Too smart to be cool

I wonder if this resonates with any of you.  It certainly did with me, although my high school was an academic high school, so there were people there who were smart enough that they managed to combine brains and popularity.  I was not that smart.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Much of it squares away with my own judgment and conclusions, though not all.
    In one respect, the wannabe lower echelon class picks on nerds because it elevates their own social status. If they could not get what they wanted from doing so, they would stop. If a nerd had the self-confidence to look the whole group in the eye, spit in their eye, and slap them around, then stomp them into the ground, All of Them Put Together in a big doggie pile, then they wouldn’t be picking on the “nerd” now would they. That lack of self confidence and simple aggressive reaction creates victims. Predators prey upon the weak.
    They don’t actively go chasing after the Bull, the fastest or strongest one in the herd. They go after… the smallest, the weakest, the slowest, the wounded.
    Btw, recently an associate of mine told me about his Freshman high school initiation. He was talking about how he would survive.
    Survive what, I asked?
    Survive opening Freshmen kick week, stuff into lockers season, and organized beatdowns of Freshmen. The Left are working wonders. They should be praised. Even their ancillary works not directly tied to political voting has beared great fruits.
    Systematic rumors have led me to believe that this was not an isolated incident. Though further research can be easily carried out to verify the case. When the nation is ruled by mad dogs with rabies, all the little pups at school are going to become rapid as well. Coincidentally, of course.

    At the end, I said something to the effect that I’d like to see those high schoolers try to kick my arse. It’d be entertaining. Which is another issue. Some people find fighting entertaining for some reason. Just like another hobby, same as hunting or demolitions.
    These children have never been trained in H2H or psychological warfare. They don’t know how to detect the difference between illusion and truth, nor cons from honest deals. Stuff that would last them a life time and more, that could be easily gained by using it against their peers in school, is not taught. For a reason. The Left is actively creating more victims. And it ain’t by accident. Chicago is not an accident. That black high schooler getting good grades that got hit by a Two by Four from a gang banger and then died, in Chicago, was Not an Accident.
    If I cannot outfight someone, I use words to cut them up. I find their weaknesses, mental and spiritual, and I press on it. Hard. Eventually, their defenses shatter. If their defenses are too hard to pierce, then I decrease their social status amongst their own friends and peers. It’s nothing like trying to verbally attack me while everybody around is laughing at someone other than me. These are all tricks of the trade for conflict or conflict resolution. Life skills.
    Amongst the arsenal of psychological manipulation tools, there is hypnosis, suggestion, key word imprinting, adrenaline manipulation, classic negotiation protocol, and all manners of other things designed specifically to control human behavior and feelings. Kids certainly have the motivation, if they were offered such material. They wake up each morning and specifically choose an outfit. Why not learn something useful in the process.
    It is a simple fact that kids are ignorant like sheep and defenseless like civilians. They need to be protected, but aren’t. That means who controls that group of teenagers is the strongest. The one people look up to, the one people fear, the one that is the most aggressive or fanatical. And in teenage terms, that often tends to be the one that is most easily angered. Cause anger provides strength and belief and certainty. Certainty can beat a lot of unprepared mobs, aka nerds.
    The natural leaders that are actually leaders in the sense I would put it, are a bare fraction of a percent. You usually don’t have more than 2 in a high school of 1-2 thousand students. And their status is so high, those at the bottom tier won’t ever meet with them or speak with them to get any kind of alliance going. They don’t move in the same social circles really. And negotiation protocols are NOt taught to children in order that they can communicate with the Foreign Other, such as the opposite sex or alien social circles.
    My high school was atypically good. People were actually mature..r than the average. Every social clique had their own world, of course, but since there were so many (Spanish, Asian, Gifted vs non-gifted, etc) they tended to balance each other out. For example, the sports and cheer leader circles were right stuck on the gifted level, above college prep. Such that it actually created “nerds” that were pretty close to the athletes. So it was very hard for group sanction to work there, for the mob would be attempting to sanction kids who had the highest status in the school along with the socially inept individual nerds. Now individual bullying was a different matter, but I saw not much of that. The blacks hanged around the blacks, mostly. The whites, the whites. The Asians. So on and so on and so forth. If there was something to tie a group together, they would be together, at one time or another.
    I once went back to my elementary school when I was past high school graduation. I noticed something. Things were Small. What looked long and wide and tall, were not so much. I was stronger, more mature, wiser, with a better arsenal of tools (and weapons) at my disposal than my Grade school persona/identity. All the problems he had, I could easily solve with the resources of latter day.
    Maybe that’s somewhat due to the fact that I can launch a grade schooler half way across the play school pen of fake wood, but that was only partially it. Physical strength was never a substitute for self certainty, hard core belief, and simple perseverance.