Is Europe trying to save itself?

I don’t have a link yet (it was tweeted), but it appears that the Swedes elected a center-right government.  I see this as a good thing, although I haven’t lost sight of two facts:  (1) Europe is so far Left that, as we know from England, even center-right is Left; and (2) the cancer of antisemitism has managed to permeate most of Europe, irrespective of Left and Right.  Only if/when the Europeans realize that, in their efforts to preserve their culture against Islam’s latest assault, they are on the same side of the battle lines as the Jews will they be able to eradicate this vile disease.

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  • Tonestaple

    I really hate using disease as a metaphor for anything that can be controlled or changed by free will.  Anti-Semitism is a habit or a custom, but it should not even metaphorically be called a disease.  Think of it like pedophilia.  Pedophilia is disgusting but it is a behavior that can be controlled.  Pedophiles should never, in my opinion and possibly contrary to what the American Psychological Association thinks, be referred to as sick, only as sickening.  Ditto for anti-Semitism, again, even if it’s only used as a metaphor.  Calling something a disease lessens the degree of personal responsibility attached to it:  under no circumstances should we fail to hold an anti-Semite responsible for his ideas.


    The ink is not yet dry on the results, but the AP has started the spin….

    By KARL RITTER, Associated Press Writer Karl Ritter, Associated Press Writer – 12 mins ago

    STOCKHOLM – Sweden’s election was heading for a nail-biting finish Sunday with a TV exit poll and partial results showing a far-right party challenging the center-right government’s majority in Parliament.

    The exit poll by public broadcaster SVT showed the Islam-bashing Sweden Democrats party could play a kingmaker role, with no clear majority for the governing coalition or the left-wing opposition.

    I wonder if those AP reporters ever read the Telegraph…….


    If anyone wants to follow the election results in Sweden, here’s a site.

  • Charles Martel

    Too little, too late. There is nothing Europe possibly can do now to save itself. Its fertile women aren’t suddenly going to pop out eight children each to clamber back to the population replacement rate. Its cowardly old politicians aren’t suddenly going to send middle-aged, pot-bellied cops into Muslim ghettos to crack heads and take names. Its dhimmified diplomats aren’t going to stop Iran from acquiring nukes, which will insure that the instinctively craven European Union will take no actions to deport Muslims or destroy Islamism.

    What Sweden has done is the same as an alcoholic who swears off booze so that his HMO will reconsider saying no to his bid for a liver transplant. Nice try, but nobody’s buying it.

  • suek

    >>There is nothing Europe possibly can do now to save itself.>>
    I was surprised when I read Steyn’s “America Alone” – I expected something of a warlike attitude…a “We can do it, boys, and we have to because we’re the only ones that can” sort of book.  Instead, it said pretty much what you just said, Charles… America is the only western country that still has a birth rate that makes it possible that it won’t be infiltrated and overcome.  Of course, our illegal Mexicans contribute to that, but if I have to choose, I’ll take Mexicans over muslims.
    The question then becomes – what will the world become when the muslims become the dominant force in Europe?


    suek, you have asked the $64,000 dollar question what will the world become when the muslims become the dominant force in Europe?
    Short answer – retro 7th century, but uglier. The west has provided all the tools and technology to make the advance [creeping sharia] much easier. No need here to preach to the choir how we’ve already welcomed Saudi based private Islamic schools. There will not be hordes of marauders on camels with swords drawn – the camel jockeys are elected officials using their positions as berms.

  • Tonestaple

    Sadie, I’m not so sure.  One big factor that we often overlook is “insh’Allah,” “if God wills it.”  They are also find of “mash’Allah,” “as God willed it.”  Islam believes in total predestination because Mohammed was not smart enough to figure out that God could allow us to take any path we want while still always knowing the outcome of each path.  Mohammed was apparently a purely linear guy. 

    Anyway, this “insh’Allah” business means that Muslims are not too likely to be good at making things happen.  Yes, if we give them weapons, they will use them, but will they maintain them?  Will they keep them going past their intended lifespan if they have no replacement?  Can they really be ambitious?  If you are sitting around waiting for God’s will to happen, how much will you really get done?


    If you are sitting around waiting for God’s will to happen, how much will you really get done?

    Depends upon who has the hemp. Let me expound on that a moment. You, me if we had a ball of hemp, we’d probably find something constructive to do with it – knit, crochet, macrame -something positive.  If they have the ball of hemp – it would become a noose. It takes very little to create hell and havoc. A writer goes underground, a comic strip artist is in ‘witness protection’ with a new identity. Verbal threats carefully seeded here and there, a knife in the heart of a writer/producer.  I’d say, they’re overly ambitious and more than willing not only to submit to Allah, but to submit to their own deaths and justify it with the ‘predestination clause’.

  • suek

    A couple of links I stole from elsewhere… one is from Sweden, so it’s on topic!  Steyn’s belongs on one of last weeks threads, but Steyn is so good…he’ll fit in here as well!
    Eva Agnete Selsings tale til Mark Steyn – Sappho

    Also … re: “insh’Allah” … there was a story that came out of Iraq about a village way out in the boonies that supported itself by fishing in some body of water that was about 5 miles away from the village.  They had no local water drinking/washing water, and the military spoke to the leader of the village to consider putting in a well.  The local leader’s response was “no…if allah meant them to have water in their village, he would have provided it”.   I think I would have asked why they ate fish if allah didn’t cause the fish to swim up upon their plates.
    I don’t remember the story especially clearly – I think it was the women who had to go and get the water, which of course would explain everything.  No need to make life easy for the women, and as long as the women were providing the labor, who cares how hard they had to labor.
    Lots of contradictions.  What it comes down to – for me – is that if “we” want to do it, allah wills it.  If “we” don’t, then “we’ll” wait and see if it happens by itself.  After all – if allah “willed” that everyone be muslim, wouldn’t he make it so?  Since he didn’t, doesn’t it seem reasonable that he didn’t intend for everyone to be muslim?
    Ah well.

  • Spartacus

    suek, you just reminded me of a story.  I am not making this up.
    Back around ’55, my grandparents took the kids on a road trip to Mexico.  At one point, somewhere in Mexico, they picked up a hitchhiking local priest.  Riding along, they passed by a man and his wife and their burro travelling along on the side of the road and carrying a load of firewood.  Now, the interesting thing was that the burro was not carrying any of the wood.  And neither was the man.  The man was riding on the burro, with his wife walking behind and carrying all of the wood herself.  Someone in the family exclaimed at this sight and asked the priest, as a local, what on Earth was up with that?  “Oh,” the priest explained, “she probably doesn’t have a burro.”

  • Ymarsakar

    The only way for Europe to save itself was to save others. They did not do so in Basra nor Afghanistan. Their chance is over. It is up to the individual nations of that continent to either fall in flames or evacuate.