file your birth certificate publicly in order to run for President.


    Mike Devx – hysterically funny rift.   Are you suggesting to suek that the president is a dog.
    BTW…has anyone else here seen this:

    If you plan on selling your primary home at a substantial gain, take note.
    High profit sales AFTER 2012 can trigger the special 3.8% Medicare surtax. Starting in 2013, the new health care law imposes a 3.8% levy on investment income of singles with adjusted gross income (AGI) over $200K and marrieds above $250K.  The surtax is levied on the smaller of the filer’s net investment income or the excess of AGI over the thresholds.  Capital gains are treated as investment income.  Thus, if the surtax will hit you after 2012 and you expect the gain on the sale of your home to exceed $250K if you are single or $500K if married, gain over these thresholds will be hit by the surtax.  So it may pay handsomely to sell before the end of 2012.
    The surtax can bite even harder on sales of second homes after 2012.  The home-sale exclusion doesn’t apply to them, so the surtax can hit the entire gain.
    Source:  The Kiplinger Tax Letter (5/28/10)

  • suek

    >>The surtax can bite even harder on sales of second homes after 2012.>>
    Looks like lots of rental properties to me. That is going to generate lots of tax credits instead of vice versa.  Sure is a shame that even with an ad in the local newspaper, that it’s so hard to rent vacation property by the week.  Of course, that $10,000 damage deposit might have something to do with it…!!