I’m not sure which is worse, the completely incompetent mistake or the fact that the US embassy twittered the mea culpa instead of a formal high level public apology.  You don’t mess with other peoples flags, they like, us take such thing personal.
    In the Twitter account of the US Embassy in Manila, US Embassy spokesperson Rebecca Thompson said: “This was an honest mistake. The U.S. treasures its close relationship and close partnership with the Philippines which were demonstrated this past week during President Aquino’s trip to the US, with the signing of the MCC Compact, the US-ASEAN meeting, and the meeting of our two Presidents that followed it.”
    US says inverted RP flag an ‘honest mistake’ | Manila Bulletin


    Had this happened under Bush the NYT headline would have screamed:
    Bush declares the Philippines at WAR.
    Alas, this is the Obama State Department and the headline that you won’t see is ‘Stupid is what stupid does’. File  it under: Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and the ‘reset button’.

  • SJBill

    Comment from Secretary of State Clinton: “Ooopsies!”  Correct, Sadie! Just an “honest mistake” when performed by the AIC (Adolescents In Charge). No baffoonery here, whatsever! The flag doesn’t show up well on the teleprompter.

    Under Secretary Condoleeza Rice, there would have been no end to the negative comments, including those of her race.

  • http://home.earthlink.net/~nooriginalthought/ Charles

    Warning: Sour Grapes Rant – but still true!

    I can tell you exactly how this happened, lesser-qualified folks working in the State Department. 

    A few decades ago, after I finished my BA and spent a few years overseas, I now felt that I was ready to push for my dream of working for the Foreign Service. So, I signed up to take the Foreign Service Officers Exam. The first year I signed up it was cancelled due to a lawsuit.  As it was given only once a year I had to wait a whole year for the second time in which I scored in the high 90s on everything except Economics. My “raw score” was high enough in everything to be invited to the interview stage. However, my “adjusted” score, while still high enough in everything else, lowered my Economics grade to just one point below the cut-off.  Still pretty good considering that I never took even a basic Econ 101 course. I studied economics (still have the book that I bought for just that!) for a whole year and I know that I did better the third year. 

    However, that third year they only stated the “adjusted” scores.  The year after that they stopped with the scores altogether – it was now a simple pass or fail grade. After three tries I gave up  – that Book, was my “mid-life crisis” – realizing in “the ripe old age” of being in my twenties that my dreams were being crushed/denied by liberals and others who felt that white boys like me needed to “pay the price” for past wrong-doings; even if I didn’t benefit from those wrong-doings. (my parents and grandparents  were all blue-collar – truck drivers, factory workers, farm hands, etc; I was the first, and only child, to attend college – today I think I would have been better off if I had stayed blue-collar like the rest of my family!)

    Here’s what happened – a couple of women filed a lawsuit that claimed the State Department discriminated against women in higher postings.  A liberal Judge agreed and ordered the State Department to “revise” its testing.  Keep in mind that the lawsuit said nothing about hiring; it claimed that women were discriminated against in getting promotions; i.e. the so-called “glass ceiling.” The judge felt that the reason for the lack of women in higher positions was because not enough were hired in the first place; even though everyone took the same exam and everyone was grade on the same curve!

    The solution imposed on the State Department was to grade the entrance exam on a curve (which it has always done – anywhere from 3% to 8% of test-takers actually make it into the Foreign Service).  Except this new curve was to include race and gender.  In other words, one’s test was graded against others of the same race and gender. So, if you are the only female Eskimo taking the test – congrats, you pass!  While I, as a white male, along with all other white males were graded on a curve in the largest group, which would be a more difficult curve to pass. I knew some folks who scored lower than I did on their “raw” scores yet still were invited into interviews!

    That’s why, in my opinion, we have so many idiots running the show in the State Department today.  It has nothing to do with political appointments, nothing to do with left-wing or right-wing views, nothing to do with Republican or Democrat, nothing to do with who is or isn’t President; it is completely because lesser-qualified people are getting in due to “affirmative action.”

    Just like the military, we need to best and the brightest to be in the State Department – Political correctness be damned!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Bureaucrats are honest? Since when
    They probably told the Marines to take a hike and had some staff flunkie deal with flags. Flunkie, not surprisingly having grew up in a culture that disrespects nationality, didn’t do so well.
    ” it is completely because lesser-qualified people are getting in due to “affirmative action.””
    Affirmative action is a policy supported, nurtured, and protected by predominantly the Democrat party. That’s why people vote for em. They wouldn’t be able to get into the higher levels of power without Democrat policies and everybody knows it.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    It has nothing to do with…
    Rather than having nothing to do with politics, it is the direct result of a political program.